Osram Golden Dragon lights?

For some time I have had the AA S1 light whish is equipped with an Osram Golden Dragon led.

Im amazed with the volume of light this little flashlight deliver with this led.

After having studied Dons lumens estimates for different light Im thinking of buying another

light with this led. Maybe another S1, but also others if possible

I have searched DX, KD etc but nothing conclusive. Ultrafire RL118 and Tank007 are possibles,

and though they have Osram leds, Im not sure if they are Golden Dragons.

Anyone here knows for sure which lights have the GD??? Any type and any battery.

I'd like to know of any non-Cree alternatives...

I am also amazed by my AA-S1. The light output is not only extremely bright, it's also a beautiful buttery yellow warm color with a perfectly uniform, smooth beam with no transition, just a solid puddle of bright light.

The Tank007 E07 definitely appears to have an OSRAM. It receives very high reviews usually.

You might also look at the generic zoomable 1xAA and it's slightly classier cousin, the Sipik SK-58. I own them both, and they both have an OSRAM. Quite a deal for ~ $5.00 in my opinion.

Black-Cat in DX (also available in cheaper Red).

More available.Just search OSRAM in DX.

The aaa light Black Cat HM-01 also uses an Osram Golden Dragon Plus(!). Also available as warm white at KD.

EDIT: Haha XRAYBoY, we've posted almost the same info. :)

IMHO considering the low price every flashaholic needs at least one of those Black Cats. They are virtually indestructable and have helped me numerous times, also makes a nice gift.

Can you give a link to the AA S1 please?

Here's my review, which also has links to the AA-S1


I have the c78 at focalprice, which is an OSRAM, but mine is a hideous shade of blue.

Someone here mentioned the ugly beam, which is somewhat true at flood, but in throw mode it's just the image of the bonding circuit around the OSRAM which I find kind of cool.

On the AA-S1: don't think, just buy. http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.24220

For anyone curious about the warm black cat:


also in black.

Might have to pick one up myself.

Yup, the AA-S1 is very nice indeed! What it lacks is a low mode.

Ok no more thinking, buying now!

Oh yes, if only it had a low mode it would be THE perfect light, bar none.

Thanks agenthex! Interesting. They also have a "yellow" light too. And a lot of other colors...



I ordered at DX the AA-S1 on July (1st July). After 15 days waiting for supplier changed to "temporarily stock shortage". I asked them what was happening, and they told me:


Sorry for any inconvenicne.

Sorry to tell you that the item 24220is out of stock in our warehouse.

We are not sure when the item will be back to us.

Would you like to change it or cancel it?

Please advise so that we could help you with our best.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

Yours sincerely,xxxxxx"

PLEASE: if anybody orders it, and IS in stock now, please inform here, because I am crazy in to purchasing this AA-S1 which is for me the second best AA at DX


I just bought one and it arrived.

second best AA at DX

What's the best AA?

Oh, excuse me. I am not talking about Fenix, itp etc... I am talking about chinese cheap ones, sold at DX.

For me the best AA is the TrustFire F20 (if you get a non-problematic one). Second is the AA-S1 (if there is in stock and get one)

LOL, I'm not paying for a Fenix either. This is just for fun.

My order status: Order Received - in stock

Is the F20 brighter than the AA-S1? Can it use 14500?

OK that does not means nothing for me, knowing the style of DX.

If it gets SHIPPED, coment here.


Emm: the F20 has a chance of 75% that will be destroyed if you insert a 14500. And yes, is brighter with 14500

One of my other orders for the Ultrafire 501B MCE says this: Processing - Awaiting Stock