Osram warm white led - Quick beamshot

In this post i was asking suggestion for an empty drop-in and Arenat post the link for the warm white osram led (this). I decided to give it a shot and today i received it. I put in a drop-in with a simple 3x7135 circuit and i was quite surprised. It has a good tint and it's brighter than expected. For $1 it really worth more than his price.

I have no much time so here a quick beamshot. Osram led (OP reflector) Vs Cree Q5 (SMO reflector). Are quite different but is only to show the different tint.

I'm really happy about this new "warm" drop-in. Thanks to Arenat that suggest me this led

Nice, thanks for sharing. I really like warm tints too.

Very nice I like that tint a lot.

Very nice... and you certainly cant beat the price. Thanks!

Du you have an incandescent to compare it with? Photo's of warm white emitters are extremely difficult to interpret without any comparison.

You're right. I'ts really difficult to show the real tint with a digital camera.

This evening when i go home i'll make another shot with an incandescent flashlight.

These are really nice. When direct driven of a 14500 they must put out more than 150 lumens. These osram leds are robust, can handle quite a lot of heat before they die (and if they die its not the end of the world). Really a great choice for just 1$, I was really suprised by the amount of light...

I don't have many incandescent light but i hope this beamshot can be helpful:

Q5 - OSRAM - Old incandescent light

OSRAM - Q5 - High Power Incandescent lamp

Glad you like it. Here three of those in series with a 900 mA 10W driver, honestly look exactly as an incandescent , I can't see any difference.

Your lights on fire!






"Your lights on fire! "

It's the only place where I can smoke freely nowadays and too lazy today to take another pic .haha

@JohnnyMac: can you please give a link where I can buy this driver?

Which driver?

Sorry wrong guy :) I meant to ask arenat where he got 10W 900mA driver.


Get a decent heatsink because 10W is a lot of power ...