Ota's Beamshot Thread... [Very Picture Heavy ✰ Updated 2016/02/09]

Oh yes! 300th post!

Camera Settings (Panasonic DMC-FZ47)

SS: 1/6
f-Number: 2.8
ISO: 400
White Balance: Daylight
Focal Length: 4.5mm

Family Picture

All on good condition laptop pulled batteries: Sanyo UR18650FM and Panasonic CGR18650E. Internal resistance according to LiitoKala Lii-260 is 50~60mR.

Tailcap Amp Sheet

Control Shot

Distance to Bench: Approx. 20 meters
Mode order in pictures will be from High to Low

CatEye HL-EL135N

UltraFire HD2011 XM-L T6-?? (CW) w/ stock driver @ ~3.14A

Copper Braided Tailspring

w/ XM-L U3-1A on Dielectric Copper

ZeusRay 'TurdRay' SK73 w/ stock driver @ ~2.85A
Dedomed XM-L U3-1A
Dielectric Copper MCPCB


ZeusRay 'TurdRay' SK73 w/ 8*7135 Nanjg 105c @ ~2.45A (one chip wasn't connected properly)

Dedomed XP-G2 'Oops' R5-1A*
Swapped Stock Driver to 105c
Dielectric Copper MCPCB

*You can see the area on the focused LED image where a piece of phosphor came off

+ 2*7135 @ 3A


Convoy S2 OP XP-G2 R5-1A w/ 8*7135 105c @ ~2.70-2.82A
Copper Braided Tailspring
Dielectric Copper MCPCB

Convoy S2 SMO XM-L2 U2-1B w/ 8*7135 105c @ ~2.84A
Dedomed XM-L2 U2-1B
Copper Braided Tailspring
Copper Braided Driver Spring
FT 'Carbronze' Driver Spring
SMO Reflector for S2/S5/S6/S7/S8 Hosts from FT*

FT SK98 XP-G2 'R5'-?? (WW) w/ stock driver @ ~2.09A
Swapped <22AWG wires to 22AWG wires
Dielectric Copper MCPCB

Tangspower AK-96 XP-G2 'R5'-?? (WW) w/ stock driver @ ~0.94A
Dielectric Copper MCPCB

BLF Eagle Eye X6-SE CW @ ~2.4A

BLF Eagle Eye X6-SE NW @ ~2.42A

Convoy C8 SMO XP-G2 R5-1A w/ 9*7135 105c @ ~2.6-2.7A
8*7135 + 1 stacked
Dielectric Copper MCPCB

Convoy C8 OP LG H35C1 LEMWA-FX w/ 9*7135 105c @ ~2.25-2.3A
Dielectric Copper MCPCB
The last picture is a side by side of the "6500K" LG emitter from FT leans towards the NW tint compared to an XP-G2 R5-1A

FT SK98 Jan. 2015 Batch XM-L2 T6-3B (from C8) w/ stock driver @ ~1.59A
Dielectric Copper MCPCB

FT SK98 Jan. 2015 Batch XM-L T6-BLUE w/ stock driver @ ~2.00A

FT SK98 Jan. 2015 Batch LG H35C1 LEMWA-FX w/ stock driver @ ~0.92A
Dielectric Copper MCPCB

Convoy S2 SMO XM-L2 U2-1A Dedomed w/ 8*7135 105d @ ~2.8A
Copper Braid Tailspring
Dielectric Copper MCPCB
SMO Reflector for S2/S5/S6/S7/S8 Hosts from FT*
*Reflector gave me a ring of fire so I sandwiched an o-ring between the reflector and the pill to remove it

ZeusRay SK73 'Post-Debacle' XM-L2 Unknown NW w/ stock driver @ ~3.20-3.40A

Tangspower AK-96 LG H35C1 LEMWA-FX w/ Stock Driver Bypassed @ ~2.00A
Dielectric Copper MCPCB

Convoy C8 SMO XM-L2 T6-3B w/ 9*7135 105c @ ~3.11A-3.12A
FT 'Carobronze' Spring
Dielectric Copper MCPCB

Techlite Lumen Master XM-L T6-?? (Salvaged from HD2011) w/ 4*7135 Generic @ ~1.50A
XM-L T6-?? CW on Alu 16mm
4*7135 3*380mA + 1*350mA Generic Driver from FT
Salvaged Steel Spring from another driver
Omten Switch on 17mm contact board from FT
Switch Retention Ring from a WF-501b

FT SK98 2014 Lumiled 495nm Turquoise w/ DD driver @ ~0.89A-0.90A
My camera cannot render Turquoise/Cyan very well :sad:

Convoy S6 SMO XM-L2 U3-1A Dedomed w/ 10*7135 (8*380mA+2*350mA) Qlite guppydrv @ ~2.76A-3.26A
+2 7135 350mA
guppydrv firmware
Braided Driver/Tailspring
16mm Noctigon
20mm AR Lens

ZeusRay SK73 XM-L2 U2-1A Dedomed w/ stock driver @ ~2.80A
Dielectric Copper

SingFire SF-348 w/ stock driver @ ~1.15A-1.20A
Distance to Bench: ~3m

Ultrafire HD2011 XM-L U3-1A w/ 8*7135 (8*350mA) 105c @ 2.88A
using Samsung INR18650-25R


Convoy S2 OP XM-L2 U3-1A Dedomed w/ 9*7135 (9*350mA) 105d @ ~3.09A-3.12A
using Samsung INR18650-25R

Convoy S6 SMO XM-L2 U3-1A Dedomed w/ 13*7135 (8*380mA+5*350mA) Qlite w/ guppydrv firmware @ ~3.48A-3.54A
using Samsung INR18650-25R

Same as "Convoy S6 SMO XM-L2 U3-1A Dedomed w/ 10*7135 (8*380mA+2*350mA) Qlite guppydrv"


Convoy C8 SMO XM-L2 U2-1A Dedomed w/ 9*7135 (9*350mA) 105c @ ~3.27A
using Samsung INR18650-25R
Same as "Convoy C8 SMO XM-L2 T6-3B w/ 9*7135 105c"

Roche F12 XM-L T6-1A w/ 8*7135 (8*350mA) 105c @ 2.83A
on Samsung INR18650-25R

Eagle Eye X2 Carclo 10197 XM-L2 U2-1B w/ Stock Driver @ 2.52A
on Samsung INR18650-25R
Carclo 10197 Optic

Eagle Eye X2 Carclo 10197 XM-L2 T6-3B w/ 9*7135 (9*350mA) 105c @ ~3.26A
on Samsung INR18650-25R
Dielectric Copper MCPCB
+1 AMC7135 350mA
FT 'Carobronze Spring'
Braided Driver Spring
Carclo 10197 Optic

Stock Convoy S2 OP XM-L2 U2-1B w/ 8*7135 (8*350mA) 105d @ ~2.81A
on Sanyo UR18650FM


Convoy S2 XM-L2 U3-1A Dedomed w/ 7*7135 (7*350mA) 105d @ ~2.45A
on Sanyo UR18650FM


SupFire F3-L2 XM-L2 ??-?? w/ Stock Driver @ ~1.93A
on Sanyo UR18650FM

SupFire F3-L2 XM-L2 ??-?? Dedomed w/ Stock Driver @ ~1.70A*
on Sanyo UR18650FM
Dielectric Copper
http://imgur.com/a/eXQ0F/embed#0 *The factory driver in both of the SupFire's I received were slightly different

SupFire Zoomed Domed vs Dedomed Beam Profile

Convoy S2 XHP50 J2-1A DD w/ 2.7kOhm Resistor @ ~3.80A-~4.00A
on 2*Purple Efest 18350

Courui D01 CW XM-L2 w/ Stock Driver
on 3*Sanyo UR18650FM

Ultrafire F13 CW XM-L2 w/ Stock Driver @ 1.76A
on Sanyo UR18650FM

GearBest Fake Convoy S2+ CW XM-L2 w/ 105d(?) @ 2.15A
on Sanyo UR18650FM
LEDSupply 60*30 TIR Optic


BLF Manker A6 XP-L ??-1A w/ A17DD + 1*7135 (350mA) @ 4.12A
on Samsung INR18650-25R

BLF Manker A6 XP-L ??-3D w/ A17DD +1 7135 (350mA) @ 4.01A
on Samsung INR18650-25R

Convoy S2 XHP50 J2-1A w/ Cell DD & 22AWG Jumper @ ~7A
on 2*Purple Efest 18350 (4.2V Charge)
Copper Braid Tail Spring

Convoy S2+ (2016.01) XM-L2 U2-1A w/ Stock 8*7135 105d
on Samsung INR18650-25R Blue

Tangspower AK-96 XM-L2 U3-1A Dedomed w/ 2.5A Linear Driver
on Samsung ICR18650-28A

I loved that Convoy C8 XP-G2 R5-1A!
Cool pictures :beer:

Very cool way of showing comparison beamshots! Nice!

Added more sets starting with "FT SK98 Jan. 2015 Batch XM-L T6-BLUE"

I have a few more lights to take pics with, will probably get that done on Friday night.

As previously stated. Very nice way of presenting beamshots.

Thanks for the shots. Whats your pick of the zoomies for a cheap light?

Awesome, thanks for doing that! I like that you recorded the amps too. How good are the Sanyo UR18650's? Would you have any better results with different batteries?

Well done .

Thanks for sharing .

Added a tailcap amp spreadsheet in the OP.

Right now I only have the ZeusRay and the OEM SK98 from FT. In the ideal situation (factory problems set aside), I'd have to pick the ZeusRay.

The UR18650s, the FM in this case do very well for daily driver use. All of my other cells are LCO and report around the same internal resistance from my Lii-260 (50-60mR), so I suspect the amps I recorded are at peak performance without having to move to LMN cells or doing more driver mods.

Thanks for the reply! I have a bunch of those, and I was wondering what the deal was. Some people seem to think they aren't very good, but that link and a couple other reviews I've seen pretty much say they are just as good as any. was contemplating buying efests but I don't think it's really necessary.

Added some more sets starting with 'Tangspower AK-96 LG H35C1 LEMWA-FX w/ Stock Driver Bypassed @ ~2.00A'

Added some more slight mods and links that I overlooked (might not even consider them mods ;) )
and a tailcap amp spreadsheet at the top of the OP.

More beamshots up starting with "Convoy S6 XM-L2 U3-1A Dedomed w/ 10*7135 (8*380mA+2*350mA) Qlite guppydrv"

More beamshots starting from "Ultrafire HD2011 XM-L U3-1A w/ 8*7135 (8*350mA) 105c"!

My latest Convoy C8 rebuild is my new favorite C8 :party:

Beamshots are always nice. Thank you for the effort! :beer:

Thanks Ota. I have the SF 348 in front of me now. I quite like it.

Added more beamshots starting with "Roche F12 XM-L T6-1A w/ 8*7135 (8*350mA) 105c"

I also got to play with my Eagle Eye X2 (practically an S2+ or other way around) sporting a Carclo 10197, and I freaking love it!

Noob question.

I currently have a Convoy C8 OP XM-L2 8*7135.

What is the easiest way to get the XP-G2 in there?

How would my OP reflector affect your Convoy C8 SMO XP-G2 beamshot?

I would like a larger, smoother hot spot like your C8 SMO XM-L2 but still keep the spill down like your Convoy C8 SMO XP-G2 (don’t want to light up the pavement).


My setup was a little botched, but I rotated my XM-L butterfly spacer 45deg and had it rest under the tap screws so they don't move once I started to screw in the bezel. I'm not sure if there is an XP -> XM reflector converter, but there is one for vice versa.

As for a smaller spill, I'm not too sure how to alleviate that one. Maybe someone else can chime in?

When I took the C8 SMO XP-G2 beamshots the light was positioned behind the camera, so it didn't get the immediate spill. The XM-L2 beamshots had the light side by side to the camera, so I believe the spill in the SMO between the two would be roughly the same maybe a little less with the XP-G2.

An OP reflector would probably do the opposite of what you want, making the spill brighter, but with a smoother hotspot.

Here's a ceiling shot (~2m) with the XP-G2 with the OP reflector. Not sure if it's useful.

So the apparent difference in spill is mostly due to the camera angle and not the emitters? I was hoping to reduce the spill from my C8.


In this case yeah :( Don't get me wrong though, I'm sure it's possible.