Outdoor Stockroom selling Olight and Klarus

Hi everyone, Jason from Outdoorstockroom here. We just got in some nice Olight flashlights. Check them out here.

Welcome to BLF Jason! A US store is not for me, but we always welcome new options!

Thank you

We are offering 10% off right now to new customers with the code newcustomer10. But honestly, I would wait until the Grand Opening. More on that here.

Hey everyone. Can I ask a question? Is Olight a good product? I think it is. I have been bleeding ad money to google for shopping ads, but have not sold a stinking flashlight. I am not asking why no one here is buying the lights, I hope your waiting for the grand opening sale. If you look on google shopping for the S1 Baton, I am the cheapest base price, and second for total price. And I am only $1 more than the competition. Please don’t go to google shopping and start clicking my ad. That will cost me more money. I just want to know why no one is buying from the google ads. What are your thoughts? Thanks for any insight.

Hey friend, it’s hard to say why you are not selling any lights? Of course it is impossible to know but I can give a possibility. When I first got into lights i started searching the web. I got excited easily and ended up buyingt a number of junk lights. I learned quickly that the net is full of flashlights from junk to beauties. And the prices range from cheap to rediculous. The problem is that the two observations do not relate to each other. Meaning a cheap light might have ok quality while an expensive light may turn out to be a “G700” military technology leaked to the public or in other words, a piece of junk. So I learned that the only guarantee is to buy from a trusted and established seller with a good history of “real” reviews. Outherwise it’s very hard to sort through the junk vs the treasure.

So not sure what the means for you… Maybe emphasize a good return policy? Have a written out guarantee that aludes to this idea and separate your product from the other “cheap” lights out there. But even still,



Thats great. Chris Farley was a great comedian. Your right, I need to put more emphasis on guarantee. More importantly, customer service. Thanks for the idea.

I think olight makes a good product in general but my s1 baton failed early on due to the button and in trying to fix it when taking it apart the button was basically impossible to put back together. I wound up putting a different driver in it and making it a twisty. Anyway I didn’t care for how it was made and wouldn’t get another olight unless it was clearanced priced

Did you send it back to Olight for repairs? How old is it now?

No , never sent it back, it quit working and I discovered the switch was the culprit so in taking the guts out the little button behind the switch sheared off or broke or was broke but anyway there was no way to repair it. Lights that are made to be taken apart are more my liking

Your a tinker, nothing wrong with that.

This is a tough room .
Just for an example , the Olight I3E you have for sale for $9.99 . Great little keychain light at a good price .

But we recently had a deal where we could buy a stainless steel AAA keychain light that has an emitter with a Color Rendition Index of 93% . ( Technologically superior )
For about $8.00 .

As good as your prices are , they don’t compete with the prices we are able to get with all of the discount codes floating around here .

Olight makes good products and I like your site , clean and easy to maneuver .

But this is a tough room .

My wife won’t let me look at flashlight stores anymore. Maybe if it was cleverly hidden behind the facade of a library I might sneak a few out of your stock. I actually bought some used lights recently but I don’t really need anything. Thought the nw x7 has been nagging at me to buy one. If you have a tab or links on your sights to unboxing videos, reviews or plenty of pics, I’m sure sales will start dribbling in and pick up speed as the outdoor months are upon us

Well, with the 10% we are offering that brings it down to $9ish. What brand is this SS light you speak of? What kind of warranty? I am playing the customer service card. I will take care of problems that may arise.
Thanks for the input on the site. Keep any input coming too. We can tweak stuff to make things easier. We are still new to the game here, but learning a ton as we go.
I am cooking something up for everyone here also.

I want to do some sort of special for the forums here. Some of the ideas I had were free shipping, 20% off coupon code or something like that. Then I said, why not let the forum decide. So, Let me know what all of you would want. Only serious inquiries will be considered, though I do like a good laugh. Thanks.

Hey everyone, sorry for the lapse in updates here. My Dad has been in and out of the hospital so I have been really busy. We have decided to go with free shipping for a while. So, for the foreseeable future, all orders over $50 will ship for free. We are still brain storming on what to offer everyone here also. No one has put their $.02 worth in so I guess it will be up to us. Free shipping is pretty big, but I am thinking 15% off also for Olight flashlights. Let us know what you think. Thanks everyone.

Hey everyone. Happy fathers day to the dads here.

I have to concur. It’s like the local Mega Lo Mart killing off local grocery stores. Economy of scale and high volume lets the Big Boys operate on razor-thin margins, whereas the local guy still has to pay the rent from what he sells.

Want a prime example of a failure-story (vs success-story), look at Radio Shack. They grew from a one-man shop to being the Starbux of electronics. A Radio Shack on every corner, or so it seemed. Their bread and butter was the geekboy building radio-sets and gizmos for school science projects, the DIYer putting up his own teevee antenna, and people who’d rather buy “no name” stereo stuff where they can just drop if off at any store to be repaired vs mailing it out to Podunktown, USA, at considerable expen$e.

Need a cheap-ass record-player needle? Need a V15 cartridge for your real turntable? Need a PL259 for your antenna cable? Free tube-tester in every store and being able to order tubes? Jackpot! Hobbyist electronics books? Teevee antennas and cables and clamps and poles? Ceebees? Mikes? Antennas? Speakers? You name it, Rat Shack had it!

Then their oh-so-wise Management™ decided they should abandon all those geeks who made RS what it is, and start selling phones, phone-plans, and become a “Me, too!” company competing with Best Buy, Circuit City, all the other bevy of stores that sold phones and phone-plans. It was easy money, right? Instead of parts-on-cards hanging on walls of pegboard, they were relegated to 1-2 sliding-drawer cabinets. You couldn’t buy a damned coin-cell for your watch or phone-plug for the one that ripped off your headphones without enduring the Mandatory Sales Speech asking what carrier you have, would you be interested in buying a contract that offers less for a higher price, etc., ’til the point where you were tempted to just tell the drone to screw off and then walk out without buying anything.

No rainchecks.

No price-matching.

No putting aside a sale item for even 15min ’til you could rush to the store.

The absolute WORST in customer service. (ohhhh, just ask me about the wireless keyboards that were on sale…)

And you wonder why they’re bankrupt today??

You could take lessons from them in what not to do in business.

Anyway, it’s a struggle. Any small business that wants to compete with the Big Boys needs to do something different, and better. Else, you’re just another “Me, too!” company.

Honestly, I don’t know what to say or suggest that could help. If you can’t match prices, maybe you can concentrate on service? Become an authorised repair center? I honestly have no idea.

Fwiw, I have ordered things from Amazon at (reasonably) higher prices, primarily because of their a-to-z return policy, and speedier shipping, even if I’d have to meet the minimum order for free-shipping by buying other stuff. Cheaper but having to wait the better part of a month, and having to pull teeth to get a refund or exchange (sending pix, videos(!), etc., to get anywhere), made it worthwhile for me to spend the extra bux.

Anyway, dunno if any of my diatribe helped in any way, but there it is.

That’s one way to win over customers! Part of that “do something different, but better” thing that I wrote.

RMM at Mountain Electronics, Simon from Convoy, a few other people earned their rep, and loyalty, by taking care of their customers, and going above and beyond.

I don’t have any Olight lights, but heard of some issues with the lights and being unable to disassemble them for repair. People here hate glued-shut lights. :smiley:

Dunno if there’s anything you can do about that. Maybe buy and then sell unglued lights? :smiley:

Thanks Lightbringer. On the Olight stuff I am held to MAP pricing. What really gets me is the people that don’t follow MAP. But we have smartened up and offered free shipping over $50. I have ordered things from amazon and if you don’t have prime 2 day shipping, I would rather pay for shipping. It seems like they wait a couple days to ship it out, then they use FedEx or UPS to get it 90% of the way there and pass it off to the Postal Service which adds an extra day. All said and done it takes 5 to 7 days to get to where it needs to go. That’s where we set ourselves apart. Even with the free shipping, we use the same shipping that you would have payed for. Usually to your doorstep in 3 days or less. And it goes out same day (within reason). As far as returns, I haven’t had to deal with that yet. Hopefully won’t have to. I will do what I have to make the customer happy regardless. I am still waiting for you guys to come up with a deal you would like as a forum exclusive. Let us know.