Overview: All Eneloop batteries 2005-2024

The increased number of charge cycles is not a marketing trick, it is achieved by making the cells more robust. It's detailed in the brochure announcing the release of the 1500 cycle cells. So it's good for consumers either way.

Great job, ChibiM! I didn't even realize they had improved the Eneloops again.

I bet there are some lab techs who just charge, discharge, and recharge Eneloops all the time. It took them a long time to get to 1,000. Then when they got 1,500 they started printing that on the packaging. Now they have finally gotten to 1,800 cycles, so they have changed the packaging again. It's just the same batteries! (just kidding, kind of)

I find it funny that people are collecting batteries because they look pretty. I must say I'm tempted too though, haha.

Here my own measurements of exact weight (measured with precision scale and with kitchen scale) and effective capacity (measured with C9000):

Eneloop AA Glitter (HR-3UTGA-8BP GLITTER):

weight (+0.001grams) eff. capacity (+1mAh)
#1 26.021g [26g] 2031mAh
#2 25.887g [26g] 2030mAh
#3 25.953g [26g] 2036mAh
#4 25.967g [26g] 2036mAh
#5 25.955g [26g] 2036mAh
#6 26.068g [26g] 2063mAh
#7 25.988g [26g] 2032mAh
#8 26.042g [26g] 2034mAh
arith. avg. 25.985g 2037mAh

Eneloop AAA (HR-4UTGA):

weight (+0.001grams) eff. capacity (+1mAh)
#1 11.700g [12g] 820mAh
#2 11.708g [12g] 832mAh
#3 11.593g [12g] 812mAh
#4 11.722g [12g] 827mAh
#5 11.810g [12g] 825mAh
#6 11.731g [12g] 823mAh
#7 11.757g [12g] 825mAh
#8 11.793g [12g] 824mAh
arith. avg. 11.727g 823mAh

These numbers become relevant when you want to add the 1x Eneloop cell weight to (or substract from) the weight data given in flashlight reviews, manufacturer ads, and similar. Safe rounded values to use in your calculations are 11.7grams for 1x AAA Eneloops, and 26.0grams for 1x AA Eneloop Glitters. Sorry, i dont own any white AA Eneloops :p

adding to this thread. with my new accurate DMM and the C9000 i was able to measure that with an Eneloop AAA and -200mA discharge rate the C9000 discharges down to 0.90V (under load) and that this equals an offline voltage of 1.05V. Once offline and resting, the Eneloop AAA would then recover up to 1.19V within 2.0hrs. If you let the cell rest even longer, the stationary voltage point could lie even higher.

from these numbers you can calculate the sag to 0.15V and the recovery to 0.14V minimum, which makes a total of 0.29V (relative voltage).

*fyi* A so-called battery tester declares a cell dead when the sag approaches 0.0V. At that point the cell (e.g. Alkaline Duracell) might still bear a rest offline voltage of e.g. 0.3784V but this "amount" of absolute voltage is good for nothing (good for nothing like many of kreisler's smarta$$ posts haha).

For more on discharge and charge rates for Eneloops and Eneloop chargers please refer to the thread Where to get eneloop + charger?, thanks.

EDIT: after 1.0yrs the cell's capacity decreased a bit. the more relevant data is posted in veer's thread.

Thanks for this ChibiM! I didn't know that there where new colored eneloops out there and I didn't even know they were numbered. I have 16 each of the tones, glitters, costco tones, xxeloops and a ton of white eneloops.

Now I need to add the new ones to my eneloop collection.

Still using my 2006 Eneloops, I've had a couple die (low capacity 1200mAh) the rest are approximately 1900 mAh.

They have had no special care, other than stored cells being cycled about every six months.

I would never purchase any other brand of Nimh.

I just saw in a store a Sanyo Eneloop Harmolattice 2500mAh AA (2400mAh minimum) battery. The part number is HR-3U25HM. I think it is available only in Asia yet. It says 500 recharges, retains 75% charge after 1 year. Is this the same product as the Eneloop XX? The XX doesn't have the "Harmolattice" description. Is it newer/better than the other Eneloops? What's your take on this guys....?

Hey Tatasal, Good question.. that is most likely the same as the XX / PRO version. XX called in Europe and US, PRO called in Japan. so the thing that is different, is the code..

So far, the specs are exactly the same as the XX, so I would suppose them to be the same.. anyway, Ill take another look into it.

edit: updated info in first few posts

i have two concerns:

1. The word 'eneloop' is not printed on the batt itself. It only says in the

packet..'eneloop powered'. Is this a true eneloop?

2. I'll be having a Fenix TK41 (8aa batt). Frequency of use: maybe 1 to 2

minutes/week, sometimes none at all..Which will be more practical...primary

Energizer lithiums (claims of up to 10yrs shelf life) OR eneloops? My lights

stay inside its original box almost 100% of the time. I don't want it


Hi Tatasal,

First of all, the Harmolattice are real Sanyo batteries.
I dont know the ones you bought\want to buy are the "real deal", because some people seem to have bought fake white eneloops on ebay for example.
But this singaporean website actually shows them to be genuine Sanyo cells.

if you dont use it that often, I would go for the lithium batteries...or normal eneloops (if the MAX voltage of 8 lithium cells isnt a problem for that light).

Lithiums might be cheaper as well.

hi ChibM,

I just like to point out that I did not say that they are fake Sanyos, but my concern is that are they 'eneloops' considering it's never printed in the label of the battery itself as 'ENELOOP'. Although it says 'eneloop powered'' CHEERS !

I finally got my hands on a few 3rd generation eneloops!

They are already available in Japan for quite a while, but was waiting to come across some good deals.. but unfortunately that seems to take ages.. So I went ahead and bought it at the cheapest place I could find ;)
The fun part is that the cheapest are actually the special Chocolat tones, and not the original white ones.. I dont mind.. they look pretty sweet!

Today was a little stormy here in Tokyo, so I had to cut short my little trip to my favorite place in town, Akihabara. Anybody been there?

Here are some pics of the AAA`s
The packaging looks really good as well, and the nice thing is that all the batts are lined up very well.
as you can notice, all the cells are numbered! (like Kreisler said before, about the Glitter eneloops)
Also the production date is printed. September 2011.

Sweet, cant wait for 3rd gen AA's to appear with cheap shipping world wide!

Don't eat them! They're not really chocolate.

They sure look good though.

I'm looking for rechargeable AA nimh for my camera, what eneloops should i buy/where?

ChibiM, how much did you get them for?

I gotta have some of those!

Those you can actually buy.

www.nkon.nl should cost you less in postage than they cost me.

Their prices are good compared to UK prices and your postage should be less.

Excellent supplier for EUROPE, but their Eneloop are not 3rd GEN I'm afraid...

eneloops are 2000mah, GP batteries are 2500mah. Is it much of a difference and worth the difference in price?