Overview: All Eneloop batteries 2005-2024

Panasonic eneloop and Sanyo eneloop overview

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Overview of all Eneloop Batteries ever produced

Download the newest Overview PDF 2005-2024

Eneloop Limited Edition Overview

And here the PDF with all the Limited Editions between 2009 and 2024

At one point, Eneloop decided not the use their Rating anymore, and only their Minimum mAh.. therefore I didnt include the Ratings anymore with some batteries.

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Sanyo and Panasonic Eneloop


Eneloop HR-3UTGB, 3rd generation, std. eneloop white.

Below more detailed information about their capacity.
These graphs are taken from BLF member HKJ`s website, with his permission.

The following is from:

Eneloop HR-3UWXB, eneloop XX. (2nd generation)


Cycle testing by power me up at CPF http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?392229-Japanese-Vs-Chinese-Eneloop-Cycle-Testing-Results

Eneloop Limited Edition Lineup

Got the complete eneloop special edition line-up done on my website.

Here you go: limited edition eneloops

Europe November 2016
Eneloop ocean colors

Some new eneloops;

Japan November 2015

in Europe August 2015

Eneloop Organic

August 2015

and some made in China

Eneloop Hello Kitty

bk-3MCCB 2KC

March 2013

Panasonic decided to change the eneloop batteries into something more Panasonic oriented.
Their old "eneloop" text will be changed into "panasonic" and in really small font; "eneloop".

Here is the new info from their website;

They will start selling these Panasonic brand eneloops in Japan from April 26, 2013

Old info:

March 2012

Some new Eneloops are announced, the Disney Eneloops.
Will be on the Japanese market from March 2012

3rd gen.
AA: HR-3UTGB 8D (D stands for Disney) (8 stands for the amount of cells included in the package, a 4-pack is also available)

Disney Love:
AA: HR-3UTGB 8DL (dl: disney love)
AAA: non existing

What I actually like about these eneloops, is that they will drop in price after the celebration is over.

Edit: added info below, June 2012
Worth mentioning

Sanyo Harmolattice: powered by eneloop

These are not in the Sanyo Eneloop line up. The difference is that these cells don`t come pre-charged, unlike the normal Eneloops. The specs are the same as the Eneloop XX and Eneloop Pro

HR-3U25HM:....AA (75%Claimed capacity after 1 year)

AAA: not existing

August 2012
Eneloop has just announced the new eneloop tones UOMO and eneloop tones ROUGE
Both are the 3rd gen. eneloops, 1800cycles.
Will be on the japanse market from September 13, 2012
They have a "limited batch" of 100.000 packs.

Eneloop tones UOMO
take note that these are only sold in 8-packs
* "U" stands for UOMO

Eneloop tones ROUGE
* "R" stands for ROUGE

October 2012
Eneloop has just announced the new eneloop Disney 2
The 3rd gen. eneloops, 1800cycles.
Will be on the Japanese market from October 25, 2012
They have a "limited batch" of 20.000 packs.

Eneloop Disney
AAA: not existing

November 2013

The first limited editions of 2013 under the new Panasonic wrappers....

available from November 29th 2013, in Japan.

BK-3MCC/8GL glamorous...
4 different colors.. can be bought in 4 and 8 packs.. AA and AAA

Great compilation of Eneloop releases - thank you very much!

let's not forget to mention that the colored 8-packs have the advantage of pre-numbered cells (#1, #2, .., #8) so you dont have to mark them with a pen yourself.

i posted a freshly taken picture of the 7th cell of the Eneloop Glitter 8-pack. it's the 3rd cell from the left. as you can see, it is numbered (bears "#7").

These kind of products make me feel good. joy-bringers!!

i certainly cherish mine. They perform so much differently (=no dimming effect in flashlights) than normal NiMH's or worse: Alkalines!

And they are *not* expensive anymore. Per cell you pay 12.99€ for an 8-pack on ebay/amazon. That's cheaper than the Eneloop Lite's!, and the same for a LiIon cell (Trustfire, Ultrafire, Won'tFire, ..).

Eneloop XX are sold with different numbers in different countries.. which might cause confusion....at least it confused me.

These are all HR-3UWXB, 2nd generation XX/PRO but with different pacakges.. 1 with nominal mAh rating, others with minimal mAh rating.

Above left is the Chinese version, and right is the English version

and below is the Japanese version:

Thanks for compiling this list!

I didn't know there is a 3rd generation already.

I think it would look better in a table... but as it is - great to have this info all in one place!

WOW! Thanks! Great job!

Nice job. Thanks for your hard work.

I like the idea of having a whole set of eneloops that are different color or have different lables.

very nice job ty

from wikipedia...

eneloop plus

eneloop plus have a PTC thermistor built-in that cuts the power when the batteries are overheating. This makes them especially suitable for toys. Other specifications are identical to the second-generation eneloops. The product number is HR-3UPT (AA) and the battery was released in Japan in December 2011

is about that

Eneloop PLUS:
HR-3UPT: AA (70%Claimed capacity after *35 years, date November 2011

...tables are WAY better!!!

/trolling mode off xD

Thanks so much ChibiM. I want to purchase some Eneloops and this helps sort out the confusion over which ones to buy.

Thanks very much for the data. Do you have the same for Duraloops ?


sorry, there are not many duraloops around here!

If someone could provide the info, I could probably add it to the list...

I almost got a headache of checking both English and Japanese websites to get all the info.


I will add more info to the Eneloop PLUS soon.(dates could differ, especially looking at the release date, manufacturing date, news date, release date in Japan or overseas etc.)

Also, Wikipedia is WRONG! these are not the same as the 2nd generation! they are the same as the 3rd generation. 1800 cycles, 70% after 5 years storage.
Thats my info from the Japanese Eneloop website.

Also, I will make a table to include on the bottom of the list, as soon as I can

Panasonic seems to have very good cells under their roof! Eneloops and 18650 3100mAh NCR batteries..

I guess they are having the best engineers from the 2 groups together! Hopefully they can get their heads together, and improve both types of batteries even more


Thank you very much...!

Here a tiny bit of info for total newbies:

Another term for "Rated capacity" is the word "Nominal capacity", and i prefer the latter in RL although < rated capacity eneloop > is more popular with google.

And there is the "Minimal capacity". For a standard Eneloop AA, the minimal capacity is 1900mAh and its rated at 2000mAh, so the nominal capacity is 2000mAh.

When you have a charger with a digital display (BC-700 clone, Imax B6 clone, C9000, ..) and are asked to punch in the "Please set battery capacity: ...", then you always enter the nominal capacity ("2000") and never the minimal capacity ("1900").

This is interesting/important to know because when you look at the Eneloops itself, all you can read is "1900" on the physical cells. So the uninitiated will be tempted to run his/her BC-700 set to "1900" instead of "2000".

Uhmm Dinoboy? can you read private messages? ;)

(Im just talking about this same thing via PM with Kreisler)

As far as I know the little ® was part of their re-design back in 2007.
But it seems that the same symbol is missing on some eneloops in Europe.. at least the ones that Kreisler has.

As far as I understand, the symbol is present on all eneloops sold in Japan.

yeah dinoboy, good point made!

I was thinking that maybe the retail packages are filled with ®-symbol'ed cells because my white ones are original bulk cells bought from ebay, provided by various German sellers with direct bulk supply from Sanyo Europe.

But then i look at my glitter cells, and there is no ®-symbol either. (Glitter are always sold in retail packages, and i got mine in original German language packaging (bi-lingual), 8-pack.)

So the symbol has nothing to do with retail vs. bulk.

I would assume that the machinist who operated the printer had one nihonshu too much the weekend before :beer:


I think its interesting to mention, that I just found a Japanese website with different tests on eneloops,
and the 1st generation eneloops still hold 80% after 3 years! amazing!

So everyone that has still the 1st generation eneloops, dont worry, dont hurry.. yours are doing still perfectly fine
you dont need to get the newest and latest .....yet

(But I still want to get a set of the newest versions, anyhow)

That's right. Sometimes you gotta undersell yourself a little bit so you can leave enough for the next marketing push. If the 2nd generation was actually rated at 1650 but they could still only squeeze ~1800 out of the 3rd generation then you don't have as much separation to make it an effective selling point. Just food for thought