Overview: All Eneloop batteries 2005-2024

3rd gen looks pretty close to the 2nd gen. 1800 times I dont really care about. Im not going to charge batteries 1800 times vs 1500 times, not much difference to me.

It’s not the mah, it’s the ability of the battery to take high drain for long periods of time and maintain 1.1v-1.2v. Most of the high powered emitters would be considered high drain when set on high 3+amps. Eneloops have been proven to be one of the best AA NiMH at taking high drain for longer periods of time, plus they are low discharge and retain their charge when not used. Even though they are 2000mah, they can take 3 & 5 amp drains for longer and hold voltage longer than many AA batteries. Some Batteries used for RC like Sub C NiMH and other “odd sized” NiMH can have up to 40 amp drain for short periods of time, so in a flashlight pulling 6 to 9 amps, they do quite well also. Most high mah NiMH batteries prove out to be not so good at high drain and they have too much voltage sag too soon.

That is my opinion only and I am not any kind of expert on anything....

I'm not planning to use these batteries in a flashlight but in a camera, so i don't know if for that purpose eneloops or GP are the best

It really depends on charge retention - but camera flashes draw heavy current from the cells. As Old-Lumens has said, Eneloops are good at heavy draw, other LSDs may or may not be.

For normal use in adequate light the higher nominal capacity will probably win especially if you are taking lots of pictures. I you don't use the camera regularly, it depends on self-dischage rates - which may vary. I've not tried the GP cells but if I can find them for a sensible price (i.e., less than the same number of Eneloops) I'l put some on test for a while. It will take a year or so to get final results. If the GP cells are cheaper than eneloops I'd try a set, if they cost more I'd wait till someone else tests them.

I have used eneloops (1st & 2nd gen) for about a 1.5 yrs. for my canon 7d dslr (6 aa batteries in the battery grip) more than I use the li-ion battery that came with the camera. Eneloops last longer with my camera gear imo. I also use the 2500mah exxeloops for my speedlite 430ex ii flash and have never had a problem....ever.

You can't go wrong using eneloops.

Eneloops are THE best aa/aaa nimh batteries, period.

Ive been using 2nd gen 2000mAh Eneloops in my point and shoot digicam for ~1.5y, works great! Was eating primaries like theres no tomorrow, while with Eneloops it stays up and running almost like forever, unless you do HD/FullHD recording, that eats up them faster than regular picture taking with or without flash.


Just checked HR-3UTGB prices on ebay.com:

26$ for 4 pieces of Disney themed and 17$ shipping fee to EU.

I wonder why it takes them so long to release 3rd gen outside Japan?

ty guys for your help, gonna buy me some sets of eneloops 2000mah i think!

Just a few days ago I received the standard white AA and AAA Eneloops from here:


They are the 1500 cycles version. Shipping to Slovenia was 10 EUR, by DHL.

You won't be disappointed.

I like Eneloops, but if you go looking for a bargain on them, you might end up with fakes. Be very careful. If you want to save a little money, there are other brands of LSD NiMH's that are still way better than normal NiMH's that self-discharge in a month. Definitely get LSD batteries, get Eneloops if you can afford them.

Here some pics of the cells and packages.

AA package


AA close ups.. (pics dont really justify! ,colors are much nicer when you see them in person)

On photo forums Eneloops reign, except for pros who will charge non-LSD batteries the night before the shoot and benefit from their larger capacity before self-discharge has gotten the time to do any substantial damage.

Other than having plenty of eneloops in my camera bag, I always make sure I have an extra set or 2 of freshly charged maha powerex 2700's to use with my flash. They last longer than eneloops and even though they aren't lsd's, I had a set of 4 powerex 2700's that held a 100% charge for 30 weeks. Not too shabby.

The chocolate ones look more like camouflage batteries than chocolate

Can anyone tell me if these appear to be real? (clicky)

They are about $20 a 4 pack here, so $6 for 2 sounds like a good deal for me.

Hard to tell if they are fake. On eBay I would assume they are fake unless you know someone else who has gotten genuine ones from the same seller.

I would buy only from reputable seller who has sold these to someone who can confirm that they are genuine.

How would they tell if they were genuine or not if they had them?

I bought 1 anyway, Ill post detailed pics when I get them to see if anyone can spot anything unusual.

By comparing nipple, wrapping, and performance (if possible) to original Eneloops, of course! :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm they have sold a lot and there are no negative feedback for them.

Ill post pics when I get them to see if you guys can spot anything wrong as I don't have genuine ones to compare them to.

Or maybe I can try to compare them to ones in a shop.