Overview: All Eneloop batteries 2005-2024

Yes, you can abuse them……. unless they start a fire :slight_smile:

hmmmm… I will try to do a discharge test at 1 or 2 amps to see if they can do well under high loads…………

When I discharged them at 1A they became rather warm, when I charged them at 2A they became really HOT to the touch, so I wouldnt say these are going to be reliable batteries :wink:
I wont trust them and wont charge higher than @1A charge rate.


At least they can be discharged at 1Amp, because the PISEN AA LSD 2000mAh I have, when you try to discharge at more than 500mA…………. they simply…………. die

PS: what charger/discharger are you using vëer?

MAHA C9000, best purchase related to batteries/flashlights so far :wink:
Got it from German Ebay for excellent price for European buyers, bare charger and set with bag and car adapter, battery box available:



Mine came in perfect box, even tho seller advertises that some of boxes might have slight damages.

BTW, got reply from DinoScam.com - they say that they checked and that those batteries are not fake, LOL!
F*K DinoDirect, F*K them hard!

TX, too expensive for me… I can´t afford it. I will continue using my Imax

veer, DD is *just a big* etailer and they are no specialists re the stuff they sell. i am sure that none of them has technical knowledge re flashlights, and for example ever disassembled a switch!! neither will they know how to discern fake cells from original cells. even *we* have a hard time telling, dont we? so here are general suggestions re buying from DD:

1) solve your case in repeated chat sessions with changing ottas. dont use their email system or other delayed communication form.

2) avoid buying batteries from them. even DX gets to sell batches of fake TF's. the only reason for me to buy batteries from them is if i have run out of ideas what to buy from them with my tens of 2$ or 3$ giftcards.

first chat bombarding. if no results, then open PP dispute. after that continue bombarding with chat requests. since you’re online now, do it now. their chat is (again) 24/7!!

Doesnt look like they are 24/7…

Picked these up from the post office yesterday.

Edit: Added some info at the beginning of this thread about the Sanyo Harmolattice.

@vëer and others:

I have started to test my FAKELoops from dino

These batts ARE NOT LSD. And no need to do a 6 months LSD test. Why?

I compared how much the voltage drops after charging…. I mean, I measured how much voltage drops on a LSD battery and on a non-LSD battery.

I have found that:

LSD battery: after charging, the voltage remains above 1.4volt even after several days

NON-LSD battery: after charging, the voltage drops from 1.4volt to 1.37 in less than 1 hour.

For me, no need to waste time and money doing a 6 months LSD test.

At least they have offered something. Of course, money refunded is way better than giftcards (giftcard = you must buy from them)

I have to think what I am going to tell them

I paid only 11$, the rest came from gift cards and they cant even start their offer with 45$ gift card.
I know what Im getting when I get my gift card tho :smiley:

Did you have to send photos? Did you linked to this thread? (to know what to do…)

I didnt link to this thread, no need to.
I uploaded images to DD both in CS messaging system and RMA request.

hmm Thanks I will try today

This really belongs in a DD thread at this point, not an Eneloop thread.

Cleaned my posts as much as I could without ruining asnwers to my posts, new thread started :wink:

I think I have received FAKE Gen1 Eneloops from Manafont, because they don't have the date code on the side. I can do a discharge test, but my question is, which voltage do I have to select to discharge? 0.9v is OK or it's too much? I would like to do a 4A discharge but don't know when to cutt off. Some pics of my cells from MF:

0.9V is fine, but if you’ll do discharge at 4A, you might even set it to 0.8V, as you’ll lose some voltage in leads between your discharge equipment and battery, springs (if you use cradle, etc.

Did you check out my recent thread?

Yours look exactly like mine, which I assume means that they are fake too :wink:
I guess none of those big Chinese DinoDirect-like retailers carry original Eneloops so everyone should avoid buying rechargeable brand name batteries from them or buy only if other members can confirm they have got the same item and they can confirm that its original.