Overview: All Eneloop batteries 2005-2024

Thanks, now I’m charging two of them, then I’ll begin with the discharge…

Yes, I saw your post, but on the entire thread I couldn’t find Manafont, so I though the problem was just DinoDirect.
I live outside the US, so I think I can’t get Eneloops (batteryjunction’s shipping is too much exaggerated, so I’ll never buy there).


Discharge to 0.8V @ 2Amps: 177mAh

Discharge to 0.8V @ 1Amp: 1703mAh

So… FAKE cells, but could be worse.
MF Manafont doesn’t sell genuine Sanyo Eneloops!!!

Make sure you re-post this information in my thread also, that way more people could be warned ;)!

Never seen these black “glitter” eneloops before! 2nd gen

They are sold at Nkon.nl, which is based in Holland!
Haven`t seen them anywhere else before.

They also are available here: http://www.voelkner.de/products/286652/eneloop-NiMH-Mignon-Akkus-2000-mAh-8er-1.2-V.html
Black & white ones.

Good idea. Done!

Look what arrived at my door today!
Unfortunately they are here only for a short time, next week they are moving on to a tropical Island!

I like!

  1. Nice ! i can’t agree with you more!i f i want to find the information,i often come to http://www.dealextreme.com/c/electrical-tools-499 .it’s really a good choice. :bigsmile: “Full power for a reasonable price! When I need more batteries, I dont do any experimence and will buy these again.

There are NEW eneloops born!!!’. August 2012!
More about this later!!!

Beautiful colors;

August 2012
Eneloop has just announced the new eneloop tones UOMO and eneloop tones ROUGE
Both are the 3rd gen. eneloops, 1800cycles.
Will be on the japanse market from September 13, 2012
They have a “limited batch” of 100.000 packs.

Eneloop tones UOMO
take note that these are only sold in 8-packs
*the letter “U” stands for UOMO

Eneloop tones ROUGE


*the letter “R” stands for ROUGE

Mmm… see what I bought yesterday!

sadly enough, they are staying neither. They are on their way to a sunny island!

Fishinfool… Im really sorry for you… I have some bad news…
there are again some new eneloops!

They also renewed the XX version!
old version is the HR-3UWX
and new version is the HR-3UWXB

They now also have them in AAA format!!!! here are some pictures.

Omg. I want the AAA Eneloops Pro’s. They look gorgeous, and hopefully will perform just as well.

I wonder if the charge cycle count has stayed the same for these?
Good news is that they dont self discharge as soon as previous gen XX did.

Hi Veer,
In the opening post, or the second one, you can see the overview of the amount of cycles, etc…

as far as I could see they showed a 500cycle. But looking at some pictures they actually show 800cycles.
see this picture: and it says 800回 which means 800 times.

but looking at this page, it mentions 500times.
To me it looks like they just copied the info from the old PRO cells.

800 looks much better, I think I saw it somewhere but didnt remember :D!

Probably the cheapest source to buy 3rd gen Eneloop AAA's is 6.95€ for a 4-pack bulk, i got mine today:

will do some tests with C9000 .. ;)

2012 September cells, HR-4UTGB Min. 750mAh ("12-09 SU"): charge rate 400mA, discharge rate -200mA
1. after initial discharge / 2. after refresh&analyze / then, 3. after break-in / then again, 4. refresh&analyze