Overview: All Eneloop batteries 2005-2024

So, Kreishill, did you?

Also, has anyone of you bought their XX 2500mAh from previous generation? How good do they keep up with frequent use and how about their recharging count? 500 seems a bit low, have you experienced any issues?

Also, to those who have bought latest generation AAA XX’s, how are their capacities?

Are there sources for Americans to buy current Eneloop products, or are we relegated to older versions of their batteries?

NKON has the new AAA XX in stock.

Thanks, but I was hoping for a little more American.

When might current Eneloop products become sold in the United States, this seems odd that a Sanyo product wouldn’t be sold here.

I really want a couple packs of those Eneloop tones UOMO; but not at $60 a pack to import…

Check this out, excellent price…

March 2013

New eneloop batteries added to the list..

They will start selling the 4th generation Eneloop batteries in Japan from April 26 2013
They will have a different style of wrapper, and will say PANASONIC eneloop

Here is the Japanese info:

i got my 3rd gen here http://www.amazon.com/Sanyo-Rechargeable-Batteries-Newest-version-FREE-HOLDER-Rechargeable/dp/B009WW7Z3W/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1362615634&sr=8-3&keywords=3rd+generation+eneloops

i really like eneloops… good to 10 amps, works in extreme hot/cold, 75% charge after 5 years… oh and did i mention theyre safe and CHEAP?

4th generation?? are those even out yet!

I bought a pack of these a few weeks ago. They come in the original packaging with the plastic holding case- they’re definitely original. Not a bad deal- especially if you don’t have prime or are buying $25 worth of stuff.



3rd gen Eneloop AA in Glitter Pink Edition


Panasonic has replaced all their Sanyo Eneloop branded batteries in most stores.

Yesterday I`ve been looking for some batteries upon request, but had a hard time finding the special editions.
Most shops are now carrying the newest Panasonic eneloops.
Some big stores still have the older ones, but are still pricey.

What I also noticed, is that they are not continuing the PLUS line up. I guess that this type of battery is a little too specialized to bring to the average user.

I jumped on this deal of 16, 3rd generation Eneloop AA for $42.00 from Amazon (free shipping).


I hope everyone agrees that they are authentic and 3rd gen.

Now I’m looking for a deal on 3rd. generation AAAs.

Hi Brad,

I suppose they are authentic, but it cant be seen from the pictures.
The pictures show the 1st/2nd gen with venting holes.
sure tell use when you receive them!

I got them 6 weeks ago and to my non-expert eye they look fine.

They don’t have vent holes and are labeled HR-3UTGB and embossed/stamped, 12-08 E1.

At $10.50 per set, it seems pretty sweet, but they have no deals on the AAAs.

I wonder how hot the regular eneloops can get during high discharge. I thought these were meant for toys? Maybe they couldn’t market them very well.

Were they still making gen 1 enerloops in 2010? My HR-3UTG have a code of 10-03YH

in my country, all are still gen 1. not to mention gen 3, i’m trying to find XX gen 2, zero results. everything is in accordance of whatever gen that they are distributing in singapore.

You can check my test/review of them, I has a temperature probe on them and discharge with up to 10A. I have also tested the XX, but have not published the result yet.

Thanks, HKJ! So they could potentially get hotter still in housing with no ventilation.

Much hotter, when testing I only have one cell with air around most of it.

I am using my clamp to hold the battery:

And I do not put NiMH into a LiPo sack.

The battery is probably slightly hotter than I measure, because I stop measuring when I stop discharging, but the maximum temperature will first reach the thermo sensor a bit later.