[PART 1] Official BLF GT Group Buy thread. Group buy officially closed! Lights shipping.

What emitter will LT use on GT ? I mean , i know it will be a NW xhp35 hi , but will it be a top bin ?

Ok I’m new to this but I can’t pass this light up. Wanted to see if I could get in on this

As I remember, TA changed Led in his GT to neutral white unknown bin…
That’s why VoB video and pictures look so good …
Original from Lumintop prototype was quite ugly CW and bluish at least to my eyes… In MrsDNF pictures

So we really need to get highest bin NW for best results :+1:

The XHP35 HI E4-3C is really nice! :wink: :+1:

Richard used to carry them, they are hard to come by now! :frowning:

That’s why i asked , the highest bin emitter , like a E4 3C would be awesome !

Correct, mine (the one in the video) is now running a XHP35 HI 3A tint E2 bin. It is the same one from this test as it was all I had laying around except a 90+ CRI HD xhp35: XHP35 output and death test + PWM efficiency test by Texas_Ace

I was actually mistaken earlier, I remembered 2400 lumens but seems this LED was actually making almost 2600 lumens @ 2.5A from a cold start.

It should be fairly close to what the final light will come with. We are aiming for 3D but if a higher bin can be found in a 3A tint we are open to that as well.

It will be the highest bin that lumintop can get for sure.

I just might toss in that 90CRI C4 emitter for the heck of it, I have a feeling that to the human eye it will throw a similar distance but look better.

will the light be ready before christmas, this gonna be a gift for myself, im ready to shine everything

We do not know at this point.

Heheh and here the old adagio applies “it is done when it is done” :wink:

WOW! That’s a hefty price to pay but, when you really want something…….Send me your address and I’ll get it shipped ASAP! :wink:


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Hey guys I would like to get one of these lights in the group buy. How do I go about getting added to the list?

+1, I'd mark the post rude if it wasn't for all the disclaimers and clearly uninformed views. Yep, it's a big thread but it's no excuse to make assumptions and jump to conclusions.

Is the list still open for the GT? If so, I’d like to be added. Looks like an awesome light.

Lol, i hope santa will come with the light

Note to Santa, start feeding the reindeer extra grain and put em on a workout regimen. :wink:

I really hope they can start shipping these before the Christmas mailing rush when things get lost, damaged or stolen…

No worries at least for you guys in US with DHL shipping including in price…

Please add me to the list, especially for a 90+ CRI version.