Patrol King

I don’t know if anyone has reviewed this light or talked about it???

I bought it on ebay -

I’m not a reviewer but I just wanted to say it performs well for the price. Runtime should be fair with 2x 26650. It has too many modes for me H/M/L/strobe/SOS. The biggest flaw for me is the next mode memory :frowning: And it’s for that reason that I stuffed up one of the beamshots. The one aiming at the short tree is on mid, I’m sure of it now but didn’t notice until I was looking back over the pics.

Comparison shots are a stock courui and the GHFY I put together (here ). I have to apologize for the pic quality too. I put the camera setting on ‘handheld nightscene’ but it’s come out pretty grainy :expressionless:

I want to mod this light somehow but I’m not too enthusiastic about just dedome and current bump. I guess I’ll come up with something.

There are a couple threads on that light, but you are the first to post beam shots. Thank you very much for that. I know RaceR86 has an MT-G2 mod thread on it.

Looks like a great general purpose light and could be a pretty good thrower with a dedomed xml. Seems like a pretty good value.

EDIT: I collected some good info on your light here.

Dang it! I forgot to post a pic showing the different reflector/head size. Tomorrow’s job.

Good general purpose is a good label for this light 4wheelr.

Cool. I’ll read though that tomorrow.

You know what. The link I posted above is to a dead thread. Let's move the info here as this seems like a good thread going forward for this light.

Ouchyfoot discovered here that the $2 extension tube from CNQG fits that the light. He also noticed this $2 AR Coated Lens fits. Here is his picture from the above linked thread (Post 61).

I have one of these lights on the way to me. If it can take "C" cells, I will use Ouchyfoot's extension idea to make a 4 C Ni-Mh light for my father.

Here is RaceR86 MT-G2 mod thread for this light.

I’d imagine the only problem with this/these lights is their lack of a backing name or quality control. But a fab host it would be indeed.

Looks good. Which would you say is the most throwy of the Courui or this one? What is the head diameter? Sorry about the barrage of questions :-)

Does your camera have manual mode? Set lowest ISO, tripod, shutter priority, click away!

Looks like the Courui takes the throwy cake. Courui is about 10mm wider if the PK is the same width as a TR-J18.

The pic you singled out there is the one I’m sure I got wrong because of the next mode memory.

It not a trj18 either. Head diameter is 62mm at the widest point.

I’m having grief trying to upload pics from my phone… later.

Looks like the same host as a TR-J12

Yes! that’s it, a TR-J12 with a single emitter. Thanks BigBlock.

I got out and re-took that pic to see if it’s any brighter. Old one-

New one-

I’ll edit the OP I think.

Also got some side by side pics.

Left to right - courui, patrol king, GHFY

Bugger! The edit button has disappeared so I can’t edit the OP.

To answer someones question above, the courui still has better throw. And I don’t have a tripod for the camera. When I go for a long walk to a reserve near me I find fence posts and the like to sit the camera on usually.

That fact that the throw can be somewhat compared to a Courui at all says something for the Patrol King due to the big disadvantage it has in reflector diameter. Do you know what amps the Courui is running at? Thanks for the great info Pink.

Maybe it's the lighting, but the reflector of the PK looks kind of dull. Does it look that way in person?

EDIT: Maybe the J12 and J18 have the same host body. Your light looks just like the J18 that I have. The head on my J18 has and outside diameter of 62mm too. The battery tube extension linked to above fits it too.

Funny you say that. It did look dull in person. I only noticed it when I was taking that pic. I figured it was in the manufacturing since I hadn’t done anything to warrant such a difference.

This makes me want that Conrui!

This pic by _the_ also looks somewhat dull. Maybe its the lens.

I added an edit to my previous post.

I thought the J18 had a bigger head??

That Courui sure does look sweet. Anyone know what the best deal on those are these days?

EDIT: Never mind. Parallel cells. Don't feel like trying to convert to series.

I have a PK on the way to me. So I will make the best of it. "C" cells fit the J18 nicely. So with an extension, it should hold 4 nicely. That would be a good voltage level to drive an xml well and make a nice gift for my father.

Maybe you're thinking of the TR-9T6.