PayPal is threatening me of "suspend your PayPal account privileges"

Just because I can afford to eat every PP purchase without filing a dispute does not mean I will allow myself to get screwed over for even a penny. It’s more of a matter of principle. But I generally don’t hassle a small value order that’s late when I’ve dealt with that seller before. But if it doesn’t ship, or it’s wrong, damaged, etc., then I expect the seller to get right on it. Which for the most part they do. Most sellers are at least passable in this respect. And I’d like to think I can tell the difference about who is the weak link in the chain. I won’t penalize a seller if I think there’s a good chance they actually shipped the item. Shipment times for me from China are running from about 30-50 days lately.

I came close to filing a PP claim recently for a $600 camera that the US based seller took over a week to ship. Then when they “shipped” it, after more than a week without a fedex status update I called fedex and they told me that the shipping label had been printed but fedex never actually received the package. They told me that was a little shady on the seller’s part. I emailed the seller twice over a several day span with no reply. The third email I told them that I was filing a PP claim the next day if no reply. The next day still no reply but I magically got a fedex status update with a real shipment, which arrived about a week later.

I have visited that website before, and it seemed to be a legitimate consumer advocacy site at that time. Now, it appears it has been taken over as a shill website for “Merchant, Inc - the PayPal Alternative!”. Or maybe just a shill website period, as there appear to be ads popping up every seven seconds for “Merchant Inc”, or “Screw PayPal” (just send us your money, though). :slight_smile:

I noticed that recently too, seems like they seek to profit by scaring people.

As I read through this thread it made me recollect seeing numerous posts over the past year in this Forum about how buyers would not use Ali Express because they don’t take Paypal payments. I’ve found that to be an advantage because I use a US Based credit card and US account to pay for purchases that I ship to Canada. Paypal will not let me give a Canadian Address when I use my US Paypal account to pay for something, so then it comes down to hoping the vendor will be able to manually do an address change. However that problem does not exist when using Ali. The only downside I have noticed with the Ali payments is the bank charges me something like a $.90 cent fee for a ‘foreign transaction’ or some such term. And I have not so far had to open a dispute for anything purchased from Ali so I don’t know how well their dispute system works.

I recently filed a Paypal dispute against Fasttech which resulted in getting a refund for a battery order that was sent back, and just today told them that I planned to open another one after another 24hrs had lapsed, maybe I need to reconsider that and save it for when I might need it more, as this missing order just amounted to $30.00.

This is all a lovely dance between seller buyer and a guy who has his hand in both peoples pocket .

I’ve had items with tracking (that I paid extra to ensure it was included mind you) disappear and because there is an electronic trail for them, despite no physical delivery of the items, I wore two declined Paypal claims for items totalling to about $2,300.

I think a lot of people here are on the money with the issues not being buyers/sellers, yet is the agents in between them and us.
shakes an angry fist in the direction of inept, incompetent, lazy and downright corrupt postal workers
Sadly, despite the rhetoric of Paypal, it always is going to be either the buyer or the seller that wears a loss, as they will either recover the money from the seller, or refuse the claim, which to me at least, is downright false advertisement of their alleged protection.

Yes, the courrier are mostly to blame, so that most of the time the sellers/buyers have to take the charge. Paypal don’t actually take any risk in the whole business.
I have to say that for my lost parcel, I contacted Banggood and they were willing to refund the parcel because most probably it is lost. I am pleasantly surprised by the Customer service from Banggood. Of course if I finally receive the parcel I will pay back this order.
The complete opposite of the dispute I opened for my first order from Tmart, they never even replied to the dispute. First and last order for my part from Tmart.
Paypal never replied to my messages. I think they don’t have customer service at all, not even a minimal one.

This is what I do…always.

Think this has an effect on the “automated” Paypal email?

Ebay sellers has always refunded me the moment I raise dispute, much to my inconvenience because I only wanted to extend the 45days deadline. Yeah sure, write whatever you will in there, you can even plea not to close/refund immediately but they’ll just apologize and give money back right away. (Too nice? Assuredly some people may take advantage of this). Quite a lot of the time I receive the item 2-3 days later, which I have to manually repay (I hate this part, checking trans#, date, $ amount yada yada) since the dispute was considered closed.

That said, I’m quite sure my dispute percentage is higher than tsetse. But despite having a lot of disputes in the recent months, I never receive such “threatening” PP email.

I do wonder if PP automated script “considers” re-payback check (payment sent same amount to same seller which recently refunded dispute)? It’s not impossible.

I once got an automated paypal email after a canadian #$@er failed to send me a mobile after I paid for it (about $250) During this period I had about 3-4 other ‘bad’ trades and I opened a dispute just to be in the 45 days limit.
Actually, my mobile case went to the wire (90 days I think) and I had to phone ebay support (from my non-us country) to have them ‘decide’. I never received the mobile. 2 things could have happened.
i) The seller seeing my far away location just did not send it. There was no tracking.
ii) He sent it and it got ‘lost’ en route.

Since then, I’ve used disputes sparingly plain giving sellers 1 star rating if the amount is insignificant and nothing is received. Often, they ask for review and I get refunded ultimately.

If I am still withing the deadline and do remember to check my purchases, I will inform the seller if the product has not been received by the 30th day from which I ordered the product.
From there, I give him upto 40 days for the product to turn up. I do state to him to wait my correspondence (in case product turns up) before proceeding any further.
I then decide if I want a reshipment or refund.

Long ass post but this is how I proceed nowadays. Got no problems until now and my last dispute was with FT when they failed to send a 2nd sk68 clone I ordered.

paypal is now owned by ebay. And their (ebay) motto is (told to me by more than one cust serv manager) “we want ebay to be like a big box store where customers can walk in and has a positive buying experience” . This is good but it also means the customer/buyer is always right and the buyer always is the winner and the seller is always the loser. (for disputes). So if you dont like what you bought return it. And ebay sellers (me too) dont like the sound of that at all.

Perhaps Paypay/eBay should purchase their own freight forwarding company.
Ensure the items get there and at a price that encourages people to buy online internationally.

That’s the absolute opposite to where eBay is evolving with its new seller protections and suspending customers if they don’t give only positive votes….

ebay and paypal have become so popular that they think that they can do whatever they want with sellers/buyers. Imposing scoobidoo rules/regulations/sanctions whenevery they want, not paying honest sellers their due, suspending buyers a/c arbitrarily. We certainly need an alternative to scam ebay/paypal. I am starting to seriously consider Aliexpress at least as an alternative to source my Chinese stuff.

I’m in the same boat. I recently posted my ‘AliExpress’ buying strategy here.

how feedback points do you have?

I had filed 3 PayPal complaints but eventually received every package within 1-2 months. Paypal reimbursed me for one of the packages and I withdrew the other complaints in time. Once I got my package I sent the reimbursed payment back to the vendor. I filed two more complaints after that and then I stopped filing them. I figured once the packages had been shipped to me and even better made it into my country there was no need to file a complaint. I have never had a lost package that was tracked. Why file a complaint if you don’t need to? I would understand if the package never showed up in any tracking system or was halted by customs but not for a slow package. My motivation was based on hearing that PayPal was turning accounts off due to excessive complaints. Just because PayPal has a system to protect consumers doesn’t mean you should use it everytime you get a slow package. It was designed for times when fraud was involved. In no way is Fasttech or any of the big Chinese vendors trying to defraud us. They were\are just as much a victim as the rest of us. A union of shippers is just as bad as a monopoly. The postal union decided join each other and go after several large suppliers including fasttech. IMO

I have used PayPal since they have been in busines and have grown to believe the old saying

I really dislike PayPal. I feel that they are overly intrusive in the questions they ask when you set up an account, and especially if you wish validate your account so you can transfer more than $500/month out to your bank account.

But as a owner of an on-line store, I HAVE to offer PayPal as ~10% of our business goes though PayPal, and their rates are (on average) cheaper than what the bank CC charge. . . Last year purchases by customers using PayPal accounted for ~$25K of business for us.

We sell wild caught Alaskan & Pacific Seafood, on-line.

yes ppal is changing, I just got a notice today that their “policies” are changing
it is about 5 pages of legal mumbo-jumbo, it seems to be regarding their credit / debit card policies, ( I just skimmed over it ) but I think they are changing because they may be forced to follow bank and credit card company rules. And it doesn’t help when ebay bought them, ebay likes to mess up everything.

Did you ever get this sorted out? I had the same problem today. I have over $1,000 in my balance, and they say they’ll retain it for 180 days. I’m hallucinating. Account was temporarily restricted for no apparent reason. I’ve used Paypal recurring payments service for years and have thousands of transactions. I’m incredibly agitated and plan to phone them tomorrow to demand my money; I don’t even care about the account at this point.