Photos of your new arrived lights

The xanes xt01 looks good for such a low price.

I bought an unbranded B158 from aliexpress. It was packed very well and had fast shipping. My first green XP-E2, but It will be married with Biscotti and CSLNM1.TG very soon.


Peak Eiger 10180 Mule head 10180.

Eiger brass AAA with triple heads (one white, one red)

Lumintop IYP365

Eighties vintage Ray-O-Vac ML22 magnet light with unusual toggle switch. New-in-box from eBay. I was the only bidder at starting bid $15.

Per Texas Ace Calibrated Lumens Tube:

5 lumens with original bulb.

35 lumens with Nite Ize drop-in LED.

Toggle switch - takes a rather hefty push to turn on.

Glass front lens, which cleaned up nicely from 40+ years of accumulated dust and film.

Unusual bulb holder rig - haven't seen one like it in any of my other vintage lights. Can't use a larger/brighter Maglite bulb without major modifications.

^ I really enjoy those vintage lights you’re posting Terry. It’s really a great reminder as well where we came from. And $15 is a great price as well! :+1: :beer:


Machined the battery tube and tail cap for index…added trits…

Maybe the wife will like it?

. Switch is too small, have to use my fingernail to activate, single optics are not for me….too bad it’s actually a great deal/price, really very well made, LOVE the Knurling/Design and UI…

I wanted so much to like it… :frowning:

I figured the Brass Light needed some company—-Now to make them more interesting

FW3T, need to tweak before the light can be used properly.

I agree with someone (sorry, forgot who he/she was) who said on another thread that this Ti version has more problems than the rest :smiley:

Lumintop Tool 2.0 “sandpaper edition” :smiley:

Really nice!

Awesome! Is the upper one copper ?

Yes it is————— :smiley:

Convoy S12

Magnetic Rotaries w mode memory and momentary on

Sunwayman V10r Ti and V11r

very nice! :heart_eyes:

^ Absolutely. These Sunwaymans are pure classics. :sunglasses:

Wow these lights look really stunning. Amazing picture Kit Latura! :+1: :beer:

Thank you hIKARInoob :slight_smile: