Photos of your new arrived lights

I received these yesterday. A polished copper Lumintop FW3A (SST20), stonewashed Ti Lumintop FW3A (Nichia), and an Eagle eye X1R. Is it normal for copper to patina so quickly? It’s been less than 24 hours and the copper FW3A has already tarnished. I’ve only played with the UI to familiarize myself with it, didn’t come into contact with anything. Maybe I have funky hand sweat? :cry:

FreLux Synergy1:

New JetBeam RRT-01.
So far I like it.

Is it worth the money? I visit their site a few times a week. I’ve almost bought one lots of times but, I always chicken out. Please tell me good things about this light so I can quit procrastinating and just order the darn thing.

Very normal.
Not only it will change color by your sweat but by surrounding air as well.

I sent you a PM so as not to hijack the thread.
Short answer, for me it was worth it. I really like the side-by-side design. I have this and an Acebeam UC15. Personally I don’t really see value in expensive lights but many of us are just collectors which defies logic to me. I rarely use flashlights.

Dzien Dobry!

Mint condition 7C Maglite, snagged from eBay this week. It's next to my 6C Maglite, purchased several months ago.

Astrolux FT03/XHP50.2/5700K
Convoy M3 XHP70.2/4200K
Astrolux EC01 XHP50B/5000K
Astrolux MF01 Mini Copper Aluminum/XPL HI 3B 5000K
Outdoor lantern CLAITE with power bank

More build hosts, plus as an aside the drivers I pull out of them are pretty good little ramping e-switch 1xNiMH boost drivers, albeit low power and feature lacking (which is sometimes exactly what a build calls for).

Lumintop TOOL AA Lego :slight_smile:

I added the hand strap and the Ultrafire pouch. Exactly fits AA / 14500 flashlights.

Lumintop TOOL AA Lego :slight_smile:

I added the hand strap and the Ultrafire pouch. Exactly fits AA / 14500 flashlights.

You can add a lighted (LED4Power) tail cap and it won’t make it next mode memory…….

Been on an Astrolux kick lately. Early Christmas presents from my wife.

Wow, those are some amazing Maglites! Didn’t even know they made them that big. Not quite EDC though. :smiley: Pretty cool old school.

Just need to get an 18350 Ti tube now.

That looks terrific. I don’t use the clip much, so I opted not to get the deep carry clip on my parts order… kind of regretting that now. Also, have to ask… the TK logo switch cover was available only on the purple edition. How’d you get it? :smiley:

I asked Neal for one and he had Lumintop send him a few. He threw it in on my last order.

^ Shoot — wish I’d known, to ask on last order… :weary: