Photos of your new arrived lights

Here’s my newly arrived Acebeam K30GT using SBT90.2 from Neal….

Here it is compared with MF01, Convoy M3 and Astrolux FT03

Beamshot with the church 450m away.

I bought this 3D flashlight off eBay, took a gamble. It looked like a Maglite, but branded Marksman. Its weight was almost the same as a Maglite and now its arrived it looks even more like a Maglite. Good or licensed copy?

Mmmmmmm. So nice…. :slight_smile:

It was common for Maglite to engrave company logos on large orders (by request). Or, someone simply took it down to their local laser engraver.

Is there a serial number on the side?

Yeah, I got a welded-shut (courtesy of some hateful little alkaleaks) MicroMag that came with an logo etched into it. (Just checked, apparently defunct.)

No serial number, but now I have it next to a real Mag, its clearly not genuine. Almost spot on in dimensions. The threads on the body are different, but bezel is identical. The knuckling is slightly different and machining has left some swarf and rough edged inside. Still I only paid £9.99 delivered. Triple reflector and driver on its way from KD :slight_smile:

Now to find a 6D

That won't be hard, Maglite still makes 6D in LED, and only recently stopped listing 6D incandescents, but they're still available online in black or red link.

7D is the holly grail.

Here’s what came in the mail this past Saturday “Nitecore Tip 2 Micro USB Rechargeable Magnetic Keychain Light 720 Lumens”

Easy to find on eBay to, just can hold their price. I did pick one up for £20, which was less that the last few I’ve seen go on eBay.

Now what to do with it. I was thinking 3 XHP50.2, in parallel, using this driver 5A XHP70 from KD:

Hopefully the driver will be OK with NiMH and alkaline

I got a bunch of these to burn down AAs in a 2×D light, and they work fine.

Actually, I would’ve sworn that the ones I got don’t have springs, in that they’re pretty much just 2 parallel plates that rely on the plastic to squoosh down and make contact, but I might be thinking of the 4×AAA holders instead.

(All in parallel, not series. Anyone knows where to get a 4×AAA holder that’s in series, definitely let me know, as I’d like to have a few in case an alkaleak takes a dump in the only one I have for a Luxpro light.)

Anyway, you should be able to load ’em up with NiMH and have them settle down to 8.4V after a while. Might be a bit higher fresh right out of the charger, so…

I received great service when I purchased my Acebeam K30 GT from

I recommend them for the worry-free buying experience!

Haven’t received them yet but just ordered two new Lumintop lights, Tool AA2.0 Ti with XP-L HD

and the new FW1A Pro with XHP50.2

The top one just arrived: Merry MeXmas

Taken with the iPhone camera:

Cree XHP70.2 is a very hard LED to tame into a long distance beam. Only the BLF GT has done it. I can light up a factory building half a mile away! Yes!

Some cheap camping light, actually works quite well…

New headlamp Nitecore NU17. Comparison with the older NU10. It is really tiny, light and shines perfectly.

My two new Lumintops came in, FW1A Pro and Tool Ti.

Pro vs the standard FW1A

Was going to swap the Nichia emitter from my Tool Kit but apparently they are different. The Ti head is two pieces unlike the regular Tool. :frowning:

Couldn’t stand the gold clip, think it looks better with the black one. Also swapped the Ti body and deep clip from my FW3T and added a stainless bezel. Perfect pair of EDCs now imo.

Picked up this big honking thing the other day…

The little guys just came in. :-) Oh and hey the Lumintop Tool AA reflector top plastic ring seal glows too! :-)

congrats on your lights :slight_smile:

maybe also,
consider the option to buy some Nichia 219b LEDs
to put into the AA Ti Tool

instead of harvesting from your Alum AA Tool kit, you could upgrade those LEDs to Higher CRI also