Photos of your new arrived lights


I thought about that but you don’t want me ANYWHERE close to a soldering iron lol. I actually don’t mind the XPL HD, just wanted to see the difference between the two.

Those evil little A01’s. Search on here for the pencil mod on that light. It eliminates the next mode memory making it start in low every time. It also makes the strobe almost impossible to turn on. Which to me is a good thing. At least it did on mine. I can’t take credit for the mod though. I acquired it from buck91 and it was already done.

Kool! I didn’t know the A01’s could be modded. One of my favorite lights too. Sorta like little Mighty Mite firecrackers. :sunglasses:

Astrolux MF01 Mini - a nice little light, also a surprisingly fast delivery from banggood, considering the holiday season

Ordered 12/12, arrived today 8/1

Interestingly the orange rings are not installed (in the box) and one the handles is squinty. I’ve not yet checked the AMC pads or taken the driver out to check the wiring.

Which light is that?

FW3A Sand :heart_eyes:

CRX CuTi Atom.

A few new old surfires :slight_smile: a Z2 Combat light, a C2 Centurion and a M2 Centurion.

^Nice score on the Surefire lights…specially the C2 with the HA Z59 tail clicky!!!

Yes love the surefires :heart_eyes:

Me too :slight_smile:
And thank you KawiBoy1428,
I really like the Z59 tailcap!

Ti Tool and FW1A Pro

What clip do you use on the Lumintop Tool?

The black clip from my daughter’s Panda Tool HM kit. She liked the gold clip better than I did so we traded. I think the black looks much better than the gold imo. I might even strip it so it is just raw, maybe once it starts to show a little wear. We’ll see.

What is Godzilla spewing?

Water steam. It’s a humidifier

It photographs well.