Photos of your new arrived lights

My 2 Ti Ti

I don’t buy lots of lights anymore but, I had to check out the EDC18. I’m very impressed with it. Been carrying it for the last week or so. I don’t lock it out electronically or mechanically and it has never come on in my pocket yet. The Frelux was given to me by a very kind friend. I didn’t want to take his Frelux so I decided to just babysit it for him until he misses it and wants it back. I also grabbed another HoneyBadger. I have the large and medium sized so I wanted to check out the small version. Super lightweight, carries quite well.

Several disassembled pictures. :slight_smile:

ZeroHour Relic XR2

Wizard Pro Nichia :+1:

New to posting photos so hopefully default width is okay. A good guide how to use Google as a host is on this very forum! (edit: Google and Amazon drive didn’t work, hopefully Imgur will)

Got these one by one over the past couple of months so they should qualify as newly arrived:

The cheapest colour, with SST-20 4000k LEDs. Needs to be seen in person to realise how small it is! It’s like a mass produced custom light, usually these are one off projects by the types who can do metalworking and eletronics.

This has an LG UV LED, it is bright but doesn’t get warm. Single mode only. Australia has scorpions albeit tiny ones that only come out at night and have limited habitats. Hope to obtain some uranium glass.

Back before I dove back into flashaholism I got a cool white S2+ at a good discount. Always wished the tint was better. Performance is worryingly close to the FW3A, considering the price difference. Hats off to “Simon” of Convoy.

I eschewed throwers but started becoming curious. The FT03 XHP50.2 in 5700k all sold out. Got this at a decent price, the similar EC01 looked like a flooder. No complaints apart from I wish 4000k was an option.

Couldn’t pass up the very low price, despite having yesteryear’s specs it was excellent value (this is the 6*7135 “AK47” T6 4C version). Probably throws further than the D80v2 albeit with a narrower hotspot.

@Colonel Light

Your images are not showing.

The URLs are very long, and do not end with .jpg, .gif, or .png

Thanks for the heads up. I changed the permission of the folder the photos were in to shared, cut and pasted new URLs so they should display now.

Edit: Google’s links worked but only for a short while. Hopefully Imgur keeps photos uploaded anonymously for a while.

The first two are still dead for me.

All the pictures are showing for me. Nice flashlights Colonel Light!


MF01 Mini :+1:

Wow awesome pic as always maba :+1: is that the grey one?

My new to me c8 sst40 and s2 host

Chatika vas paus from this forum sold me these loverlys

Thanks man

Gun grey :heart_eyes:


Got a second hand Beta QR V2, the copper is coated so it stays blink-blink.

Nice, just scored a Ti Beta last night. Now just waiting on the shipping…….

Pair of Astrolux MF01 Mini 7* SST20 in Silver ordered from Lighting Market Store on AE only took ten days to arrive!

Love how they look on my recumbent mountain cargo bike’s chromoly fork. Was lucky to find matching silver 90º magnetic charging cables. :slight_smile:

Too bad about the thermal issue but even on mid level beams are ideal for road or trail. Mounted only about 18” off the ground still provide adequate field of illumination, as running lights go. Think the 4000K 95CRI looks very natural.

Nice setup. I’m afraid to use decent lights as bike lights in case the vibration knocks something loose and causes flicker…

Well the point of using decent lights on a bike is precisely so that doesn’t happen.

It’s the indecent lights that are such a problem. :wink:

Hello all, first post here.

About a month ago I decided to buy a decent flashlight and after doing some research I picked up a Thrunite T1.

Things then quickly spiraled out of control.

I discovered Emisar and LOVE the idea of Aux LEDs so I ordered the D4SV2 from Intl-Outdoor. But then after hearing that that was going to take a month I got impatient and ordered a D4V2 from Mtn Electronics.

I thought I was done but I kept seeing FW3As everywhere and it’s just such a nice looking light. I found a pretty good deal on it at Banggood so I went for that but again with the huge wait time.

Then I learned about and oh cool they have the 18350 tube for my FW3A that’s on the way! Ooooo and a glowing gasket and tailcap. And I better pick up some 18350 batteries for that shorty tube. Hmmm I’m paying $20 for shipping so I might as well make it worth my while to get an FW1A too, it’s only $40 more.

So this is the collection after one month of being “into” flashlights:

I’m still waiting for the FW3A …and I just ordered a D4V2 Ti the other day. I have absolutely no chill :slight_smile: