Photos of your new arrived lights

Nice flashlights Dekzter and welcome to BLF!

Beta kind of day.

Nebo Redline 6K

Joined 12/29/19 - Since then

Convoy L6 - Sense resistor and blue LED side switch
Sofirn C8F 21700 - Tear down and rebuild to get better output - 18 Gauge tenergy wires, bypass.
EDC18 - Glow gasket and 10507 w/tritiums
Astrolux MF01 mini - Copper heat sync, thermal paste\sheet.
Convoy C8+ - glow rear button

Mauka lights - for the TA Lumen tube, and other measuring devices.

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New Fw1a pro came today from lumintop

Ordered 14-2
Received 04-03

Not bad shipping

I don’t think I’ve been this excited to learn that a light arrived since my FW3A! This is a “Sofirn C8F 21700 Flashlight LH351D 2700K 90CRI” ordered from
Output on a 30Q 18650 looks like it might give my Wildtrail D80v2 XHP50.2 a run for its money, except with a CRI and temperature that brings out more colour.

My new light, thanks to you guys.

Nice TiBeta!


I got an AA Stepless Rotary, Sunwayman V10a:

Gots some Rey love

Hey, just wondering about your experiences with buying your C8F. I ordered one on 2/19 in LH351D 5000K and they sent a tracking# but shipping still hasn’t updated for me. Mainly want to know how long it was between placing order and tracking confirming receipt of the item.

Also, so I’m still contributing to the thread, here’s a Sofirn C8T I got recently:

I also have one on order. Placed on 2\16. I contacted Sofirn and they replied on 3\1 saying the following,

“Hi I ask the stuff who take charges of shipping. Now it has no stock. Would you mind waiting a longer time? When it has inventory, we will ship it to you as soon as possible. Of course, if you don’t want to wait, I will refund you. I am sorry for this. I guess it will back in stock within 12-22 days.”

I don’t mind waiting, so I’m waiting on a new batch.

Thanks, did you order a 5000K also? Maybe it was more popular than the other models so Sofirn ran out of stock faster. Now all the new C8Fs are shown as Sold Out on on their website, only one available is the XP-L one. I’m just really curious since Colonel Light is the only one I’ve seen who has received one of the new C8Fs.

Yes I also ordered the same LH351D in 5000K. I already have an XPL-HI version I like very much, so decided to get one with high CRI. Many folks have expressed they wanted to get these when Sofirn first announced it. They, like me, also have the XPL-Hi version that they daily.

I was smart enough to place an order on 7th of February during the extended Chinese holiday, I got an email that it had shipped on the 17th but it took a few days (if memory serves) before the shipping number appeared on 17track. My tracking info says “2020-02-18 16:18 CN-, CHINA, Received item from Sender (Outbound)”.

I have placed three more orders, a Q8 Anduril, SP40 and the last one a test order for some Li-ion batteries. The first two were shipped the following day (again tracking took a while to appear), the batteries are using a different shipping method and tracking was even slower to show data.

Goddammit I just bought a Convoy s12 2700K now I need this light

Edit : nooooooo its out of stock :weary: :cry: :rage:

I get the impression the S12 is Convoy’s version of the C8F though? The concept seems very similar.

imo the host is better looking on the sofirn :zipper_mouth_face: I haven’t even received yet my S12 and I already hate it, thx very much colonel light :disguised_face:

Just got new shipping notice from Sofirn for the C8F LH351D in 5000K.

I got a “shipping update” with a new tracking number in my e-mail but when I went to log in to their site it seems to be down. It shows a shopify page for me. Also, the new tracking also shows as “Logistics order created” so it might lead nowhere like the last tracking number.