Photos of your new arrived lights

Zebralight SC64w HI and Nitecore SRT5 past two weeks.

Okay, I’m done! (at least this week :person_facepalming: )

Nitecore Tiki LE :+1:

Nitecore Tiki

New-in-box 3D Maglite, Nascar edition (late nineties). A red lens/tail cap were installed for some extra color bling (original was silver). Then I installed an LED upgrade (2,000 lumens) from Adventure Sports Flashlights (running guppydrv firmware).

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

The original incandescent bulb measured 20 lumens.

After LED upgrade, my Texas Ace Calibrated Lumens Tube measured:

1,750 lumens (100%) three freshly charged Powerex D cells

600 lumens (40%)

205 lumens (15%)

71 lumens (5%)

21 lumens (1%)

I'm not a big NASCAR fan, but that is gorgeous!

(especially because it's modded)

New stainless steel Fw3a

It’s a heavy beast

Bonus free battery

This baby out-throws my old C8 XM-L2 by a good margin.

Thrunite T10T (on right), pic is a link to some comments and other pics

Second EDC 18 w/ carclo 10507 and blue trit mod, plus EVA foam case.

Blue Convoy S2+ host with Noctigon triple XPL-Hi triple, MTN 17Dmm FET+7135 running Crescendo UI, Hoops copper pill, bypassed head and tail springs, spare Lumintop yellow glow gasket that came with EDC-18 above (looks pink when not glowing)

Gold 3D LED Maglite (new from Maglite's store). According to a thread on CPF, Gold Maglite's (D cell) haven't been available since the early nineties - and these may be leftovers from a special order. Single level 168 lumens.

Wainlight H16 (Convoy L6 Clone) Sand brown - Modded with Lexel driver running Anduril, Bypassed springs, illuminated blue side switch (Blue LED), glow blue backswitch (no LED), Golisi S43 unprotected cells. Currently running 6800+lm measured with TA Lumen tube on start up with all the functionality of Anduril and programmable brightness on side switch. Finally get Moonlight and smooth ramping on this baby! Rest is nice to have. Main difference with this and Convoy is this AR coating if any is not as visible as the Convoy and the side and rear switch are already clear (not solid black like Convoy). This light also comes with Lanyard which the L6 does not have. Does come with tactial handle piece to prevent rolling etc… Used factory LED wiring, may switch to 18ga for hopefully over 7000lm at startup.

E07 :+1:

TPF AAA Light by Maratac

Newly arrived new EDC18 short tube and single dome sapphire glass, SD1 (stock) and built S2+ triple XPL-HI Noctigon, with dd17m FET+1 driver, blue turbo glow, sapphire glass.

Another angle for theshort tube compared with full size EDC18

What light is this? Looks really nice with the trits.

Get ready to get a 2nd on the house and sell the kids. :smiley:

Too late - already done. LOL

Seriously though. Nice light.

Another AAA hotrod from Vinh.