Photos of your new arrived lights

Unbranded LEP from Neal.

Sofirn SP10S in red

And, I am expecting my Lumintop FW3A SST20 4000K in blue to arrive next week. Excited!

Sinner Customs 18350RM.

Thanks, been waiting for a while for one to become available. Not often that they do.

Already had the SC31B.

LOL Can’t beat free. T-Mobile Tuesday 2x2032 = 6V single LED with projected lens and pull\extend for mini lantern function.

Impulse bought when the price dropped to US$30. Hadn’t checked the official Convoy store in a while and wasn’t aware a version with ramping was released. Too late now so will enjoy it with the modes it’s got. Went for 3000k.

I am posting a link to current pic of my A list collection, here. Because I can't attach photos here, and because I can't find the "Post your collection pic" topic, even though I searched, apparently erroneously. And because This forum allows links to the other forum.

I forgot to place the D4V2 vn quad W2 in the picture, I left it hanging off the edge of my pocket, where it usually lives its happy life.

Well, anyway, here goes:

A little help on that :wink:
The BIG flashlight collection thread - List your flashlight collection here!

FT03 XHP50.2 5700k and TIP SE

very beautiful

Lumintop FW3A and Astrolux EC01. Currently, I am expecting the arrival of the all people’s flashlights, Lumintop Tool AA 2.0, hopefully before Christmas.

New headlamp

Jetbeam RRT01 Raptor.

Waited over a month to get it for a Christmas gift and was sent this instead of the 2019 model without tail switch. Website I bought it from will take it back but want me to pay to ship it to them. It’s a nice light but just not what I ordered. Currently for sale, thread will be made shortly.

This is my new headlight as well.

I haven't used it hardly at all, but I love it so far.

8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) :sunglasses:

What the heck is that!

UV C8+, I imagine.

A ways back, think it was djozz who was selling C8-sized ZWB2 filters. 43mm, I think.

Never got around to making mine (in a regular C8), though… :weary:

Convoy C8+ with KB CSLNM1.14 blue light :sunglasses: