Please don't use 'quote' for 'reply', and don't bloat with multi-quote

I feel a cascade resonance coming up…

You’ll need some simethicone for all those bloating cascade!

simethicone, i think not, you need smeckler’s powder


1s and 0s have signal to noise ratios?
quotes uses a huge amount of data SB can’t afford?
pictures get reloaded repeatedly instead of once and displayed several times?
SB owns imageshck/photobucket/flickr/postimage and every other image hosting website (hello monopoly)

my head is going to explode now, i will refrain from recording it to preserve the finite numbers of 1s and 0s on the internet.







That’s what I do…

Beavers and bananas sounds obscene… :smiley:

C an’t
T oads
C ode
B eefier
T asting
D ates?

This thread is awesome!!! Thanks kennybobby!

Per your request I edited the quote :crown:

C an’t
T he
C ompany
B e
T olerent

of D e quotes?

This is not a quote, it is a condensing of the page.

Cheers David

C heese
T oast
C overed in
B acon
T astes
D elicious?

….damn it…. Forgot who I was quoting…

OMG this thread is awesome! :smiley: Thanks, newcomer wanting to rule the place, we wouldn’t be having this much fun without you raising a mountain out of flat ground, because there’s not even a molehill here! :sunglasses:

C orrect
T omfoolery
C o pilot
B ut
T hy be
D istracted by deliciousness