please tell me the difference between these two sipik sk68

ive got ten bucks thats burning a hole in my pocket and ive read that no one should be without a sipik sk68

i want it to be able to run both AA and 14500’s

could someone please tell me the difference between these two lights?

the only thing i notice is one doesnt say you can use 14500’s……

which one should i grab? ill pay 4 more dollars if its a better light


Unless, I'm mistaken they all run off of 14500s and AAs. However I have only owned 3 so I'm no expert.

I order the 3 pack and they are great or you can buy one by one, the only problem is using 14500
in the SK68 with one mode gets very hot very fast, someone here found one with 3 modes I add the link
I change the PCB in one I have many years ago and works great with the 14500 the size was 14 mm
and 3 modes and good for 4.7V, I got it in Shining Beam I try to get more and they were gone for ever
the links—-c-7832.aspx?MID=0&PCID=7832&PriceInt=0&SID=3&fsid=0&PIND=1


By accident, not watching what I was doing, I ordered a couple ultraok zs-2 sk68 clones. Thought they were sipiks. I was so ticked off that I didn’t try them for weeks.

Glad I did eventually because they are BRIGHTER than the sipik “real” sk68 and the ultrafire sk68 clone. And they also do not get blistering red hot like the sipiks and ultrafires. Perhaps someone more technical than me can buy one and see why it’s cooler and brighter. I have NOT disassembled the pill.

Since then, I have bought 5 more for friends and 3-4 for myself (never know when that nuclear war will happen :wink: ) …. All were great. Physical construction seems better or equal to all the others. In fact, a couple were the most perfectly lubed lights I ever got from china. Lubing on a $6 light!\_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649

Lights from the first vendor came faster and were wrapped better; but the second vendor was fine also.

Not slightly cooler, but WAY cooler. Sometimes I can run a whole 14500 without a rest for cooling off.

I never use AAs in these, so I can’t talk about AA performance.

As always, QC can change without notice, but haven’t so far with these sellers.

As an ebay seller (and buyer) for like 10 years, it is EXTREMELY difficult to maintain feedback scores like 99.4 and 99.5 over thousands and thousands of sales without really taking care of your customers and selling ok products. Not to mention that they are shipping from China! There are no guarantees in life and on ebay, but so far so good for me with these sellers.

I have 2 of the UltraOk 3 mode ones and they are great. As far as I can tell there is no difference in between 14500 and AA. Easily the best sipiks I have ever had. (Out of the 3 I have had :P)

cool thanks guys ill probably just order from whoever is cheapest!

Do a search for “7w cree LED Q5” and check seller ratings. You will have a million choices for Sipik clones, some original 1-mode sk68s, and a lot of 3-mode clones, UltraOK and otherwise. I’d stay away from DinoDirect. DX maybe too. These are very inexpensive AWESOME lights, and after having had 5 of them, with another couple coming, I don’t worry much about what I get anymore. I’ve used 14500s and AAs in all of mine with no problems. But 14500s always seem to make it way brighter. The only issues I have now, is that the original SK68 only has one mode, but I can’t give it away because I want to have at least one for myself. Haha! So, not I’m going to try to keep a favorite clone and the original. I like having a lower power option sometimes.

Also, I agree that some of the clones are BRIGHTER than the original.

i just ordered this one

as recomended by ubehebe. 6.14$ shipped

im happy with the price.
now im waiting on two lights!!!
my uf2100 should be here any day though :slight_smile:

i also bought one of these clones recommended by ubehebe.
but the one ubehebe told me to get was this one for $13 and it uses a 18650 cell.\_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649#ht_5940wt_988

it is dam bright and love it, but now im curious if these $6 are brighter since on this thread, hes talking like they are.
but i dont have a charger for 14500 cells, so maybe ill stick with this 18650 clone.

so the ones for $6 will not fit a 18650?

nah the 6$ one runs either AA or 14500

I am having trouble finding the 3 mode ULTRAOKs on Ebay……any help?

Actually I just saw a Youtube review and the kid was extolling the virtues of the “3 mode” but all he was doing was sliding the zoom back and forth……HI was forward, LOW was back. I guess this could be a 100 mode according to his logic.

Are there truly 3 mode ones (where the clicky switch changes the lumen intensity or are all these Sipik clones just 1 mode with zoom? If so, then I’ll stop wracking my brain trying to find an Ebay listing that shows “UltraOK” plus describes “High, Low, Strobe” which I would assume is 3 mode. I haven’t been able to find an UltraOK that also has that H, L, Strobe listing.

Sorry, I purchased them off another member on here. :(

I just edited my message……are yours truly 3 mode? See my edited message above about the Youtube kid reviewing

Yep, it's a real 3 mode. Hi-Lo-Strobe.

I notice a difference in the UltraOK ebay linked above, the closeup of the emitter shows the retaining ring has 2 little round holes drilled in it, instead of two square notches sawed in it, to turn it.

Do the ones y’all received look like this detail in the picture?
(Looks like one seller using two different accounts and slightly different descriptions and images )

The one I have has 2 notches cut into it.

Okie dokie so off to Ebay I go in the search for a 3 mode clone………now to parse through broken English and lots of guessing……

And I should ask….do you LIKE the 3 mode i.e. it can remember the last mode, etc. I don’t want a goofy one that constantly has to cycle through strobe etc if I can help it.

It is always a bit of a lottery trying to get a three mode. I now own over twenty of them that I am stocking up to hand out at Christmas and I got good at sniffing them out.

I got about ten of them here at dayxmas .

are you gonna give them a 14500 and a charger too? because with the 14500, its much brighter right?