please tell me what flashlight under 50 bucks has the most throw that can be bought on amazon

The WowTac A4 is a really good thrower for the price. My review (and Amazon link) on that light HERE Had the Emisar D1 and Thrunite Catapult V6 in the video for comparisons also.

THIS - Wowtach A4 is your huckleberry.

WowTac A4! :+1:

now i want either the mini gt or the WowTac A4 which throws more far

wowtac a4 will out throw the mini GT, I have both!

Do you have amazon credits or are you open to something ship and sold in the US? Because if thats the case, with promo code XMAS2018 can get you the Thrunite Catapult v6 which is better than the other ones IMHO for $53. Comes with battery and onboard charging. Free shipping that AFAIR is 2 days.

Not exactly an on-topic answer, but I’ve bought my BLF Q8 for around $50 during sale on (free intl. shipping). It’s not specifically tailored for long-range throwing, but with the sheer lumen output and still some decent focusing, I bet you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better performer.

I second the Lumintop Mini.
Another option is the Emissar D1S but you would have to buy that through MTN Electronics in the US.

ty for the welcome back the hd kinda has a real weak light now tryied new battery and had no luck

ty everryone i went with the gt mini

does the mini gt really throw 750 yards?

i love my gt mini ty everyone for the advice.are there any lights the same size as the mini that can throw farther

well it has a stated throw of 750 Meter but in reality it might be a bit less but still crazy good of throw for such small light.

Is the GT Mini nice? Im concidering it myself

I can try to get some beamshots of the GT Mini , Emisar D1S and the Maxtoch M1 Archer side by side in the next night or 2 for comparisons. (my full review on the M1 HERE)

I have not had those 3 out together for a good while to remember for sure , but if I am remembering right , the M1 Archer will do a little better than the D1S and the GT mini both.

If you don’t mind a little larger tube (single 26650) and head , the Thrunite Catapult V6 would be another good choice. It is not what you would want to carry in your pants pocket , but not bad in a jacket pocket. My full review on the Catapult V6 HERE )

my fav light i own

ja det är en mycket bra lampa för priset.

yes its a very good light for the price.

Convoy C8+
wowtac A4
GT Mini

OK I went out and got the beamshots of the GT Mini , the Emisar D1S and the Maxtoch M1 Archer tonight. I had stated in post #29 that I remembered the Maxtoch M1 Archer being “a little brighter” than the GT Mini or the D1S.

Well when I got out there and started seeing the difference side by side , although the GT mini and D1S both do well for their size , the M1 Archer outperforms both of them considerably in the end , as far as the light on target.

I took beamshots at 400 yards (the very farthest treeline with white marker for target) and at 175 yards (the 2 big trees side by side) and also did a side by side picture of the 3 lights with side view and reflectors showing.

EDIT: I did forget to mention the GT Mini has a XP-L HI V3 3C emitter in it now , instead of the 4000K emitter that originally came in the light. (I originally ordered the “neutral” emitter Lumintop had in them) Other than that no other mods have been done to the Mini.

Here are all of those pictures……….

In the order of … the GT Mini left / D1S middle and the M1 Archer in both side and reflector views……….

At 400 yards…………

GT Mini


M1 Archer

The center section , or main hotspot area of the 400 yard beamshots enlarged………

GT Mini


M1 Archer

And the 175 yard shots………

GT Mini


M1 Archer

ty for the beamshots and info