Pocket thrower recommendation (side switch)

Looking for pocket thrower recommendations:



  • Side switch
  • Distance range 500 meters or more (factory specs)
  • Stock light (un-modded)
  • Neutral Tint
  • Length less than 150mm
  • Head Diameter less than 60mm
  • Price less than $60.00 USD

I’ve only found 3 so far:

*Current price today (including on sale or deal code)
EDIT: Side switch and NW added to requirements, and range lowered to 500m.
Also, I might consider a slightly shorter range spec (500m +) if it has a wider spill that the ones I’ve listed.

You will be visible from 700m, but I doubt you can shine at the object and recognize what it could be with those lights.

Is weight a concern? The DS1 is about 150g, the Maeerxu is about 250g and the UT02 about 300g. I think the 26650 batteries are about 100g instead of 45g for 18650. So a DS1 with battery would be half the weight of the UT02.

I do long distance hiking so I went for the DS1. I know it’s only 150g but I carry so much stuff that I need to watch the weight on everything.

110-130kcd range , C8 style lights with xp-l hi and fet drivers :

Astrolux C8

Sofirn C8T xp-l hi

200-220kcd range , xp-l hi under big reflector :

Amutorch JM70 xp-l hi (review in my sig)

Let’s make this thread a nice list with budget throwers guys !

The JM70 was promising, but in stock form it’s really underwhelming and doesn’t reach the promised specs

It also doesn’t have a head diameter under 60mm like OP asked for.

Wait for the Acebeam W10 to be released?

The Brinyte b158b version with XP-L hi should easily get 700m.

(but really it should be modded, you could get up to 1200m then)

Can you elaborate on that djozz, please? Is it a led change, driver change? I have the Odepro KL52, similar to the Brinyte B158B and also want to mod it for more throw :wink:
Thanks in advance :+1:
(Hope my question doesn’t “derail” the thread !)

This is my mod on the B158. Throws like crazy and is pocketable. The new B158 is lighter if you don’t need the weaponmount.

Nice one Dutcheee!! I may get one of those drivers (I’m using the BLF X5/X6 on other lights, but I’ll try the A6 too). I don’t have a Noctigon but I have some DTP boards with XPL-HI from Convoy and they will probably make the trick :wink: It sure throws far your light :sunglasses: Thanks :+1:


Any DTP will do I guess, it really doesn’t get very hot.
I would have preferred a X6 driver, but I had the A6 lying around. It’s both direct drive on high, so it should perform similar.
XPL HI is the safest option. I love those leds, on this one I just chose maximum throw+lumen option and wanted to try a (succesful :person_facepalming: ) dedome this time, wich worked out fine. Backup plan was XPL HI.

Good luck, you’ll like it for sure :+1:

Thanks everyone for all the input, I’ve terribly sorry though I forgot to put in the requirements that right now I’m looking at side switch lights only for this.

I don’t mind at all reading info here about tail switchers, they just won’t be included in my decision. I’ve updated the OP.

No I’m only using the distance specs to rate and compare performance, not to actually view an object at 700 meters, that would be somewhere over 2000 feet not sure I could really see anything that far with bare eyes?

My actual use will be much shorter distance, I wanted to judge performance between any models that met my size and price requirements, and the few that I found happen to have a range of 700-800m so I figured that would be my “base spec” for rated distance.

So I’m just looking for any others that are rated similar in performance as the three I already found and have listed. I could only find those few lights, I checked around pretty well but wanted to see if I missed any around the same class as those.


Good point, thanks for pointing it out. Probably not a big concern though. My TruNite TC20 is 148g so probably about 250g with the battery, and I probably wouldn’t want to go much heavier than that. I find lately I’ve been willing to accept the larger/heavier 26650 for the gain in battery life.

Thanks, although I’ve already edited my requirements for Side switch only (sorry I forgot when I created the post) the C8’s slightly fell short in range compared to the three I’ve already listed.

The Astrolux C8 specs show 102Kcd / 639 meters.

I’ve not found any Kcd spec for the sofirn, only Barkuti’s measurement of 102.4Kcd in his review, with a disclaimer that his test equipment (smartphone app?) may not be completely accurate. Which would work out to around 640 meters (on paper) Maybe someone else tested with a good meter?

The Sofirn represents an excellent value at only $18, they list the range at only 500m. I’m probably going to get one of those just to complete the Sofirn C8 family (I already have both V1 and V2 C8F)


Although the JM70 looks great and I’d like to have one, it does not meet my size requirements here for pocket sized.

Also take a look at Haikelite SC01. Meets most of your requirements, but the beam range falls slightly short at around 600m.

It’s also longer than 150mm

I’m only listing 700m as a way of comparison to at least match the factory rated performance of the three models I’ve found that met my other requirements for a pocket thrower. I tried to explain in my reply to sp5it’s post.

I have trouble clearly seeing objects at around 150-175m with lights that are rated around 300m, those lights do have a large spill though.

MSRP $199.00

I read about that one about a week ago, guess it’s a “white” laser, not really looking for a laser beam though.