Possibly good deal on black Trustfire 18650


maybe too good to be true :)

anyway I have bought 2 sets for 9 bucks and suppose getting 4 batteries :)

The seller has 10,000 sales. Sounds legit. Could be older stock, but it seems like a great deal. I went ahead and bought a pair. They had 6 left when I did that. This won't last long.

These appear to be unprotected, still a very good deal if they are legit.

Just scooped up the last three sets ; )

Thank you for the tip, my sis has misplaced my RC-T7 and three sets of cells, now I'm covered battery wise again. ^_^

Can be fake?

Already relisted. I've never seen unprotected 'flame' TFs though. Oh well, time will tell...

Thanks from me as well. :)

well... it is written protec, which is supposed to be protected, but on photo it looks like unprotected

I havent heard about fake black Trusties, but who knows...

Fake fake fake fake fake. I will not try it. I want not to loose money

also in description the size is 69 mm maybe they are protected ...


even better deal if its true and they are real :)

Looks like they're also selling two pairs for a few cents less: http://cgi.ebay.com/4x-18650-TrustFire-2400mAh-Rechargeable-Battery-protec-/190469072787

Good call Krikstas they seam real maybe unprotected but I think they are protected, stiill a good deal. Half price.

They are not fake.

What about these?


I bought a couple of those when BIC had them on sale a few months back. I have to admit I haven't used them much since then but the capacity was nowhere close to 3000 mAh. Shocking, I know.

I can't say anything about the protection since I don't let my cells run down to where I have to depend on a protection circuit that may or may not reliably do its job. So far, mine haven't exploded. Knock on wood. Personally, I think I'm going to stick with protected TF 'flame' 18650s. I use those in most of my lights and they have yet to give me any problems (the odd DOA cell aside).

danton, these are known to be available in different versions (i.e. there are low quality fakes of it all around). If the flame trustfires turn out to be fakes though it would be a premiere as far as I know.

Looks real to me. In for 10x @ $20.64.


Looks real to me. In for 10x @ $20.64.


Thanks for the tip! In for 10. $2.06 each battery is a complete steal. If they aren't legit, I'll file a complaint through PayPal.

I purchased some of these from DX in 4/2009 when they first came out and all of them are still going strong. I have no less than 50 of these out in the wild that I've purchased for others and have yet to received a report of a single failure or "low' cell. True that I don't have a hobby charger/analyzer to compare stock, but in my 18650 lights, they all seem to perform with minimum resistance delivering maximum output for typical run times. These have long been the high performer in budget 18650's. Some of my cells have well over 100 abused cycles on them (driven hard till the LED dims to 50%) and they keep on producing approximately the same run times. I long gave up on trying to baby these cells, and I don't pull them off the charger till the green light comes on at 4.19-4.20V

Beyond a few reports of failed PCB's (typical), a Google search didn't reveal any catastrophic failures amongst users for this particular battery. I would imagine that for every IMR/AW 18650 that's sold, 100 or more of these find their way into flashlights.

I've read reports of several leaking batteries with high internal resistance in this particular model. My advice is to use them only in low drain devices pulling less than 1A (nothing with P7/MC-e/SST50, etc). also don't run them down to far before recharging. At the first sign of degradation, Id recycle them immediately.

Tempted to get the 8 pack for 16 usd. But i believe they are getting rid of old stock as the price is ridiculous.

I wouldn't let that dissuade you. I have several early production batteries (purchased when they first came out with the flame trustfire model) with several hard discharge cycles on them and they are still going strong. PayPal will protect you if the worse happens so there's nothing to lose.

Fair enough.

Yes, the offer is quite tempting but after seeing this I wonder what will paypal do when its DOA or circuit is burned out, which are cropping up of late.