Post pics of your favourite 16340 flashlights!

Both PK lights far right, 219b and 219c thanks to CRX. Trubo head 47’s also CRX with the xpl HI 4k.

Both novatacs breathed on by the awesome CRX, 1 nichia 219b 4k, other 219c 5k. HDS rotary is 219b 4k

This type of lights I bought after my n*AA era because CR123A packs more punch than AA.
Well not THESE lights, they are borrowed from the other forum.
Looking back: a shame these were (att. not yet) LiIon compatible.

I gave away the brushed Ti 123mini (greenish XP-G S3) and the SS S1 (blueish XM-L T6).
The polished Ti D25C with white-white XP-G S2 is still a mayor player in my BOB.

Looking for a light that I handle very carefully and that still looks beaten up …

… to find my favourite light. Of course, the S1R! :blush:

The backup …

… will hopefully keep its beauty. The Prince of Wales among my lights. Will likely never enter the throne.

I’ll add this one :wink:
On The Road 311

Added one to my favourite 16340s.

My new favourite one :innocent:

Eagtac D25C (modded)!

I really like the look of your D25 mini MascaratumB! :laughing:

I’ve been thinking of trying a similar mod myself.

Thanks Firelight2 :wink:
This light has a great size for EDC, both in lenghth and width, so it is a good candidate for this kind of mod. Note that the beam is as floody as in the FWAA, but if you don’t want to be a thrower, it will be great :wink:

I would have liked to do this mod in the OTR 311, but the internal structure (due to the charhing port) didn’t allow that, so this became the next “obvious” choice :wink: Definitely a great small flashlight (even as stock, except the UI :stuck_out_tongue: ) :+1:

^ Nicely done. The TIR triple LED looks like an FW3A, but in 16340 size.

Speaking of which… since the FW3A can take an 18350 cell, I imagine an adapter to fit a 16340 to 18350 should work.

Thanks xevious;)
On another thread I posted this photo comparing it with the FWAA and some other lights! The Eagtac D25C, without mods, is only 0.5mm taller than the FWAA, although not thinner (all over) since the FWAA has some “curves”.
Still, in terms of size, they are equivalent.

As for the FW3A, unless it is for a weight reason, in my opinion it is not worthy sacrifying the bigger capacity and power of an 18350 to use a 16340.
It would be nice to have a thinner FW3A, capable of using 16340s and 16650s batteries, though :innocent:

Here’s a collection of some lights that take 16340s celle, and some of them that take 18350s (Convoy S2 and S2+, Emisar D4V1 and FW3A).
Left to right
Klarus XT1C > Olight M1T Raider > Convoy S2 > Wuben TO10R > Convoy S2+ DT > Jetbeam RRT01 > OTR 311 > OTR M1 > Eagtac D25C > OTR M3 Pro > OTR i3 > RovyVon S3 > Acebeam TK16 > Emisar D4V1 > Olight S1R Baton II > FW3A

You’re welcome! Great comparative list. Oh yes, no point in normally using a 16340 in an FW3A having 18350 tube—the 18350 is superior in terms of amperage and mAh potential. But it’s nice to know it can be done in a pinch, if your 18350 is exhausted and you have a 16340 on hand.

Excellent collection! And thanks for noting each light in the lineup for reference purposes. I see you’re really into OTR (On The Road). What model is your favorite?

Only 16340 I have, for now. Like it pretty well, but I don’t EDC it because I don’t want to wreck it up. I drop / throw things. Twitchy hands just let go while they’re moving sometimes and this cute little lighweight light would probably fly halfway across the parking lot or whatever. Not trying to slay the dragon or ignite the phoenix. It’s the only light I own (so far) that I baby like that. Think I would love a copper 16340 though. The weight would probably make me feel better about the tiny size.

Yup, that is true, these 18350 lights can all take a 16340 (not CR123a, I guess, as the V is lower) in case of need, so it is nice to have that “backup” :wink:

Thanks :wink: At first I was more into AAs/14500s lights, but I learnt that I would also like these 16340s so the collection grew :wink:
Yes, I really like OTR flashlights, they have solid builds, normally they have good efficiency, but the earlier UIs were not so good, specially on the tailcliky flashlights.

I also like them because they can be modded: the i3, M1 and 311 are all modded in terms of drivers, emitters and switches, and the M3 Pro has a TIR instead of the original reflector.

The one I like the most and that has been my EDC is the OTR 311, since it has USB-C charging (ideal for EDCing and charge without bringing extra charger). I put a led4power and Luxeon V2 4000K which has been a good combination. It is now “replaced” by the D25C since this one is smaller and I can use a different and more configurable driver/UI.

But I like the others as well, specially the i3, which is the small zoomable also modded (Crescendo + LH351D).

I also have teh Z821 and the i5, both 18650s.

And I have the OTR M4 on the way :smiley:

:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: Olight never looked so good

Olight Ti S Mini
very nice host, terrible LED Tint and CRI


Well, I hear awful things about their cri and inconsistent color temp, and I am not feeling the constantly shifting stock (like everything is “limited edition” and rabid fans and secondary market resellers buy it all) so who knows how many (probably not a lot) I’ll buy in the future.

BUT that little light and the i5Rcu that was bundled with were my first that weren’t just bought at the hardware store, and they ultimately brought me here, so that’s good :smiley:

Eagletac D25C Titanium, mine features:

  • emitter swap to SST-20 4000K 95 CRI FD2 led.
  • stock driver
  • lighted tailcap mod

Why I like it:

  • Titanium
  • Feels great in the hand. Very grippy
  • Anti-roll and tailstands.
  • Excellent UI for a clicky with shortcuts to min and max that don’t require precise timing of half-clicks.
  • lighted tailcap
  • Excellent clip
  • High CRI with excellent tint

That’s a gorgeous flashlight :wink: Surely a keeper and that tailcap adds an extra “bling” to it :wink:

Unfortunately they are no longer sold, and were replaced by the less attractive design of the D3C ti :zipper_mouth_face:
I wish I could find one of these older models :weary: