POSTPONED! IWA 2020 - so we make a small meeting in Hungary ;)

Due to the virus the exhibition is postponed ...


NürnbergMesse has decided to postpone IWA OutdoorClassics 2020 from the planned date of 6-9 March 2020 to a date in 2020, which has yet to be determined.

We hope you will understand the decision taken. The aim of every trade fair must be to create a special experience for exhibitors and visitors alike and to facilitate the diverse establishment and expansion of business relationships. Unfortunately, this goal cannot be achieved under the current circumstances

Hello my dear friends!

ZozzV6 and I will visit the IWA Outdoor Classics in Nuremberg from March 7th to 9th

I plan to post pics and videos etc directly on my facebook and my youtube
to update here i need to upload the pics and link it etc (possibly in the hotel if time allows)

Zoltan will do the same: his facebook and his youtube

Who else will be there?

We also have a small meeting in out Hotel (facebook Event) to chat about and play with some lights
across the street is plenty of room for beamshots ;)

Maybe we make some live videos if something interesting we see but I will mostly make separate videos of days and manufacturers. A subscribe to our channels doesn’t cost a cent vut you will get notifications of videos. Have a nice day folks!

Normally I can’t see the live videos, but will watch them later :wink:
I always like to see the novelties in these events :sunglasses:

I do have one suggestion for both of you!
Many videos in these evens tend to show only the most powerful lights, those that throw farther and the things that will make more people “WOW”, sometimes forgetting forget those smaller EDC lights, that people actually need and use.

Hence my suggestion would be to also give attention to those lights, specially the ones that are less known by the public.

But this is just me :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope you enjoy and have a great time :beer: :beer: :beer:

Due to the virus the exhibition is postponed ...


Sorry to hear that. For you. I wasn’t planning on going anyway.
I’m sure there were lots of nice things brewing you could have shared with us.

The last few days more events were posponed or canceled.

Because of the IWA postpone I decided to make a flashlight meet event in Hungary Győr city which is half way between my village and where Martin lives. So he also will join and bring his goods :slight_smile:
We made earlier in 2018 a meet at same location. You can find info and video of the 2018 meeting here
I also made a facebook event if anyone from surrounding countries wants to join.
We plan it on 7th of March Saturday 17:30 local time. And maybe we finish a bit before midnight.
Everyone is welcome!

video from 2018

New date: 3. bis 6. September 2020

After the cancellation of the ITB I was afraid if the IWA will be canceled or shifted too. Now it is a fact.

In the next years it will be at the beginning of september, too.