Pre-order--BTU. Shocker 3xCREE XM-L U2 3x18650 Super Thrower Flashlight

Hello Guys ,

This is the preorder thread for the coming BTU Thrower.

Product thread:

Official Website:

◎3* Cree XM-L LED (U2) with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
◎Battery: 3 x 18650
◎204 mm (length) x 52 mm(body width) x106 mm(head diameter)
◎1200-gram weight (excluding batteries)
◎4 levels of brightness: Turbo (3.8A*3)>High(2.2A*3)>Med(0.8A*3)>Lo(0.05A*3);with mode memory
◎Brigh tness:Turbo(3000lumens)>High(2000lumens)>Med(600lu mens)>Lo(80lumens)
◎Digital Current Regulation
◎Capable of standing up securely on a flat surface to serve as a candle
◎Tail cap click Switch
◎Made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum
◎ Super deep Aluminum Alloy Reflector;Shotrange up to 800meters
◎Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
◎Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating
◎With mode memory

Notice: Turbo mode will step down to High mode progressively after constant running for 180 seconds
Accessories: O rings ; Landyard ; Gift Box

Market retail price: 180usd to 200usd

Pre-order price: 150usd shipped (It’s a very heavy light,shipping cost is very expensive)
Pre-order limit quantity: 50 pieces
Pre-order deadline: Nov 15th

Estimated shipping time: around 25th Nov

+To USA,CANADA or Western Europe, The torch will be shipped* by fast shipping (HK fedex or DHL). *It’s safe and fast.
To other countries, We will deliver the torch by Registered post by Default.(If you want fast shipping,we need to add extra shipping cost.Please contact us by email)
If you have interest, please post “i will take it, CW or NW version”.

The price of U2 1A CW version or T6 3C NW version is the same.

As to Driver:

BTU driver are digital current Regulation. Turbo mode is 3.8A max.

I know some of flashoholics are interested DRY driver, DRY driver can work with BTU shocker too.
So in pre-order you can choose to have DRY driver in this light.

DRY Driver:

4 modes :Lo>Mid(800ma)>Hi(2.2A) >Turbo (direct driver over 4A) ;with mode memory; Turbo will step down to high after 120 seconds.

New DRY driver will be available to order seperately, 5usd each

Our paypal account is:

NOTE: Please send us your correct shipping address and telephone number by email after you sending the payment.
Fast shipping (Fedex or DHL) requires the consignee’s telephone number.



Any pwm on btu driver? How about the dry driver? What’s the new dry driver like?

BTU driver has no PWM, It’s digital current regulation.

DRY driver is a pwm driver, pwm around 700Hz.


Thanks. Is it really 1.2kg? That’s bloody heavy!

Hi Ric,will you be doing this instead of the Shadow SL3: 3x XML?.
or both lights.


Save one for me, it’ll be a few days before the funds get added into my paypal.
But I’m definitely getting one.
Thanks Ric!

I managed going almost 4 weeks without using my paypal account or buying anything online until yesterday. Ric has my deposit for a U2/Dry model. :beer:

Would like to order one.


Hey who is this guy J)

This confused me at first. I was thinking I did not post that I wanted one. Looked closer and was like come on man. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol sorry about that

Not a big deal, funny though.

So how long will this light stay on turbo before it switches down to high mode?

So is 120 sec the max runtime then on either driver? And if so if you turn light back off and on once after the 120 sec on turbo will the light remain on for another 120 sec or will it just go up to the high mode for the brightest setting? I would prefer a light to remain on turbo for a lot longer than this. That’s the main reason probably why most people would buy this light I would think is to use the turbo mode.

After step-down one-click will return to Turbo mode.


Ric, this is an awesome light!

Can you tell us how many lux @ 1 meter?

Also, how is the regulation? Does the output remain steady with a rapid drop at the end, or is it more of a gradually declining output throughout the run-time?

Now Ric, and don’t take this to be harsh. Stop and think about what you just wrote. And I do apprectiate your answer. But if all one has to do is one click to go back to turbo, then why couldn’t they have made the light to just remain on tubo indefinately until at least the batteries get low enough to where the light steps down to high mode rather than being annoyed by the one click rule after 2 minutes? That is what has kept me from buying this light. I’m just thinking out loud here. But it seems sort of silly.

Like ILF, I also own a TK70, which, for me, is the most underrated ‘powerful’ light. But because of its length and weight, only hard-core flashaholics will want to own this light. Now comes the BTU, no longer burdened by these length and weight drawbacks (remember, 4 D nimh are much, much heavier than 18650s.) I share ILF’s concern. I may get one myself if this can be sorted out.

The TK70 has two side switches. The BTU has tail-cap switch. Entirely different electronics I suppose.

But I will add to the defense of this light if the high mode is as bad as the turbo mode on the TK70 then the point I mentioned above makes that all irrelevant.

I would hazard a guess and say that it’s to avoid the same problem the skyray king runs into. After leaving it on high for a while it’ll become too hold to hold. Whereas with this one you can turn it on turbo and walk away. Then when you come back you can still pick it up. Meaning people’s negligence won’t lead to their pain (or deaths).