Preliminary XP-G 2 real word results


Just got a knock on the door and it was the mailman with a big yellow envelope from Australia. Yup, my XP-G 2 emitters just arrived. Being the impatient type, I had already set aside a light to upgrade when they arrived. 15min later my MG P-Rocket xpg has been upgraded with the xpg 2. This light was an ideal choice due to having a constant current driver already and a well designed reflector for this emitter. Here are the before and after numbers:

Tailcap(mA) Stock Modded
Low 10ma 10ma
Med 440ma 440ma
High 1400ma 1400ma
Lumen OTF Stock Modded
Low 15L 17.6L
Med 95.7L 108.5L
High 276.7L 332.8L
Lux @1m Stock Modded
8,400 13,000

This is very encouraging, and I can't wait to get these new emitters on the bench and see what they can do!

Nice work Match. I hope the postman doesn't have burn marks on his fingers from a package being ripped out of his hand. The top end figures look real impressive.

I was under the impression that the tighter 115 degree emission angle would be worse for a reflector? Or is the upped efficiency over the original emitter enough to compensate?

So, stock is XP-G R5 vs. modded XP-G 2?

wonderful news! Got two coming on the slow boat! Cant wait for the extreme match test for this one!

thanks for the info

Looks like a 20% increase at 1.4a sweet!

Might have to order a couple of these to mod my stepson’s torch and build one for myself… :slight_smile:

News to me...never heard that before.

[quote= SashiX]

So, stock is XP-G R5 vs. modded XP-G 2?


That is correct.

What tint did you get, did it match what you ordered? How is the quality of the tint?

Sounds great, Match! The increase in throw is amazing!

These are the 1A tint R5's from cutter, which is what I ordered. The tint quality is pure white, with no discernible color shifts near the edges. I'm very happy.

Thanks for the prelims,match,I can't wait t see the slab-o-copper test.I want to see the poor little thing scream out 800 lumens,I wonder if cree will offer "s"bins for the g2.


Nice work Match. Looks good.

Very interesting and good job Match.

I have a question though, shouldn’t the new XP-G 2 be S4 bin since it puts out 20% more light than an R5?

Where are XP-G2s available?
I try to cutter but $19 registered airmail with no tracking No.

I’ve seen them here:

10mm board

20mm board

It would be good to know how hard it can be pussed in Amps to use it with aspherics for throw.

In any case, a 20% more output than XP-G is a good thing.

here it is from INT-OUT

edit just notice they are sold out!

For aspheric set up.
20% more out put.
5-10% out put in term of narrow beam 125 and 115 degrees.

I plan to drive with 6x7135 V2 around 2.28A + 67mm aspheric.

I assume around 150,000± lux and 4xspot compared with XR-E .

That sounds good Pok,

Show us the results once you got it please :cowboy_hat_face: