Preliminary XP-G 2 real word results

No, because now they are measuring the output at more realistic 85°C. The older XP-G was binned at 25°C and therefore delivered less output than the bin code suggested if it was run for a few minutes.

I see, thanks Erzengel for clearing that up for me.

So XT-E, XP-G2 (and probably all new leds from CREE) are brighter/more efficient than their bin suggests compared to older emitters.

My bad. Yes they do also have 10mm. Must be that senility again that the better half complains about a lot. Thanks for correcting me.

As i have made complete tests with almost all cree emitters,5 cree xt-e that i have, had just like most cree xp-g s2 bin that i had, could not see difference in lumen output@700ma, or one of them in Armytek predator@1,5amper . Xp-g2, is a step ahead, they are better, to about S3-S4 bin rating and focuses much better. Cree xt-e is good in general lighting, as it is cheap and if you are lucky, you might find it good modding some old xr-e led flashlights with this. I personally modded my jetbeam C-Le with a xt-e and focuses great(still some yellowish corona, but very happy with the result).
(again, all leds were from cutter, not advertising, he is expensive, but he is a trustful dealer)

Awesome news Bob! Gonna have to keep these XP-G2's in mind.


Ditto! They sound great.

Anyone selling these on 16mm stars yet? I know IO were but are now out of stock, but are they currently available anywhere?

Yeah, Bob, I agree they are best suited for smaller lights like AA/AAA. As I travel down the flashlight road I find my tastes for smaller lights have changed and I am more into all around use, low lows, and run time instead of just the brightest in the smallest size. My appreciation of the XP-G has grown over the last year or two. ;)

Ok...another quick couple of mod results. I just swapped these into my Fenix LDO1 and Shiningbeam S-mini xp-g. My poor LDO1 has had more emitters ran through it than one of foys SF hosts... is the data (all values are OTF obviously):

Fenix LD01

Battery Mode Stock Mod(xpg2)
1xAAA Low 2.7L 4.3L
Med 22.1L 30L
High 70.3L 93.8L
2xAAA Low 2.8L 4.3L
Med 40.2L 48.4L
High 151.8L 162L
1x10440 Low 3L 4.3L
Med 59.3L 79.6L
High 221.3L 347L

ShiningBeam S-Mini XP-G

Mode Stock Mod(xpg2)
Low 5.5L 6.8L
Med 111.5L 130.2L
High 237.2* 327.3L

*Stock, high was 274.3L at turn on, but dropped really fast (~30sec). Found too much thermal goop during the teardown... This is why I teardown almost every light I get, just to verify the work.

This was a noticeable improvement over stock. No more green tint, better throw, and more light to boot. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite emitters.

Stay tuned tomorrow for the full emitter test results.

Wow, that sounds really great :smiley: Thanks for those tests, Match, really appreciated :slight_smile:
Only one thing: can you make white walling but with the same light, i.e. if you have 2 identical lights, one with XP-G and the other one with modded XP-G2. Or just make 2 pics with the same camera settings, you know.
Thanks in advance :wink:

Better tint too! Looking forward to the final emitter test. I use your charts pretty much as my emitter/battery/drop-in/lumen bible.


Match, did you reflow the xp-g2 into the same pcb in shiningbeam mini?

One of the most crucial points in a flashlight design is a good pcb. In fenix where there is a copper pcb, and in other flashlights in lower levels, swapping the xp-g with xp-g2 gives only 20% extra.
In shiningbeam, we see higher lumen increase in high, clearly showing, either a poor thermal path in pcb or a bad reflow process, in addition to a superior design from xp-g2.

I did reflow the xpg 2 onto another random 14mm pcb that I had lying around ( I've got a lot of spare parts....). I have noticed thicker than normal solder layers between led/pcb lead to poorer output. More so with my s-mini sample, the layer of thermal grease was too thick, and the pcb wasn't clamped securely enough to the pill.

Anyone try to de-dome an xpg-s2 yet?


Good info on the C8 comparison. This mirrors my thoughts so far on this new emitter, which is one can get near the same functionality of an xml but with better runtime and lower heat. My intention with my s-mini was to make a new copper pill with the xp-g2 direct mounted and run it hard. Honestly, at 1 amp this emitter/torch combo already does 95% of what I need out of a light - and with fantastic regulation and runtime to boot!


i did it

I did some tests , they where pretty amazing. But i managed too to kill the led finally after a drop to the floor!!! :zipper_mouth_face:

Cool job ergotelis. Those lumen numbers Saabluster is reaching with the XP-G 2 are unreal. When I think about how we marvelled at the XR-E Q5 years ago then this is asthounding numbers. Love it. Thanks for sharing that.

Match. Do you have a comparison chart like the above comparing this to an XM-L? With my limited testing and knowledge, at .03 amps the XP-G2 puts out a lot more visible light than the XM-L. Thanks.

I've posted results of the xml here and the xpg2 here. I start all my testing at 200ma though.

Can you tell me what you’re you referring to?

I did some searches and didn’t find anything that he’s posted re. XP-G2 lumen tests.