"Pure Copper" Aliexpress S2+ generic. (Edit it's BRASS!)

Or just Chinese copper.

and the weight is correct for aluminium


congrats, I hope you enjoy it

here is another (copper) light from your link

the number of contradicting statements in the description, boggle the mind
“Purple Bronze, 300 lumen, reverse clicky, tailcap twisty”

looks a bit like a cross between an Eiger and a Sapphire

how can I resist? LOL
(easy, just step away from the keyboard)

is really copper? it looks very yellow ? its probably just painted yellow and not true copper with the extra weigth…

they just trick people inte believing its pure copper… its 99% not…

Correct me please if I am barking up the wrong tree:

The ratio of mass densities of copper/aluminum = ( 8.96gm/cm^3) / (2.73gm/cm^3) = 3.28

If an aluminum S2+ is purported to be 81gm, then a similar body in pure copper should
weigh approximately: 81gm x 3.28 = 265gm?

If 131gm is purported to be the weight of this “pure” copper light, it
Most probably taint copper.

Bamboozled. Mashugganahs. :slight_smile:

You mean Chopper? :stuck_out_tongue:

Like eating is proof of the pudding, weighing is proof of the material.
A ratio of 3.28 is a bit too steep, for an aluminum light has parts that are not aluminum.
And those are the same parts that are not made of copper in a copper light.

Anyway, my copper C2+ (1st.edition) weighs 175g without a battery, and 222g with a 30Q.
So 131g could be a thin-walled copper light without battery, or an aluminum light with battery.

Sorry to re-enstate the (remote) possibility this light is actually a copper light.

The knurling looks nice. This light looks less lego’d together than an s2+.

Henk, is it possible your copper S2+ may also be made from a copper alloy,
From pure copper? Cost effective? Better thermal properties? A better profit margin?

BTW, can we assume the electronic components of both the Cu/Al are similar, so
Cancels out.

Cheers, Heineken :beer:

You have to ask Simon (Convoy) that question as I got the light from him, but I don’t think so.

Does “large astigmatism” translate to “large near sightedness”: i.e. floody?

My S2+ (s) throw purty well. Not zoomy, not floody :+1:

—There’s always a wannabe clone in the cloud? :wink:

I did a small calculation on copper pipe

A copper pipe at 22mm x1.5mm thickness at 100mm length is about 90grams

That’s with out the pill

Without the switch , glass and reflector , led and driver

I’m guessing 120grams to 130grams with everything apart from battery

My calculations was from internet info so might not be perfect , or even close

the light in question is aluminium with “copper” colored anodising

since the convoy clone in this thread weighs 86 grams (no battery), the multiplyer for an 18650 light is that copper weighs 2.05x the aluminium model


my copper AAA weighs 2.5x my aluminium AAA (empty)

To be clear, If the light weighs 131 grams w battery, I predict that
The light the OP purchased is Aluminium

I hope Im mistaken.

:slight_smile: Whatever it is, I ain’t buying.

I have large ass astigmatism

PS Jon, are we comparing a Maratac copper AAA to an Olight Al AAA?
Are they apples, or oranges?

As for the 175gms for the small batch copper S2+, there was speculation that the pinkish
hue of copper of those lights may be from a possible alloy.

I asked the question on Ali, they are going to check tomorrow as not at work. At least they didn’t just answer ‘yes’ so presumably their answer will be truthful.

Once I have asked this seller on Taobao and after some communication problems they told me that is yellow copper i.e. brass.

Thanks for finding this, I will buy one at the next Aliexpress sale. :smiley:

Looking at the flashlight a little closer, it seems some parts are not like the S2+. See the difference between the lanyard holes vs an actual Convoy. It’ll be interesting to see how the insides also compare, such as the LED pill. Will there be retainer rings? Will there be an Omten switch? Etc.

The flat area on an S2+ tube where the wording Convoy S2+ is imprinted and that area on this brass colored light appear to be very different.

I'd like to see good photos of the driver and inside the tail cap.

Got a reply from Ali -
‘Dear friend, the supplier says it is pure copper’

But he did not specify if YELLOW or RED copper. :wink: This seems to be a common translation error. I had the same problem when asking the seller on Taobao.

I asked the seller the same question. Got the exact same answer.
“Dear friend, the suppliers says it is pure copper.”