"Pure Copper" Aliexpress S2+ generic. (Edit it's BRASS!)

From the Recommended Listings on the light: “”Explosion Factory Wholesale Mini Glare Flashlight LED Q5 Flashlight Bicycle Light”:https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000358714194.html?gps-id=platformRecommendH5&scm=1007.18499.139690.0&scm_id=1007.18499.139690.0&scm-url=1007.18499.139690.0&pvid=f3555b4e-75d4-4061-a986-349151a86a80&\_t=gps-id:platformRecommendH5,scm-url:1007.18499.139690.0,pvid:f3555b4e-75d4-4061-a986-349151a86a80&spm=a2g0n.detail-amp.moretolove.4000358714194&aff_trace_key=8476ba53cd854e2db29df23ac6baf5c2-1579871080838-09730-B3e7WyVa&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=9820amp-\_JtahpiYCZm3DEMfsB0J4A1583161421921&browser_id=01b321309cca4842b195e24024638ec6&is_c=N”.

Now there’s a winning name! “Put an Explosion Factory in your Pocket!”

Yeah, but that is what you get when you leave *oogle Translate unattended.
I came across a “Dutch” translation of the country of origin (China) as: porselein (porcelain).

A dirty mind is a joy for ever, but no brain at all can be funny too.

supplier either lies or is just clueless… either way i dont trust its true copper…

Well we’ll see. I know it’s not copper it’s the wrong colour, it’s brass (if it’s not gold alloy), and what the Chinese for some reason call copper.
Either way I’ll be covered by Paypal/Ali as I clearly asked the question first.
IF it is brass, happy days because they gave me a $3 welcome back coupon which tipped the scales to make me buy. Came through with paypal fee at £14.62.
If it’s brass, it’s a bargain and I’m already am planning a triple build.
Fingers crossed.

Looks like it’s a race between you and I to solve the mystery :smiley: .
Tracking shows mine was dispatched on the 5th with expected delivery March 15-30. That’s a lot better than the May 9 date in the listing.

My filosofy is: it arrives, when it arrives. T&T is bad for my bloodpressure, because lately I observed that parcels were heldup ten or more days at/near arrival in NL. Ingoing and outgoing traffic. Don’t know if it was a deliberate quarantaine periode or just pure sloppiness.

no way it is copper OR brass
the pic is the exact color of gold anodized Al

the amazon ad says copper in the title, aluminum in the specs/details

you wait
come back and tell us


I assume at the end they’ll explain the “Copper” referred to color, not material. Upon such thinking you can find titanium Convoy S2+, where titanium is just a color. The unfair thing is they are usually a bit more expensive to make people thinking this is a bargain offer.

I’ve asked the seller so many questions and I got the photo of the torch in the box

I’ve asked for a picture of the driver and led but he said he can’t do it

I also asked what material the torch was and he did say copper

I very much doubt it is full copper though and I believe it’s copper coloured

I for one won’t buy it , I don’t even like the colour , if it was copper copper (orange) I’d buy it

I’m gonna go ask what led is in there now

Gonna buy myself some popcorn and watch this thread going :partying_face:

I have one question… If they will write that it is “Gold” would any of you bought it ?
Copper fever :wink:

My money is on that it's brass. We've been through this many times about the brass being called copper thing.

When the Chinese say pure copper for a brass colored light, that means it's brass. They have only one word for brass/copper so it auto translates to copper every time. The 131 g? Well, either it's wrong, lost in translation, or the material is thinner than the Convoy.

This is my best guess anyways. I would even order one if I was interested, because I think it's so highly likely to be brass. The red switch looks a bit wonky though - red is more common in cheap stuff, but probably could be replaced.

I dont know what will be shipped to me. I made the order not expecting it will be copper or even brass. If it turns out to be aluminum I’m ok with that.

Worst case scenario.
$20ish USD gets me an aluminum flashlight host with an 18650 and charger. Not a bad deal. Not what is advertised, but not a bad deal.

i think they messed up and accidentally used SOLID GOLD!
plus they forgot to say that
it just looks like yellow aluminum so they messed up
your loss is my gain!
or vice versa

good attitude
and thanks for stepping up with your money

I hope you enjoy, and am curious as heck what you get… lol

changing my vote
I bet the light IS brass
I bet the photos are not the actual item
and betting the weight of 131 is not the actual weight :slight_smile:

cant wait for the next episode of
Is it Copper? :slight_smile:

14K Au

Hehe, who will get their Bropperminium light first I wonder……………. :stuck_out_tongue:
Mine is in the post apparently…….

Update - I asked the question again, basically said is it defo copper, it’s cheap for this and to double check because I’d want a refund if not - hassle etc.
They got back to me ‘Dear friend, this is brass.’
So it was pure copper, now it’s brass - that’s encouraging because the Chinese rarely say brass. Plot thickens.

I saw this store on AliExpress and they sell real copper and brass flashlights that are really good quality flashlights the best I’ve ever bought from China. Check out what all they have.

I’m not affiliated in any way with this store just think they have the most unique selection in be seen on AliExpress.

not impressed
if you search for copper you see about 40 things
half of them are brass
i only see one copper thing - dice

they do have some Ti stuff but it is expensive

they have about 5 flashlights, either expensive or not titanium

I received the light today.
The answer to the mystery…

Seems raw/uncoated.

When I get time I will upload pictures and report my findings. Stay tuned.