"Pure Copper" Aliexpress S2+ generic. (Edit it's BRASS!)

Found this on Aliexpress.

Not exact copy of Convoy S2+, but very similar.
Description says copper but it looks like brass.
Anyone familiar with it?

Very interesting find. I will keep an eye on this one! It says there are 995 pieces available, so I’m going to wait until there are some customer reviews. Even if it’s brass, that’s still a pretty cool looking S2+. Hopefully it truly is copper.

Wow killer price but I’m sure it is brass and not copper. I asked several Aliexpress sellers in the past and learned that yellow copper is brass and red copper or was it purple copper is copper. The driver in this is also for sure not going to be as good as the Convoy drivers but that’s not an issue if you plant to use it as a host.

Those aren’t actual photographs, they are CAD renders.

I agree

Olight also made a brass light and called it “Copper”
they also make some very nice actual copper lights

is actual copper



Olight i3s Cu
is actually not copper
it is brass, with titanium gold colored PVD coating over brass


This is the actual picture of the torch

It looks more like brass

Or some anodised colour

Nice find Forsh.
Where is that photo from? I’m not seeing it from the seller.
Are there others?

It looks like gold anodising to me, but you could not be sure…… the pics on ali seem to be renderings

Ok, here’s the same light i think - AMAZON
Being sold as the same ‘pure copper’ light
BUT in description - ★Strong light long-range flashlight, high brightness, long range, large capacity, long battery life, aluminum alloy body, field, cycling, lighting, home, maintenance, etc., all meet your needs

I asked the store to send me pictures of the actual flashlight

They was nice and said no problem , sent it to my email

I m not sure it’s even brass though

I think it’s probably titanium, coated in copper then brass - finished off with a sleeve of aluminium in a luxurious gold anodised finish. :stuck_out_tongue:

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G0OSE thanks for finding that.
That Amazon listing has a lot of technobabble in it.
But yes it does list “aluminum alloy body” as you point out. (Should say aluminium for the UK, no? :smiley: )

It also lists the weight as 131 grams. That would be too heavy for an aluminum host alone. My brief search on BLF tells me an aluminum S2+ is 81 grams. Unless they are including the battery in which case that would be right on for an aluminum host with an 18650.

They are including a battery and charger !

the amazon link also says the light is a Zoomie, with large astigmatism…. and other nonsense:

Mechanical telescopic focusing, astigmatism, eccentric adjustment, eagle-eye spherical resin concentrating mirror, high transmittance, large astigmatism

Material: other

Color classification: pure copper flashlight

Has anyone noticed on the AE Shenzhen A plus Lighting Ltd Store the estimated delivery date of this brass color S2+ clone?

May 9th,2020

The Amazon UK seller lists it as In Stock

Brass pill or driver shelf?

That’s what I’m afraid of!

Basically it’s anyone’s guess - who’s ordering to find out lol!

If anyone wants to order it I can help him with a $10 coupon

Ahh what the heck. Just ordered it.
I’ll definitely post my findings once it arrives.
Stay tuned until May 9th I guess.

Well I think about ordering it…

But from picture I am 90% sure it’s gold colored alu