Quark Mini AA on 14500?

I read on another forum a recommendation to consider a Quark Mini AA or Olight i2 EOS with 3.0V CRAA cells. I did not think that the Quark Mini AA would operate above 1.5 volts. It would be nice to be able to use that battery or a 14500.

Has anyone used the Quark Mini AA with batteries other than 1.5 V?



I have used 3.7 before without issue, but you have to be careful on high. David has publicly stated 3v max, so those Li primaries are fine.
I’ve learned to be happy with the output of my high CRI minis on regular cells.

I have both the titanium and aluminum versions of the Quark Mini-AA. Both work on 14500, with all modes accessible.

However, be advised that heat on 14500 is a serious issue on a such a small flimsy light. I recommend against running the light for more than a few minutes on 14500.

I always used 14500s. Just made sure to take it easy on high. Great key chain light.

Thank you, gentlemen for the help. I am very pleased to learn this. I don't normally have a requirement for that much light, but it is very good to know that it is possible without ruining the light.

Regards, and thanks again


I just bought a quark regular from http://www.survival-pax.com/4Sevens-Flashlights.html. Apparently they're having a sale. I don't know if they are reputable though.

looks like a great sale, actually better prices than GoingGear if u take into account their free shipping.

I realize that the 14500 causes the Mini AA to get hot so I ordered Battery Junction's 3.0V CRAA cells.It will be interesting to see how they do.



Live and learn I suppose. Thanks, and I won't expect much. I admit I was looking forward to getting them.


It happens.

oops. wrong thread.