Question regarding buying new flashlights.

Thank you, for whatever you did, but the link that you have provided have nothing in it. Its a shopping cart and from what i know the card can only show up for people who have access to that account. So you will have to share those results manually.

So i added those to my wish list

Do you think that these are good choices?

Not sure if they are temperature regulated, can anyone offer some thoughts on that?

Well that sucks… :smiley: :smiley:

I made this list without signing into my account thinking the link would show the cart.

Oh well, I’ll send them individually in a bit. :beer:

Here ya’ go……

Thank you so much for the links!
I chose those ones:

Your welcome, I hope you enjoy your lights. :beer:

Do these have temperature regulation, i didn’t see it unless i missed it.

What does temperature regulation mean, and what does it do?

It keeps the flashlight from getting burning hot and wrecking itself or burning your hands

I doubt it.
When they start getting hot, or to hot to hold; the user can turn them down to a lower mode to reguate the temprature.

That’s what I do with my lights that do not have temperature regulation.

While true, it is not automatic of course; I have found it to work just fine.
I have never destroyed a light yet due to excessive heat. :face_with_monocle:

For a novice i think temperature regulation is a good idea.
For an enthusiast its not a necessity.

That may be. :+1:
But it is not rocket science either. If the light starts getting hot, turn it to a lower mode.

When I was a novice, not one of my lights had temperature regulation & nothing bad happened.

If I had them on Turbo or High & they started getting hot enough they were uncomfortable to hold, I simply turned them to a lower mode.

I never, as a novice; had a problem or destroyed a light either.

Again, it is not rocket science. If a person, even a novice; simply uses a bit of Common Sense there will be no problem.
If the light gets hot, go to a lower mode.

Common sense is not that common.

I have seen lights destroyed by novices, one was faulty design (Coast Polysteel). Its also as simple as leaving a running light on a table/tailstanding.

I will buy a non regulated light for myself since i know what i am doing, i won’t give one to a non enthusiast.

True in many cases, some people are just ignorant & stupid too. AND you can’t fix stupid, as we all know.

But again, it is not rocket science. Whether tailstanding a light or holding it in your hand… you know it will get hot when running on Turbo or High mode
Deal with it appropately by going to a lower mode when it does.

How long does it take even the most uniformed novice to learn this simple lesson??

I have given Convoy S2+’s to many complete novices along with the simple explanation concerning heat. Not one of them had a problem following the directions & not one of them burned up there lights

IF Maestro_Da_Vinci thinks he is smart enough to recognize when his light gets hot & drop to a lower mode he will be just fine.

If on the other hand he thinks he does not have the mental capacity to follow the simple directions concerning heat… these lights are not for him.

Personally, I think he can handle these simple instructions just fine.

I know several people of which this question cannot be answered as the bottom cannot be found.

And those are the people I would never give a light, a knife, a screwdriver, or anything.

You cannot dumb down everything in life to suit the most uninformed & mentally lacking of the species.

If you do you end up with things like the supposedly idiot proof spouts on current gasoline cans.
They are completely worthless.

In my opinion to assume Maestro_Da_Vinci is not smart enough or does not have the common sense to follow the very simple instructions concerning heat management of a flashlight is doing him a disservice.

Until he either tells or shows us he is not mentally competent to follow the simple instructions of “if & when the light gets hot go to a lower mode…. I think you do him a disservice to assume he is not competent.

Maestro_Da_Vinci…. As you can see if you have read the last several posts there is a discussion as to whether or not you, as a “novice” to flashlights; have enough Common Sense & mental smarts to realize a flashlight will get hot if you run it long enough on Turbo or High.
AND, that when it does you will need to drop it to a lower mode of output to manage the heat.

I personally think you will have NO PROBLEM with this.

BUT…. IF you feel you are not smart enough to follow these simple directions, then these lights are probably not for you. :wink:

Oh, i’m smart enough, personally if i see a flashlight gets hot i either turn it off or just remove the battery. But lets say for the sake of simple options what are the options for flashlights that have those tempeture regulators.

I figured you were smart enough. :wink:

Somebody else will have to answer that question as it is never a selling point I look for when buying a light.

I have lights with thermal regulation, and to be honest the thermal regulation is my least favorite feature of those lights. BUT that is my personal opinion.

Bort, let me be clear… I Do Not diagree with all you say. I just do not think that ever “novice” to lights can be painted with a broad brush.
I feel their competency levels vary from person to person.

Heck, I know people I would give nothing but a AA Maglight & hope that would not be too complicated for them. :smiley:

While there are others that know nothing about high powered lights that have had no trouble following the simple operating instructions I gave them concerning battery saftey & heat management.

It all depends on the individual in my experience.