Question regarding buying new flashlights.

This is the internet Bert, there is nothing to get “mad” about. :smiley: :smiley:

I could care less if you use the word “attack” when you get your wittle feelings hurt.

You know you are wrong. You got your panties in a wad way back when I did not agree with your opinion about novices should only have thermally protected lights. And it has gone downhill from there.

Anyone who has half a brain cell can see that.

So get your last word in & make it good. :wink:

I am done with this nonsense, internet playtime is over. :student:

So all you know how to do is demean people.
Then you think saying “So get your last word in & make it good.” will cover for your actions :person_facepalming:

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Thank you for the suggestions, but most of the suggestions are way too expensive.

It’s a case of:

“Doc, it hurts when I do this.”

“So don’t do that.”

Does the Convoy brand seem to last and hold up as well as the more expensive brands? I am curious if we should be adding that brand to our store? What types of flashlights are they manufacturing that seem to be popular?

OK Thank you everyone.

So i ordered the following product 4000K and 3500K with 12 groups. I know it might not be the best for a beginner, but because i’m a beginner i wanted to learn how these new flashlights work and how to handle the modes and everything. I tried to learn just now, but i guess it will take time to understand how the memory works, how different modes work and many more things.

I also ordered this but i don’t know how to use them, do i need to open the flashlight and put something in front of the light sensor or something different.

I also ordered with Yellow light. It seems to be very good quality and a nice little headlamp. The general usage is great and it seems very powerful.

Thank you everyone for the suggestions i have added many of them on my aliexpress wishlist and might buy them in the future. The new flashlight era is very big and seems to be very complicated when it comes to modes and different types of flashlight so i have a lot to learn.

I think those are just fine for beginners and they are one of the most recommended lights for beginners (almost everyone has at least one of them!). Convoy firmware is still pretty simple to use. Basically just pick which of the 12 groups you want to use, and then once that is set you just half-press the switch to advance forward in the modes. When you go to set the group, it helps to have the light pointed at something close by (wall, leg, belly, palm) so you can see blinks and the fluttery “buzz” when it’s time to select one. Doing the 20-ish presses to get into configuration isn’t hard but some people get frustrated by it…just do those half-presses quickly and steadily (but not frantically) and you’ll see when it stops responding to the button.

I’m not sure why you bought the UV filter glass…not going to work any of the lights you bought. It’s a smaller 18mm size meant for an AA-sized light, but it’s a special filter glass that removes every wavelength of light except the one it was intended for. These are meant for UV led’s so that only the UV wavelength goes out the front and any stray wavelengths do not…but our usual “white” emitters don’t have anything down in those very low wavelengths so if you install the filter glass in a normal flashlight you’re going to get Nothing To Look At. lol. Need a UV emitter. If you ever happen to get a UV flashlight in that small size they are usually (supposed to be, because of a current US patent) sold without the filter glass and just a clear lens, but most lights it’s easy to change lenses so you’ll have one ready. Convoy has a T2 UV that I don’t think he will currently sell to the US, and Sofirn has one if they still offer it (either may be available outside of their official Aliexpress stores, or on Banggood, maybe Amazon for the Sofirn). The S2 flashlights you will have use a little bit larger lens diameter. The Lumintop FWAA light (triple emitter) uses the same size glass, too, but that wouldn’t be well suited for modding to UV emitters, plus you’d have to do that totally yourself (not an easy mod for beginners but the S2 lights are if you ever get interested).

I don’t know about that Boruit headlamp but people consistently seem to like most of their light models…should be enjoyable for you! I didn’t see above if you already have batteries or a charger but if you need help there or whatever else, just post up. So many lights these days and it’s pretty awesome, but the Convoy S2/S2+ are still a great mainstay light and impress a lot of people who aren’t used to modern lights. If you’re only used to older lights or “hardware store” lights it’ll probably knock your socks off.

Well i bought the UV Filters because i was recommended here and i thought that i can use them on my S2+, but i guess not. And i’m not in the US.

You need 20mm lenses/filters for the S2+ series.

Also fits 20mm TIR lenses, if yer interested.

Well for now i’m not planning on ordering anything else for the flashlights. What i bought is enough and for now i will have those lenses with me. Maybe in the future i will find a way to use them.

Oh…Bulgaria. Sorry about that. :slight_smile: