Questions About ThorFire Deals/Products

So what’s the deal with the VG10 (or any variation of it)? Is that discontinued?

A shame if so, as that’s the first light I really liked straight out of the box.

Will this be a US deal only?

I really liked the VG10, would buy another even up to $20 but I only want it in neutral white. Compared to China-direct 18650 lights, it has much better build quality and can stay permanently in max brightness without overheating and stepping down. For only $10 with coupon is unbelievable. Similarly, I would like to try the VG15S but seems to be cool white.

I’m afraid $25 for a xplHI c8 would be too expensive only because the convoy xplHI c8 cost $19 and maybe sometimes less on sale. I think you guys should make it as close to $19 so that it should be good competition, and customers may end up buying yours because of the tail cap. But do understand that not everyone likes the c8s tailcap. So if you made it more expensive than the convoy, it don’t see why they wouldn’t choose the convoy if you know what I mean.

The VG15 is a very nice light. I don’t own a vg10 so can’t comment on that but the VG15 seems very well made compared to other lower priced lights. Sure it’s not as impressive as the c8 but you cant fit a c8 in your jeans pocket!

There is definitely a demand for 4000K-5000K.

Please check out this current LED sales thread and see which tints are sold out already:

VG10 50% off deals quit, but we lower the price to $15.98 now. In addition, we will lower its price or have deals of VG10 from time to time. Thanks for your support!

Very helpful information to us. Thanks for sharing!

Many of us around here will not even use a light with anything colder then ~5000-5500k. I know that if it is colder then that I swap out the LED as soon as I get it.

The only lights I own with the stock LED’s installed are the astrolux S1 and S2 with the 3D tints. Everything else came with LED’s either too cold or with strange green/yellow colors.

If you want a good Cree tint, try to get 3D ~5000k, it is very very popular with everyone liking it. Not too cold and not too warm, just right.

That said I personally prefer something closer to 4000-4500k myself.

I also love neutral tint lights around 5000k which is perfect and i’m sure majority of the people on this forum will buy neutral tint too.

Yes, I love NW 5000k.

Another BIG seller around here are high CRI LED’s. 80CRI is good but 90CRI is great.

Just look at that nichia group buy thread, hundreds of LED’s sold in less then 14 hours because they are neutral tint and 90+ CRI, even though they have less lumens many are more then willing to loose some lumens for a better tint.


New light looking sweet !!\_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B01NBOQNNP&pd_rd_r=NNM1NC54239PQGB38TSA&pd_rd_w=04xTI&pd_rd_wg=wDHMj&psc=1&refRID=NNM1NC54239PQGB38TSA

Mmmm, 4C is easy to get off-the-rack, but 4D is a bit nicer. :smiley:

I’m ready for another $6.99 VG10 deal :smiley:

Indeed very good looking, I like the cooling fins. It’s begging for a triple or quad mod!

Oh yes, please! Give me a deal and I’m in :slight_smile:

ThorFire is looking for dealers/retailers/distributors from Europe countries and other countries around the world. If you are interested, PM me!



+1 on bringing back the VG-10

I also missed out on the BD-04,

any chance to get it? or similar zoomie?