Rating: FastTech.com



  • Carries relevant selection of flashlights, parts, and cells
  • Clean site organization, easy to navigate
  • Own product photos
  • Wall shots and beam slices demo beam pattern
  • Competitive prices
  • 5% OFF forum discount code BLF for flashlight-related items
  • Pre-ship photos of ready packages
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Inexpensive upgrade to registered air mail, free on 15$+ orders


  • Numerous reports of poor customer service and disorganization
  • Numerous reports of inaccurate stock status information
  • Reports of slow shipping our of their warehouse
  • Limited product descriptions

Will be updating this post with my shipping stats in chronological order, ** are tracked shipments with cart value 15$+: [quote]

  1. ordered 2013-01-09, shipped 2013-01-11, received 2013-01-30**
  2. ordered 2013-01-17, shipped 2013-01-18, received 2013-02-11
  3. ordered 2013-02-15, shipped 2013-02-16, received 2013-04-11
  4. ordered 2013-03-31, shipped 2013-04-01, received 2013-04-17**
  5. ordered 2013-05-20, shipped 2013-05-20, received 2013-06-04**
  6. ordered 2013-07-10, shipped 2013-07-11, received 2013-07-24** [/quote]


All of my above 6 orders were shipped fast, personal rating 5 stars out of 5 thanks!

How many stars? I rate 5 out of 5

I give them over 5 stars. I love em. Super duper quick on every order I have placed with them. Most times they ship the very next day. I got a FandyFire STL-V6 from them in exactly 7 days at a steal of a price. I think it was like $35 shipped. And I’m in the US.

5 out of 5 stars, I had one small problem with them but they fixed it and removed the product from their website.

Five for Five.

I’m on my forth order.

4 orders done and 3 received, so far all good.


3 orders received so far, fast shipping and really good prices.

Fastest has been 8 days to Sweden!

Put in a 4:th order yesterday, will come back for more!

Got something like 9 orders with them, 6 delivered, 1 issue - full re-imbursement though I didn't deserve it (used the parts anyway...). Yes - I would say 5/5 stars, it's scary how good they are, but got that feel'n it's all gonna end some day (maybe that's why I'm rushing to buy from them?).

Placed my first order on 2. Jan., shipped 4. Jan.
Waiting for arrival (Germany)

edit: just checked the cking and it says:

“The item arrived at its destination country on 17-Jan-2013.”
Sounds good. Hope It´ll arrive here soon.

For a non-modder like me, I suggest to them to carry more major brands of flashlights. That should give a real run of other online dealers’ money, of which which they are now partly doing now with their Nitecores.

As for my buying experience with them, very good prices, genuine Panasonics as claimed, fast and excellent service, etc.

Six out of Five stars, I should say.

I second (third? fourth? fifth?) everyone's positive comments.

I would like to add that their communication is outstanding. I receive responses to my questions, comments, and requests easily within 24 hours, including over the weekend. Their messages are comprehensible, helpful, and accurate.

Within the last 30 days, I have already placed 7 orders. Am I the only one who checks their New Arrivals section daily? Thank you to all the members of this forum whose posts made me aware of FastTech and their products. 5 out of 5 stars.

They gave me a good discount on a bulk purchase of NICE lithium batteries.

They are answer support tickets in a reasonable time and are polite and helpful.

Shipping isn’t fast to Aus as some other countries, its about average for a good store.

Product request seem to get the same pasted answer for everyone.

I am happy with them overall.

5 bule stars and 19 pink ones

I’m taking full credit for introducing this five star merchant to BLF! Best communication I’ve seen for a Chinese merchant, with lightning fast deliveryh.

They carry Nitecore, Niwalker and Roche, plus most of the ’fire lights. I’ve asked them to offer for sale particular lights within the ranges that they carry and they have always responded positively - including the FandyFire Darth.

And they carry the best cells for the best prices around.

They’re the best!

I’d like to see what prices they could do on JetBeam and ThruNite.

Ordered on 1/4 delivered 1/17. This my first China order that has arrived in Florida in less than 2 weeks.

PRO: Layout is fantastic!

They put the battery size in subtitle and sometimes other useful descriptions.

The photo format is very consistent and quite thorough. Most of the time you’ll see similar photo’s among all of their offerings, including beam shots and head removed from body tube.

CON: They could add more “premium” budget lights. As of now it’s mostly the generic mid-level lights.

6 out of 5.

Not only would they take product requests and catalog them quickly, they also pull out items that we don’t like. (Ultrafire battery wrappers)

Simply unbelievable. :open_mouth:

Bought more from them than I really should have, but that’s not their fault.

I blame you guys.

Fast shipping (Yes, I’m in HK and ride the train past their office on the way home. DX is here too and they still suck)
Good customer service. 2 day reply, so not the fastest, but courteous, helpful, and has the power to actually MAKE CHANGES
Really competitive pricing.
Good selection of certain components, and will add more on request (7135 chips!)

Packaging was a little iffy for my first set of drivers
Some dodgy/borderline illegal items, like lock picks and door shims
Some items added indiscriminately. Choice is nice, but 27 different ultrafire 18650’s? They were originally listing both rated and tested capacity, now it’s just rated.

5/5, mostly for service and speed

Placed my first order in first days of January, they shipped the next day.
Unfortunately HK post were lazy and kept my parcel at the post office for 9(!!!) days before they shipped out to me, Fasttech approached me and are investigating this matter for me, thats great.

Items were cheap, high quality and I received good service.

Also they are pretty good with adding new products upon customers requests, Im sure they are receiving hundreds to thousands of product requests per week, so it looks like they are working hard to ensure that they get what their customers want!