Rating: PriceAngels.com



  • Offers a very good selection of ultra-cheapie lights
  • Good selection of some nicer budget lights
  • Competitive prices
  • Real brand and model names are used in the descriptions
  • Good website organization and design


  • Still relatively unknown
  • No live chat
  • ?

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Will update when my order arrives. Packaging from 26 january...

Have a huge collection of P60 dropins. Unfortunately no XM-L.

i ordered two lights from price angels shipped on 18/1/11 package arrived in just over a week i was impressed with the speed of delivery

i was not so happy that there was only one light and the invoice only shows one light having been sent

i e-mailed to enquire as to whether the second light had been sent of if they were waiting on stock as i would be happy to change my order for a light of similar value that was in stock

i got no reply so i e-mailed a few days later to ask but still no reply we are know in to the Chinese new-year so i don't know if it is on its way or not so far the customer care i have experienced is zero

I think the holiday is more or less over now and hopefully they will be back at work and replying to you soon.

Waiting for the comment

The first order was ok (a cheap headlamp). The second order has some negative point, but we find a solution. I bought 3 Ultrafire 501B (with R2 LED - they sold them for a good price).

2 of the LED has scratches on the plastic lense (I do not mean the lense of the lamp, I mean the round plastic hemisphare of the LED). The beamshot are ok, but I think the lifetime would be shorter.

I get a refund of 30%, which would be ok for me.

Welcome to BLF Buwuve

Have a good time here.

I ordered a knife (Sanrenmu 905) from them, I will keep you posted how everything works out.

Hello there Buwuve, welcome to the forums! Thanks for reporting your experience.

And im losing patience with them... ordered 2 1JC8 that are packaging from 26 january. Still wonder how big a package will i ever get wit all that packing?

On a side note their ticket system to get in touch with them is very badly implemented. Not getting into detail but is 100% genuine POS.

Thank you. In the past I read some posts here (for example the review of the WOW 2600 mAh from old4570, which isn't available on CPF anymore) and now I'm part of the budgetlightforum

You can get the 1JC8 at manafont for $13.39

Wow! time to order some! Thanks for the heads up!

On a side note canceling an order with price angels aint easy. Tried for 30min in vain. Since i don't want to do a mess with their ticket system i sent it to paypal to avoid getting store credit. :/

The support system on PA isn't really working well...

i got the rest of my order today so that is every thing i ordered received in good working order

a bit if response to my emails would have been nice i sent 3 emails to then to enquire as to whether the rest of my order had been shipped i got on replies from them

i am happy with the goods and the packaging not so happy with there lack of communication


I got a reply from them that i would recieve the refund (for unshipped goods) within 24h. They were very polite. Ill update the outcome. This was in paypal dispute since their ticket system is terrible and many features does not work.


They issued the refund within 24h. Smoothly.

I ordered an ultra-budget Powerlight HX-G011 1W LED light for 2.73 shipped on 02/09/2011 and it arrived on 3/3/2011, so a reasonable, but not terribly fast shipping time from HK. They sent a black rather than the gray model I ordered, but it doesn't bother me in this specific case. The description reads an inflated 3W but the light itself says 1W on the black version, but I assume the lights are actually the same intertnally. Overall, I'm happy enough, since they were good communicating the status via email, I actually received it at a very low price, etc. 4 Stars, though it would be 2-3 stars if I cared about the color. I agree no XM-L lights is a downside, but they do have lots of drop ins and also a few LEDs, switches, switch covers, etc.

SRM 905 arrived on 02/25/2011 ... everything went smooth.

I haven't received any of orders (been four weeks since the first order) but I just did get this email from them:

Dear Valued Customer,

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If you have any question, please let me know.
Best regards,
PriceanAngels Operation Department

I don't recall ticking a checkbox that says "I want others to hate me and I have no day job so please contact me and try to recruit me for whatever half-baked spam operation you got going". ;)

They do have some interesting stuff but I dislike spammers with a passion.

I got an order of 4 knives from them in 12 days which is actually pretty good. I'll probably order from them again very soon.