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Hello Volkan,Thank you .We will continue to improve ourselves and do our best to serve our customers. Besides,all of the things will become better and better.If you have any questions,please feel free to contact us at customercare@tmart.com

Hello again Ms. Ye,

Thank you for being responsible and helping to resolve the customer service issues of BLF users. However, the biggest issue is the fact that Tmart pays (or used to pay) people to post fake comments on BLF to increase Tmart's search ranking and make people thing that Tmart is a wonderful company. Do you know which of Tmart's employees have posted these fake comments? Have you given them instructions to immediately stop?


I am sorry all of the inconvenience we caused .As the issue you mentioned,I don't know whether our staff have done it or not,while we will gurantee that this things won't be happen again.And we are happy to be supervised by public.Thank you .

I recevied this mail from TMart today:

"Dear Volkan,

Best greeting from Tmart.

The return item has been received, thank you so much.

Look forward our future business:)"

Apparently my package was on its way back home while i was waiting for it. Interestingly, the status of the package is still "on transit" on USPS website :-)

Hello Volkan,

I think these following problems could be the causing reason:

1.The international tracking # would not update in time.And it also take longer to arrive than domestic.

2.The incorrect address or some other reason in usps could also be the reason why the delivery can't be done on time,in this case, the post office would return the package to the sender.

Therefore,I hope all of the users to make sure the shipping address is correct before you place an order.Fortunately we solved this issue.

If you have any questions,please feel free to contact us .

Good day!

I had already checked my address and there was nothing wrong with it. I ordered many items to this address and all of them arrived just fine. And if USPS delivered my package, i should had been able to track it on post office's site but there was no record of it on their system. So my guess is it never reached here. But then again there may be an issue with the tracking as well, but my address was absolutely correct. Anyway, whatever the reason was it's not very important any more..


1. I forgot to mention that an item i ordered on 5th of August from Amazon.com Marketplace (shipped from US) arrived here on 13th!.

2. When a package returns to you, can't you find out the reason? I guess they should stamp it on the package or let you know some other way.

You can finish order just in the limited time, I like solar battery charger, but it has expired, now it costs $33.4

The delivery also depends on the shipping method which you choose.Anyway,we need to improve in this aspect.Normal speaking,when the package return to us it will let us to know the reason why send back.It was strange that this one do not left any relevant information .As you mentioned the shipping address was correct,so we think the reason maybe caused by USPS,until now the shipping status still do not update.We will contact them to help us to check it.

I've got an order that shipped over a week ago and I haven't received it either. I normally get items in 3 or 4 days.

The status doesn't update and when I sent an email inquiring about this order I received an email that said "Congratulations we have received your payment" and that an agent will contact me shortly even though it's been 24 hours since I sent the email.

I have a feeling my order was returned as well although the shipping address is correct and I've had no problems in the past.

The email didn't even say Tmart in the sender area until after you opened it up. Normally I wouldn't open up an email from someone I didn't know especially with a heading like "Congratulation".....

The order included a lithium-ion battery. I wonder if the Post Office inspects and rejects packages due to lithium batteries?

It came today after I posted this email. So order time is still fast in my limited experience. Communications both via the status update system and via email is a little weak.

I sent an email to Tmart through their website and the response I got about "Congratulations we have received your payment!"... was from service@tmart.com nor did I ever get a real response from anyone.

There's no problem now but if anyone needs to have a conversation in English it may take some doing. As you can see on here. I just posted about an email from Tmart and the response on here (up above) was to contact Tmart!

Yes, it is true that we need to improve our communication skills.We are so sorry for any inconvenience caused in this incident.Sometimes, the email you sent would go into our spam, which we can not check to see in time.If anything happens again like this, you can send the email to us.Also you can chat with our online staff on the live chat.They will help you to deal with the problem timely and in a proper manner.If have any questions you can send to customercare@tmart.com .Good day .

Hi Sherry,

I ordered a 5 mode trustfire F20 from Tmart order number 21193398

I got the order very fast and am very happy with the shipping time but unfortunately I received a one mode version of the light could you please help me get the correct 5 mode light that I ordered?



Sherry I asked live help on Tmart to help with this problem and they told me to ask you on the BLF forum but as soon as i posted the question you logged off.

Seriously?!?! Do they know that you frequent BLF, or are they sending all of their support issues here? Interesting, don't know what to say.

I have a feeling they keep an English speaking person on standby at the forum to try to gain some semblance of customer service. We have gained a reputation of making or breaking the flashlight sales of these budget flashlight vendors. Look at the DD thread for instance what did we buy 70-100 lights.

Huh. Very interesting.

I find it "interesting" that a customers email would end up in their spam folder? Wouldn't it be the other way round?

Sometimes they need to learn when to stop digging the hole :) Obviously my email didn't go into their spam folder :) I almost deleted theirs to me due to the fact that their company name didn't show. It came from "Robert" and said "Congratulations we have your payment". I don't know what made we actually read it before deleting it as I would normally do.

It's funny that they have someone on here to help (their reputation) but making up stories that make no sense isn't helping (them) :)

I contacted them via their email. Then they come on here and suggest that the email went to a spam folder but the next time I could send my email to them and they would help me. WTF?

If they have a spam folder how can I or anyone send them an email? They have no spam folder however and actually did answer my email. They just do it with an email that starts out "Congratuations...we have received your payment" :)

Really, they (and all Chinese vendors) need to either have no interaction with their customers (and see how long they stay in business) or get a few people who actually understand English. Just being able to type a few sentences is worse than no response.

It's just gibberish. They make up a story to save face. There is no spam folder. DD is no different however. At least Tmart is fast and ships from the US.

Sherry actually sent me a packing slip to return the 1 mode F20 for free and she is going to send me the 5 mode F20 that I was supposed to receive in the first place. I will update in a couple days if it arrives in working condition. Thanks Sherry

I bought 2 mini Dav cameras and they both came with missing parts it took days before i could get Tmart to agree to send 2 new ones well the 2 new ones arrived in worse condition they were not only opened but also no chargers like the first 2 and missing parts. They have a US base factory i had written numerous emails and it takes several days before they answer and they do not seem to understand what you are saying. I give them no stars . and do not know who to contact to get this dealt with they are useless and lie. . I used Pay pal now I will contact Pay pal .