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Hello Soleiloo,

Sorry for the inconvenience.

According to the information I can't find your order number,would you please tell us your order number ?

Or you can send send the info to customercare@tmart.com .

Then we will can handle this issue as soon as possible.

Thank you .

i should annouce that i am not good at english before i say something, Tmart did wrong absolutely, but there exist someone take pleasure in other's misfortune, or you may say it deverse. whatever, i always compare the DX with Tmart for many items and purchase gadgets seldom have something to do with Flashlights.

this should be a good new for somebody here:http://www.dealextreme.com/PartnerProgram/BBSMarket.dx and you will get it why the vendors devote to the forum spreading. and tmart exactly is a new company so that it made a joke like put your email address in the spam box. but to me, if some vendor can offer the real istate(or some thing moderate) and in a low price, forum is the right channel for them and also good for us. to maintain a win-win mode, i hope tmart can deal with the situation what they responsible and we are also would not leave it behind.

"Look at the DD thread for instance what did we buy 70-100 lights." what does it mean?

What it means is that if there is even a small possibility that we might band together and buy 70-100 lights at once from them than they would be more likely to pay attention to what happens on this forum with some hope that they may get the big 70-100 light sale from us some day.

Hi Sherry ,

I received my replacement light today from Tmart and it is exactly the same light I sent back a one mode Trustfire F20. I ordered a 5 mode Trustfire F20. Now what do I need to do to return this light again so I can receive the correct light that I ordered?



Dear all .

Thank you for your advices and supports, in order to serve our customers better, our return policy has been optimized(Such as Defective Item,Unauthorized Return,Missing Item,Shipped but not Delivered,DOA, Wrong Items Received,Unsatisfied Item etc.). We also have updated features services: 90-Day Money Back,180-Day Product Warranty,Compensation First.The details information you can check on Tmart's Return Policy.If have any questions/advices,you can contact us at customercare@tmart.com at any time.

Thank you .

I was expecting that you would change your 45-day refund policy.

"f the status of shipment is not updated and you still do not get the item within 45 days (20 days, destination country—U.S. or Canada) since the shipment date, Tmart will reship the item to you. "

Instead of refund, you chose to make the customer wait longer (which you did to me in my case but now it's official). Personally, i would not risk it. I think it's not a viable option for overseas. But if you're in US, shipping speed may not be a problem of course.

Having non-free shipping options seems good. Depending the urgency of the item you can have some flexibility this way.

Big surprise after sending the second 1 mode F20 back to Tmart I got an email saying they don't actually carry the 5 mode F20 so they will give me a store credit plus a $5 dollar coupon to buy something else. So much for the second chance after the C8 incident.

I work for Bell this is a multiple home services company In Canada, More specifically I work for Bell Satellite T.V.. Never ever would my boss accept anyone who spoke with such mistakes in a paragraph, especially coming from some one who states being in your position. I don't understand how you think this is good customer service I have just recently created three orders with you the money was taken from my credit card yet you are still processing my order, and when I connected on the live chat support because Your company is so cheap they don't have any kind of phone customer service, the person I spoke to seemed clueless as to help me and every time I asked her a question she would simply repeat what I said without answer. She could not type well, nor made any sense what so ever in her sentences. When i receive all three Of my packages they better be exactly as described on your website if not I will be expecting a complete refund. Just so you know I will not be using your site again, Your customer service is a Joke.

This is what You wrote:

"Hello Volkan,Sorry for the inconvenience,I am writing to tell you that the item you ordered was out of stock.As this issue,our staff do not explain it clearly .I apologize for our careless.As your item you ordered we will get it from another supplier within 3-7days .So we hope you can wait for somedays,we will issue you refund if you unwilling to wait it.Could you please tell us your order number? We can handle it for you right now .As for the 45-Day Refund Guarantee,the details you can check on http://www.tmart.com/HelpCenter/45-Day-Refund-Guarantee.html.If have any questions,please contact us at customercare@tmart.com. "

This Seems absolutely unprofessional, there are words in this sentence you should not be using and terms that do not make sense! In addition you claim that his order seems to be out of stock but you ask for his order number, therefor you again gave him wrong information.

If you really were in such a position as you claim to be then you would have a better writing that this or hopefully some one to proof read it for you or translate what ever it is you are trying to write if you are not completely bilingual, I would never accept something like this if I requested speaking to a supervisor or a manager, this seems like one of your customer service representative is trying to make peace but is failing. This is a complete and utter Fail in my perspective.

English is not their native language. Try writing to them in Chinese and see how you do. Even their people that work in the US probably don't speak English that well and haven't been here that long. I'm amazed how well they do. Try to have a little patience and give them a little leniency on grammar and spelling.

Welcome to BLF! This is all part of the budget process.

I can Understand The Customer Service having slight difficulties but for some one in her alleged position to have that kind of grammar is completely unacceptable to me Like I said I work for a really Big company and we have specific departments for people who are not from Canada that moved here and do not speak English nor French, that way we assure our customers that they will be correctly understood. Even if she is not completely bilingual I'm sorry but never would I believe I am speaking with a superior/supervisor/manager if he/she were to respond to me with that kind or writing... their website is English I therefor Expect a perfect English service. Hopefully you understand where I'm coming from. I mean no disrespect, but I know my Boss would not accept my supervisor to answer one of my customers like that If I were to transfer them over. I also know for sure I would sure as hell be pissed if I were answered like that.

So you registered on BLF just to write a long rant about how someone in China is not as proficient in the English language as a native Canadian?

No shit. And what's with your obsession about your boss? It doesn't sound healthy.

I Registered To Inform her that I was unsatisfied with the customer service I received and that I would no longer order from them. My apologies if at the same time me pointing out her lack of ability to use correct sentences offended you.

We feel sorry for our English service level.It is a great favor to grant us more time to improve it.We customer service always try our best to serve better and better.On this forum all of the users are use nicknames,so we can't find out the order details.As for your order issue,would you please give us your buying e-mail or shipping address to help us find your order and to make sure what is going with your order ? If you have any questions,please feel free to contact us at customercare@tmart.com .Thank you .

I recently purchased a digital photo frame as a present and it took 15 days to deliver from China. The adapter was missing from the order and the power supply plug was ot suitable for UK use. I have returned the frame successfully to Brooklyn and received an email to say that they have refunded my money to my debit card but cannot refund the shipping fees without my paypal account number. If they have refunded one payment surely they can refund the remainder to the same account.

Has anyone else had a similar problem with refunds from Tmart.

I only had one returned item with tmart. They gave me no hassle and mailed me a return shipping label while promptly refunding the purchase amount.

Welcome to BLF! :)

I can't say for sure what Paypal's refund policy is like, but a lot of payment processing platforms will let you issue a partial refund or a full refund, but never more than the initial charge. If Tmart is covering return shipping from the UK to the US and refunding your order, they may very well need your Paypal account to send you the rest of your money. Having said that, I'm a bit surprised to hear that they seem to be honoring their own return policy now. I've been avoiding them for the way they handled screw ups in the past (ie. stall, deflect blame, stall some more, rinse, lather, repeat).

Hello Georgina,I am writing to tell you that we have refunded the whole amount(54.53 GBP) of your order and there is no money left.As the shipping fee is an extra refund,so we can't directly issue you refund without a paypal account .Would you please apply for a paypal account for refund ? If you have any questions,please feel free to contact us at customercare@tmart.com .