Rating: Tmart.com

Ordered 4 Trustfire F20's and 4 photons on October 25th for my groomsman gifts and received them on November 2nd. This is from Brooklyn, NY to Bethlehem, PA. This is about 90 miles. I could go either way on the rating. Shipped with "streamlite first class" and finally delivered by USPS. Tracking was slightly unreliable showing the package at my local post office on 10/29 and finally delivered 11/2. I could attribute this to recent power outages so I'm not knocking them. All in all decent service. More worried about pleasing my sugar mama in 2 weeks than groomsman gifts.

I ordered a diagnostic interface a couple of weeks ago from Tmart - against my better judgment, I should probably say. But this was for a friend who needed it ASAP and he needed this very specific interface with a very specific software for some reasons that aren't really all that interesting (this is part of my day job, which is how I got involved in this in the first place).

Knowing Tmart and having dealt with what I personally consider bait-and-switch tactics, I contacted them right after the order was placed and asked them to make sure and double-check that they send this particular interface with a particular software. That shouldn't have been necessary, as I feel it's reasonable to expect delivery of what was ordered and not something else, but I figured it couldn't hurt. I also stressed that no other interface would do. I was assured that they would indeed double-check before sending it out.

Delivery was quick. And, of course, they managed to send the wrong interface. I am Jack's total lack of surprise.

So, I tell him what he got won't work, period, and this should be the end of the story. Another mix up. Another unhappy customer. Right? Nope. Since he needed to do some other work on the car, he figured he'd at least try to get that done. The second he inserts the CD, his virus scanner goes nuts. Long story short, he disabled it, it wasn't a false positive and I had to spend half a work day trying to fix it. So, just to recap:

1. They send the wrong item, after being specifically told that they had to get this right or it would be useless.

2. The CD that came with the interface contained a virus. I lost half a work day to fix their mistake and I'm not going to see a dime for that. Thanks, Tmart. Never did I even get an apology for that.

So, I email them and tell them I won't accept anything but a full refund and if they want their merchandise back, they had better be prepared to cover shipping because I sure as hell am through paying for their screw ups. Now, at this point, even though I am livid, I am still being polite because what's the point in being a complete jerk to a CS rep? And after a while, they agree. At this point, I have filed a PP dispute because I'm not exactly in the mood to play games with them.

Then I get this:

Thanks for providng us the photo of the receipt.We will refund you the money of the product and the shipping fee after we got your return.
Could you please close the dispute? As you know, the refund will not go through as there is a dispute on paypal.Hope you can understand that.

No, I do not. I do, however, understand that if I close the PP dispute I will be left with no recourse. I also understand that I will never order from Tmart again. I don't care if they have the greatest deal on earth. I don't care if they're selling eternal youth and shipping a free case of imported beer with it. So, no, I am not closing the dispute before I get my money back.

Hello ,

Sorry for the inconvenience we caused .Would you please give us your buying e-mail,order number or shipping address to help us find your order and to make sure what is going with your order ? Because on this forum all of the users are use nicknames,so we can't find out the order details.Please con't worry,we will help you to solve the issue as soon as possible.If you have any question please contact us at customercare@tmart.com .

"As you know, the refund will not go through as there is a dispute on paypal"

Is there some truth to this?

I can't say for sure but I can report that this was resolved with the help of Sherry Ye, who deserves the credit and my thanks. I have received a full refund and was reimbursed for shipping the (useless) interface back to NY. So this whole thing did at least end well.

Yes,the refund will be issued once the dispute was closed .So that we hope our customers had better to close the dispute first .Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. CustomerCare@Tmart.com .

Will post more as situation unfolds!

Once that dispute is closed there is no recourse for the customer if you fail to refund. A horrible policy and one that I would never give into in this situation. I’d rather have PayPal give me my money so they can take the money out of your collective ass. Customer comes first!

Tmart is now labeled as AVOID due to their constant spamming and shilling here on BLF. I would strongly recommend you avoid a company that employs such dishonest practices.

I've never been tempted by anything there anyway - and after reading that refund comment I wouldn't order a $10 light if they had it on sale for $1

I agree with an avoid if they are contributing to the spam on this site.
As mentioned they don’t carry much in the way of flashlights anyway. But I have purchased from them and will consider doing so again if they have what I’m looking for since they are the only “Chinese” site shipping from the U.S…
The few items (li-ion batteries and single AA flashlights) that I’ve gotten from them came within a few days of me ordering them. It’s hard to “avoid” that entirely.
I don’t buy anything more than $20 on most of those kinds of sites anyway.
I’d avoid them altogether if that ended spam on BLF but the majority is coming from elsewhere.

Hello, dear members. I am louis huang, the representative of Tmart. You have made objective, corrective and completive evaluation of Tmart. Thank you for rating Tmart. I am here to declare our apology for you and we’ll take actions to show you that we really respect the forum. As to the cons of Tmart:

1. Employs lying shills posing as interested customers on BLF, calling into serious question their business ethics

what we do early days is actually immature and unwise. We have got a wrong way and have caused you trouble. The deeds which take your trust away form us and let you lose the chance to get what you want in Tmart make us in an embarrassing situation, and we promise we will not do that again. We’ll not give out information and activities of Tmart unless you need our information and products or ask us to do that. I am here to tell you that louis huang is the only representative of Tmart. Sherry Ye is our only customer service. Once there are some other suspicious spammers, please report them or tell louis huang, we’ll find out who he really is and prevent him to do so.

2. Some fake product reviews

If you go to Tmart, then you’ll find that there are not so many reviews for the products, you may even find that some of the reviews are fake. We admit that some of them are made by some of our stuff, yet they are made previous and are forbidden to do so as the request of the customers. Now we are trying our best to offer good quality products so that you are appealed to comment us. Thank you for your patience with us. (I know some guys are really bored with writing something in order to buy things. ;)

3. Bate-and-switch selling tactics

We promise we never ever do that. We have provided you some bargains and hot/daily deals. The prices are what they deserve; some of the deals are even zero benefits. If the bate-and-switch selling tactics refer to these, we can’t agree with you. If not, would you please show us what you refer to, so we can recognize it and correct it and apologize for it.

4. Reports of poor customer service

We are improving our refund policy, pre-sales and after-sales service. Please tell us what we could do for you. We will value your advice and improve our service. Thanks.

5. Some products are low quality imitations/some products not as described

If you believe the product you get is low quality imitation and it actually is, we can give you discount the next time you purchase in our website or you can get refund.

If the product you get is not as described, you can ask for refund or we can reship the item for you (if necessary you may ship back the item first).

Mr. Hung ,I hope what u say is true because 2100got me to like your beam tech with 3 XML and run 26650 u say it shipped gave me tracking , I will tell how it is against the new dry group buy :wink:

I ordered a sipik-sk68 type clone form tmart. Took about 2.5 weeks to get to oregon from new jersey. ANd they had it in stock in the usa, just took forever to ship out. Also on their website, they say the light ordered had 3 modes. It only had 1 mode- on or off only. Came packaged a little poorly, compared to some ebay ultrafire lights i ordered from places that ship from usa.

Quick question- what does the term dry mean. I see it used a lot on this forum. And i'm new to lights.

I still haven't ordered from them yet but there was a rep to chat with me online immediately at 5:00 am HK time. I was at least impressed with that.

DRY is simply the brand name for the triple XM-L fatty that is a sort of DIY light from CNQG. Look for the group buy thread. He sold 80+ to BLF members through this GB.

Tmart is on eBay under at least 2 seller names. I have ordered from both sellers and received the merchandise from Brooklyn in about 3 days. The first seller is campingsurvivals, the 2nd is hi-etech. Each time I received the merchandise I also got a flyer from t-mart in the same package. they do ship relatively quick and I'm satisfied so far with them.

I don't normally post in necroed threads, but I wanted our members and readers to know I'm not doing business with Tmart anymore. They are not returning emails on my HD2010 switch. They just pretend you don't exist. If they do finally answer, I'll send back some credit, but there is apparently no attempt at seeing me satisfied. This is my first purchase from them, and looks like my last.

I just received another 2 shipments from TMart yesterday. I ordered on Friday of last week and received them on Wed this week. Everything shipped from New Jersey.

Another EBay seller that ships from their U.S. warehouse is Y'All


a TR-3T6 for $36.99 free shipping from U.S.

I have now ordered 5-6 times from TMart and as long as I order that ships from U.S I get it within 1 week.

Rusty Joe above ordered an HD2010, this ships from China, and we all know what that means.

I received my 501 b. Yesterday and a 980l a charger and two 18650 Batts. Today.

12 days on one order 10 on the other.

Both from the USA and through customs,I thought that was pretty good..kelly

I will never have anything to do with t mart,they are also bestelectronic store on ebay and they ship out of the Brooklyn warehouse as well.They sent the wrong light and it was half the value of the one I bought and they wanted me to keep it,no price adjustment.The communication from them was simply painful and they could never answer a question directly.The second light they sent was broken and had the world's most off center emitter,the reply was to just return it and get money back which was yet another fiasco.Have a look at the feedbacks that is a tell-all about their business practices.my 2cents.