[RD power supply]assembled set for RD6006/RD6012/RD6018/RD6024

ok, we already choose one to send the USB testers

RD6006 feedback
Excellent quality. Reliable packaging

hello, for now the S12D(the short case) is no longer available, we only have S400/S800(long case) to work together with the input AC to DC PSU

hello, may I ask what charger do you use to charge your phone? USB-A or USB-C charger or wireless charging?
we will choose one in the replied message to send the gift next Thursday

if you have any suggestions about the products, you can also leave a message

recently there are 2 customs who burn their RD6024, the PSU outputs over high voltage to RD6024, so that the input protection board is burnt to protect the device, you can only replace a new protection board or escape the board without protection to use it, do not use banned PSU

Wrong connection when using OLED meter and USB-C meter UM25 TC66

hello, I said UM25 will not light when you connect USB-C in only without load, because USB-C port will only release power when there is load, in this picture, the meter lights because it get power from a USB-A to USB-C cable, not pure USB-C

for our power supplies, we have 2 kind of cables, X15A and X25A cable, just like their name, X15A cable supports 15A max and X25A cable supports 25A max, so that if you order RD6018 or RD6024, X15A cable is not suitable

for now we already contact the selected one to send the gift, if you want it, just leave message next time, it will not take much time to take part in

RD6024 feedback
I finally bought this adjustable power supply. It is very convenient for testing.

replacing RD power supply screen but display incorrect.

RD6024 feedback
The product is excellent and of very high quality. I liked it a lot, but it took a long time to arrive, but it was still worth it.

hello, recently we are clearing out the remaining stock in our US Amazon store, if you need RD6012PW or RD6012W, you can go there to take it, it is the first picture you can see is this