[Re-post] [ [27-SEP-2015] Please be respectful of sellers in the Want to Sell section

30-AUG-2016 Update: Please follow this simple rule: Do not comment on “Want to Sell” items if you are not interested in buying it. Also please read about the BLF crackdown on rudeness. Please keep in mind that BLF Rule #1 is strictly enforced.

Hi guys,

I’ve had a few reports recently of people making rude comments about some lights that our users (not commercial sellers) are selling in the Want to Sell section.

Simply put: Please don’t be rude anywhere on this forum, and that includes non-commercial sales threads.

If you see a product on eBay that is overpriced or uninteresting in your opinion, you simply skip it and move on. In a similar manner, if you think somebody’s price is too high in a sales thread, you can either try to politely bargain if the owner is willing, or else close the thread and move on. Likewise, if you don’t like the product or find it uninteresting, please locate your browser’s close button or go here for something else.

As always, the majority of our members here try to be polite, respectful, and friendly, but a small minority needs to make a concerted effort to contribute to the friendly, lighthearted place that BLF is meant to be.

Thanks for reading. Have fun!