Realised the communities are a bit closer than I realised.

Hi people, as you know I am into flashlights and also safe vaping ( I stay within amp limits, never use mechanical mods ETC like the majority do, 90% stay within limits, it is generally newbies with a mechanical mod that abuse batteries/cause danger)

I was going to buy some of the new LG 3000MAH batteries for my vape, and a guy that test over there said “wait until the flashlight guys have done their tests, we have 2 results then”.

I didn’t realise as well as running tests themselves, the top members also come to these very forums to see your results to make sure they match/are similar to theirs before deciding a battery is worth it. I only found this out the other day.

So, you may have a few lurkers who are here for results lol, made me laugh though that I was advised to wait for clarification from 2 sources, one of them being here, the other the vapers.

its always safer to have 2 sources to make sure results are similar…

I was reading online that pure nicotine is not addictive, is very similar to niacin, a vitamin, and that nicotine is good for you. Can this be true ?

Nicotine was widely used as an insecticide in the past and neonicotinoids such as imidacloprid are currently widely used.

You have to ask yourself,

*What is it that keeps you using the stuff?
The industry has known for a long time. That’s why additives.*

Oh, and did you fall for the claim that “menthol” is “natural” so doesn’t count?
It’s an addiction booster and it’s being promoted particularly to young people, black people, and fans of “Natural” products.

How can you tell the tobacco companies are lying?
They never don’t.

I am aware that cigarettes are addictive.
Is it possible that pure nicotine in e cigs is not addictive ?
Is nicotine really similar to niacin ?
Does nicotine really have any effect on preventing future brain disease ?

I know the cigarette companies were free-basing the nicotine, making it more addictive, I am asking about nicotene salts.

To further hijack this thread , Splenda was discovered while trying to invent a new insecticide (poison)

And sucralose caused inflammation in the liver and kidneys, and shrinkage of the thymus, it was found when the mice were killed and analyzed. Since the cancer rates were normal though, and blood markers seemed within normal limits, it was declared a study showing sucralose is “safe”.

However, even if they aren’t immediately showing health effects, internal organ change is disturbing. How long would the mice actually live over the long term with inflammation in the liver and kidneys (inflammation being one of the most damaging organ risk factors), and shrinkage of our immune system organ the thymus has what effect over time on our immune responses? Guess we’ll never really know, sucralose is declared “safe” and “no different than table salt”.

My osteopathic doctor told me that European doctors have discovered that ASA, naproxen, ibuprofen prevent the body’s self healing of joint injuries leading to the increase in hip and knee replacements.

So I posed this question to another, but it's kind of on topic for this thread...

I don't want to drop $400+ off the bat on extreme things, and have narrowed my choices down to just a couple;

[url=]KangerTech SUBOX Mini Starter Kit | Subox Mod Kit | Kanger Subox Mod | Lizard Juice[/url]


[url=]iTaste MVP 3.0 30W Mod Battery[/url]

With &

[url=]Aspire Atlantis V2 Tank | Atlantis 2 Sub Ohm Tank | Lizard Juice[/url]

Big price difference, so I'm tempted to go with just the starter kit, but when it comes to hookah I do love to have big clouds.

Any choice suggestions? (Or alternatives)

This is true of any general approach where pain killers are concerned, and I hate to generalize, but also indicative of decades of prior medical care methodology that focused on treating symptoms more so than underlying causes.

Pain is typically there for a reason, and where joints are concerned, it is meant to stop you from moving. Keep moving and of course you end up doing more damage. That's not to say that pain management is also not crucial, and very very necessary for many people.

$400 to smoke hookah !!!
That’s not budget, but enjoy !!

My doctor said the meds stop the tissue from healing.
Blocking enzymes, or something.
Any euro osteopaths on Blf ?

Well, ~$400 after everything is said and done, going with a top of the line "mod". I do have a couple of actual hookahs, but they are too much hassle to setup without a social event of some sort... definitely not a solo activity to me.

Maybe it's similar to why athletes tend to not like taking pain meds for muscle soreness... since they act as anti inflammatory they prevent the natural repair process from taking place, on top of masking the pain allowing further damage to take place.

My quack of a ex doctor is a D.O. She kept pushing all of this expensive drugs that the drug reps who wined and dined her wanted her to push. I found that Ibuprofen is what gave me relief where those expensive drugs would not. I had her switch me from Vicodin to Vicoprofen so when I got to the point I wanted to scream, I would take three 200mg tablets of Ibuprofen along with a Vicoprofen. I consider that a Motrin 800 with a little kick. :slight_smile:

Acetaminphen and naproxen sodium are good for nothing other than burning holes in your stomache and destoying your liver.

“Acetaminophen and naproxen sodium are good for nothing other than burning holes in your stomach and destroying your liver.”

Now there’s an unbiased and well articulated empirically substantiated data point.

Acetaminophen especially does nothing for me. Ibuprofen works sometimes, and sometimes doesn't. Naproxen is the only one that seems to help with headaches consistently.

I never heard about niacin but in the european Vape-Community it is common knowlegde that you can substitute nicotine in your e-liquid with coffein (legally available in europe in pure crystline form). Some vapers tested it - more or less scientifically - and came to the conclusion that the “Throat-Hit” (thats whats missing when you vape without nicotin) and everything else is comparable when you use double the amount of coffein compared to nicotine. Backdraw ist that the maximum amount that can be solved in e-liquid without recrystalisation at room temperature is (around) 30mg/ml what makes it comparable to a 15mg/ml nicotine solution. Not enough for every vaper but as far my experience goes more than enough for nearly 90% of all vapers. (Standard e-liquids range from 0mg to 24mg in europe)

Nicotin and coffein have nearly the same chemical formula and the exact same effects on the human body. They are not accumulative (body gets completly rid of them in about 30min) and have the same uncritical symptoms on overdose (headache, stomage-pain and rising heart-rate).

As always you should still be sceptical if someone tells you that something “is good for you”. Even simple water has toxic effects on the human body when the dosis is to high (lethal dose for water is as far as i know around 10 liters when drunken and only a few ml when inhaled). On the other hand a lot of illnesses are treated with (low dosis) of stuff thats normally known as a poison.

On topic of wich vape to buy i would always recommend to beginn with the mayor brand starter kits - in this case the kanger starter kit with an atomizer that can use changeable heads/coils and has also a rebuildable head available.

I see a few people converting torches to vapes and vice versa. They all seem low power lights though. I’m gonna try make an mtg2/xhp light with this -

But keep in mind, what is poison to one species may be non-toxic and inert to another. Chrysanthemum Oil for example is HORRIBLY toxic to insects and kills them very quickly… to humans, it just tastes bad.

Correlation does not necessarily equal causation. Many “normal” compounds are used to create one singular nasty one. It does not mean that the individual component compounds, nor any discovered along the way are inherently as bad as the resulting combined product.

That being said, I hate artificial sweeteners like aspartame and splenda, and much prefer the flavor of HFCS or cane sugar.

Does he have a copy of or link to the medical journal where this research was published? I’d be very interested to read such a thing.