Recommend a replacement for an S2 Baton

Good morning! First post, looking for some advice.

My beloved S2 gave up the ghost after 5 years of hard service. Olight very kindly replaced it with an S2R, excellent customer service, but I passionately despise rechargeable lights with proprietary batteries/chargers. I’ve read that some 18650s will work in the S2R but none of my Streamlight or Fenix will. It won’t work with 2xCR123 either, so it’s a no-go for me.

I have several Streamlight 18650s and a couple of Fenix so I’d like to stay with that battery. I loved the size of the S2, the simplicity of the operating system, and the magnetic tail cap. I’ve read thru this site a bit and this thread

popped up. That’s similar to what I’m looking for but not exactly. I kinda like the Convoy S9; wish it didn’t have the USB port but it’s not a deal breaker. Maybe I can figure out how to add a magnet to the tailcap. The price is certainly right!

I was active on CPF 15-20 years ago but the LED flashlight world has gotten a LOT bigger since then and I’m overwhelmed by what’s available these days.

Long post, I know. Howdy again, and I’d appreciate any advice.

Hoi. Welkom bij BLF. Omdat meerdere merken een S2 in hun assortiment hebben is het wellicht handig om volgende keer aan te geven dat je op zoek bent naar een opvolger voor je Olight S2.

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It’s a pleasure to know you, Longstreet556!

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