recommendations for the widest floods out there?

I’m looking for extremely wide beam angles - 180degrees if it exists.
This is for a bike light to mount on the bars so preferably not the soda can size.
So far I am looking at Wurkkos HD15 and Sofirn HS40 and 41 which seem pretty good but wondering what else is out there?

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Why not a dedicated bike light.

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because wallet

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Stick a diffuser on any light you want and you’ll get ~200° flood

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I’ve got an XTAR D06 1200 diving light. This looks pretty much like a mule with a big convex lens, AKA a zoomie stuck in extreme flood modus. Very handy if you are into (wet or dry) caving. I’m not so sure about it as a bike light, because the flood is also aimed at oncoming traffic. I would stick to a dedicated bike light.

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Manker E14 IV have a very wide flood beam and it have Nichia 519A emitter option. Pair that with their new 21700 tube and you get a good runtime also. And it have constant current driver.

But downside is that the head get very hot in Turbo and High.

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Aliexpress is running a sale of Lumintop B01 for $16 US. That’s a total steal. I snagged one and I don’t even have a bike LOL.

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yeah of course I am. Do you want a photo of the 666 on my head??
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Yeah, I’m looking into that. Anything you recommend?

thanks, that sounds like definitely worth trying, but I can’t find it for that price - do you have a link?

I found it in the super deals section. If it doesn’t come up, try to search for the model a couple of times. I can’t give a link because the listing shows a different price depends on whether you click it from super deals page or other place.

Most TIR lights will have a 150-170 degree spill beam. Convoy S21E or S21D with 60 degree TIR optic might be worth a look.

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If going the diffuser route, options are almost endless, might need a bit more info on what’s important to you (charging, UI, CCT, etc)

I’ll also throw out that you’re going to have to run a diffused light pretty hard to get decent throw out of it. Not sure what lights you have right now but you can simulate with a piece of white paper curved over the front of a light. Mentioning this as you may want to consider how long your typical ride is vs how often you want to charge the light.

charging is probably not an issue. Runtime is important but I can always get additional batteries to extend if needed. I think more importantly is levels. I see a lot of lights that have impressive Turbo output but lasts only a few minutes which is no good. So how much the lower output levels are is important. For example, if the next level is 30% max, that’s probably not going to work either.
I’ll try the paper thing with my lights.

If you put a really floody light on a bike, expect to piss a lot of people off as you blind them. You need a light with a proper cut off that is designed for a bike.

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Armytek wizard. Most models are 120°. The C2 pro Max is 150°.

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Nicely put!
I was thinking the same thing, but I couldn’t come up with the words. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Take the reflector out of any light and it becomes pure flood.

But ya, this:

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No, I don’t need that as people aren’t involved and not a factor.
I want a wide flood like I said.