Recommended tools for DIYing

Hello, I’m quite new to this but am slowly starting to gain an understandning.

What tools would you recommend me to get. I’m gonna try building a flashlight from a Convoy S2 host from fasttech. I need some tool to screw/unscrew the pill, a multimeter, a soldering iron, and some solder. Anything else? Anything in particular I should look out for/avoid?

Hi, welcome to BLF!

There was a great thread of what tools a beginner, medium level, and expert flashaholics should have as their gear, but can’t seem to find it.

Anyways, if you’re getting a cheap multimeter, you might want to make your own leads when measuring current because the stock ones are probably too thin.

Some soldier flux would help you when soldiering as well.

These two threads have a few good suggestions:

How far are you willing to take this? Since you are already ordering from Fasttech:

A lot of these are things you may not need right away, but should be aware of if you begin modding flashlights more frequently.

Those are all great suggestions and I would honestly probably get everything on that list. ^ ^ ^

I use a variation of all of those items on just about every modification I do.

The one tool that I never see listed that I use all the time for so many things is an ice pick. Another thing is simple electrical tape. No not in place of soldering wires but for all kinds of other things. Also a heavy duty small round file. Of course none of these things is needed for the mod you are doing. It’s just general info for anyone reading this thread.

In particular the ice pick is good for popping out drivers. But it’s also good for centering emitters. with the reflector on you can use the pick to move the emitter while the reflector is on and of course before the epoxy has set up.

Electrical tape can be used for centering reflectors and to put over your bare wires even on the emitters where they are wired if you don’t have anything else to use.

The file is used for enlarging the hole in reflectors and for making drivers that are slightly too big fit.

To be honest an ice pick is a must have tool for everyone’s tool box. You can get by without it I guess. However, once you have one you will find yourself using it all the time for so many things.

I will also add high temp Kapton tape to the list, essential for various insulating requirements:

This helped me a lot:

And sometimes the Helping Hand:


Soldering Iron Tip Cleaner

Nobody mentioned snap-ring pliers. I don't know where to suggest these from on-line for a non-US member.


They are also known as circlip pliers.

Actually, on the topic of vises I would actually recommend a small Besey vise as well, or in place of a Panavise. I use mine in conjunction with soft jaws to open all sorts of pills and lights without damaging them.

How bout a pair of safety glasses.

and speaking of protection, don't solder in the nude.

Some of us have more to worry about than others.

A magnifying lamp(sos I can see what I’m modding). I suggest this every time someone asks this question.

This is good to clean solder tips, but to be honest, regular steel wood does the job just as well.

A good stainless steel wool ball here cost only around $0.35 … and still last a good while.

Good one! Those are just ideas. One can shop for cheaper and better alternatives. :beer:

Wow, thanks for all the suggestions. Very helpful.