First, please, sorry my bad English. I hope that all can be understand. I try answer all the question, but my English is bad. Please, talk me use a easy language (As if i were a small child ). I would like to comment that I have bought and paid the flashlight.


In regard to Acebeam Flood Flashlight, this mark has a great tradition in models of impressive power in their classic models monoled and multiled (K40M, K60, X60M, X65). However, the X80 presents a turning point in the design of the multiled of Acebeam. Below is a review of a new model that has generated, by the brutal spec announced and their characteristics, a large espectacion in the flashalcoholic among the world. A new generation of Acebeam flashlight has been reached.


This new model of Acebeam is also presented in a different way. My Acebeams arrives always in briefcase cardboard boxes, or simple cardboard boxes of quality, with all his engravings, etc. In some models such as the X60M the flashlight comes in aluminum case. In this case X80 arrives in glossy

In this case, the X80 comes in a cardboard box in full color with a touch very glossy. It opens in book form, and the lid is magnetised. Its very similar to the Olight X7 box. I can to say that the package chosen has a lot of quality, but, I think that a small aluminium or plastic briefcase can be best companion for this type of flashlight. In any case the quality is palpable, and fulfils the function of a presentation and protection very well.

In the box, the X80 come whit a holster, user manual, garanty, lanyard, O´ring, and four Acebeam protected batteries (3100 mAh). Moreover there are a warning board.

When you open the X80, we find the 4 batteries inside the battery carrier. The batteries are isolated by a plastic strip, down between the negative of the battery and the spring of the carrier. The batteries are protected whit triple mosfet. I think that they are Sony VTC6 (by capacity and drain). Moreover, i´ve obtain the same data whit this batteries and original VTC6 (the protection do not seem to affect to drain battery). The X80 needs this type of batteries (high drain), and so is specified in the battery carrier. The batteries are flat top (yes, protected flat top). If the batteries were not flat would be too great for the carrier. This batteries are my 18650 largest. They arrives whit storage voltage and works perfect in all my chargers (Opus 3100 y Efest blue 6).


The quality of materials are very hight. Aluminium alloy 6063, premium type III hard anodized and antiabrasive finish, tempered lens glass antireflective.... The appears is fantastic and very attractive. The body have a correct size, and moreover, it have a good knurlin. It is difficult to slide, and very comfortable. The body have some laser engraving whit model data and use warning.

The head size its 65 mm, and have no knurlin (its no necessary). The head have a attack bezel and aletas to dissipate the heat. The X80 can be used in tripod, and include a luminic signal of voltaje battery. The power button is made in stainless steel, and have a thermal-reliev valve to equalize air pressure. This valve can't be blocked. Finally the cover have engraves of the trademark and model. The X80 cab be used in tailslan.

The lens is made in tempered glass whit antireflective treatment. It comes whit a protector adhesive. Under the lens, there are a smooth reflector, whit a lot of section. It harbor 12 XHP50 2, 2 XPE2 Red, Green and Blue, and a Nichia 233A.

The X80 can be unmount in 3 parts. Head, body and tail. The screw are very good and comes very well lubricated and clean. The spring that makes contact whit the positive part of the carrier its very thick (for best drain, suppose).

The carrier have the habitual quality of Acebeam´s carrier, but the spring are more thick (compared for example with the X60M). In the carrier works all type of batteries 18650.


The X80 its a model very low size and weight. Its least than X7. The thickness of the body its perfect (by example, in my opinion the PT60 body its excessive, and the knurling is less effective). His weight whit batteries is similar to the M43, and a little more than MK34 (this model only use 3 batteries).


The UI has good and bad things. Good because its so easy to learn. But I like can to configure , and things improved how not to have to go through all modes (including RGB and UV) to return to a lower level. Another brands have a lot of different solutions to this.

Off -> Press -> Low -> Press hold -> Mi - Hi - Red-Green-Blue-UV-Low......
Off -> Long Press (1 Sec) -> U Low
Off or On -> Triple Press -> Strobo
On -> Two Press -> Turbo <->Two Press <-> Turbo S (simple press to the previous level)
block -> Long Press (2 sec) <- Unblock

The range of voltage of the flashlight go of 10v to 16,4v. The batteries works all in serial. I´ve measured the voltage before (16,4v) and after of test (11,4v the batteries can increase the voltage until I measured).


In the spec, the X80 modes appears to be well. I´ve realized some test to determinate if the spec level are similar whit measurement of my integrated sphere (home made).

My Integrated Sphere is home made. I calibrate it whit Fenix Flashlight in a range of less 1 lumen to 4400 lumens. The diode that I´ve employee not capture the light in a totally linear (its curvilinear). So if 1X value are 100 lumens, then 10X are not exactly 1000 lumens. By means of statistic process I can estimate the lumens of flashlight whit a 1% error margin under 4400 lumens. Values more elevated can have higher margins of error. I can see that error margin its low at around 10.000 lumens, but in this case, the model spec says 25000 lumens....
All measurement modes are very similar to spec, except Turbo Max, and Ulow. In case of Turbo Max, can be probably that the error margin of my IE is so hight in this type of medition, but Acebeam don't speak of Ansi in the specification. I don't know if they spec in on moment, or use Ansi standard. In case of U-low, its not necessary to have a IE to see that lumens are higher to 80. Beyond these discrepancies, I have to say that the X80 Its a demon spitting light, have a good scaling of level, the RGB are very useful, and the UV works very well. I would have put a moonlight (less 15 lumen), but I don't know if its possible in this type of flashlight.

The runtime was measurement whit the cool off, and the cool was on when the external temperature was highter to 55º (measurement whit a thermometer contact Uni-T). I can see that the performance was better when the Cool was on. So, I make measurement in the two levels of turbo (cool on and off). The result of runtime its similar to spec.

In the next pics, we can to see the X80 result in hight levels versus another power flashlight.

And the next pic, analices the throw by level of this model.


First, I´ve make a video analyzing the projection

The UV light its perfect (in my opinion). Little visible light, but you can see many hidden things. Perfect.

The RGB are very usable. I have a lot of flashlight whit RGB led, but very little of this model have led Cree. The X80 have two by color. Its my best RGB flashlight actually. The RGB light its very flooder. In the next pic, you can compare whit Fenix TK32 2016.

In the next pics the X80 are compared whit another model project to a wall.

In a garage (96*6 meter).

Finally, i´ve compere the projection in outdoor. In the pics you can see a light tower next to a small construction (110 meter), and back a big construction (230 meter). All images was made in manual whit the same cam configuration.

Control Image

Images Secuence:


The X80 its a radical light. Can be "Soda Flashlight Queen". Have a perfect size and weight, hight quality, and its a beast. For me its a fantastic flashlight (yes, I like the soda models...)

But, it can be a little better. It can have a moonlight mode. The UI can be more complete (whit engineering mode), and it can arrive whit a aluminum briefcase.

I think that, if the price is good, the this model will be a total exit.

What a great review. Enjoy your pic, video and data.

Thanks for doing this review.

Yeah… this acebeam x80 is the beast

This is a beast!!!
Thanks for the awesome graphs, great effort here!
You are right, they must improve a little the interface, but is little a monster, I like it.

Many thanks to both for read the review and comment :slight_smile:

Excellent review, thank you very much.
Kind regards

very, very detailed.

but photos in turbo are overexposed. seems that you use the same expopair for all the lights. and that shows how your camera sees this, not your eye.

it would be more realistic if you adjust expopair for each shot, regarding to camera display.
my experience shows that it makes best resulst

Thanks for the detailed review
Cute dogs!

Thanks for all the work and write-down. Very nice review for a very attractive flashlight that I really want but can not justify :frowning:

Strange they do not rate the Nichia UV LED in mW radiated power, as it produces almost no visible light, its a UV light which is powerful

What he said… :smiley:

Thank You :slight_smile:

Thank you

In the Spec only Says: nichia 1*NVSU233A 365 nm and 2 lumen.

Great review, thanks.

Incredible review, trully amazing! thanks for show us this impressive job.

This flashlight is a beast, but the UI is not at the level, color modes should become hidden, inexcusable.

Thanks for your sharing the awesome graphs ! Great review ! :THUMBS-UP:

Does the battery carrier warning say that must use high drain UNPROTECTED 18650 or high drain Protected cells?

Mine has a yellow sticker on the batter cage that says “UNprotected high drain”, but the label on the outside of the housing says “protected”. LOL who knows. I dont feel like taking the sleeve of the batteries that it came with but they are labeled as “arc18650h-310a”. Hope that helps.

Good deal at A$339.95 (incl 4 x 18650) and a free lipstick! (Nitecore LA10)
Ordered, let’s see how it turns out.

The complete yellow sticker on the battery carriage says:

Must use high drain unprotected18650 cells, or protected 18650 which PCB including 4 Mosfets”.
I think “which” is an Acebeam typo, should be “with”? Also, note that the photos of this sticker by the OP Maiden666 show the sticker saying “3 Mosfets”. Well, the one I have says “4 Mosfets”

If anyone finds out what alternate batteries work with the X80, please post. I tried the Samsung 20A INR18650-25R and they were just a little too short, and would not fit in the carriage without being too lose. So in addition to requiring high-drain 20amps, the X80 is sensitive to the height of the 18650. You can see this in the OP’s photos of the Acebeam 18650 next to five other 18650 types. The Acebeam is taller than three of them. I’d be willing to bet those three that are shorter will be too lose for the carriage.

I use the 30Q’s and they seem to be fine. If you’re really having trouble just get a bunch of those little neodymium magnets, they’re like 20 for a buck.